Excellence in Health Care Journalism

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Awards will be presented at a luncheon April 18 at Health Journalism 2009.
First place: David Wasser, Alissa Collins Latenser and Don Kaiser, Retirement Living TV, “Healthline Presents: Polio Revisited”
Second place: Hanaan Sarhan, Mat Skene and Avi Lewis, Al Jazeera English Television, “Healthcare USA”
Third place: Betty Ann Bowser, Bridget Desimone and Jenny Marder, “The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer,” “Talking About the End”
First place: Kelley Weiss, Joe Barr and Paul Conley, Capital Public Radio, “Prescription Drugs at the Swap Meet”
Second place: Sarah Varney, KQED, “Chemicals at Home: Searching for Safe Alternatives”
Third place: David Baron, WGBH/PRI’s The World, “Delivering AIDS Drugs—The Long Journey”
Honorable mention: Patricia Nazario and Cheryl Devall, KPCC/Southern California Public Radio, “Her Three Sons”
First place: M.B. Pell, Jim Morris and Jillian Olsen, Center for Public Integrity, “Perils of the New Pesticides”
Second place (tie): Tara Parker-Pope, New York Times, “Well” blog
Second place (tie): Scott Hensley, Jacob Goldstein and Sarah Rubenstein, Wall Street Journal Online, Wall Street Journal Health Blog
Third place: Randy Dotinga, Voice of San Diego, “Suicide Magnet”
First place: Paul Goldberg, the Cancer Letter, “Conflicts of Interest in Lung Cancer Study”
Second place: Mark Taylor, Hospitals & Health Networks, “The Billion Dollar U-Turn”
Third place: Howard Larkin: Hospitals & Health Networks, “Your Future Chief of Staff?”
Beat Reporting
First place: Clark Kauffman, Des Moines Register
Second place: Carol Smith, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Third place: Angie C. Marek, SmartMoney magazine
Large Newspapers
First place: Diane Suchetka, Cleveland Plain Dealer, “Fixing Mr. Fix-It”
Second place (tie): James Drew and Fred Schulte, Baltimore Sun, “In Their Debt”
Second place (tie): Staff, New York Times, “The Evidence Gap”
Third place (tie): Lee Hancock and Sonya N. Hebert, Dallas Morning News, “At the Edge of Life”
Third place (tie): Spotlight team, Boston Globe, “The Partners Effect”
Medium Newspapers
First place: Luis Fabregas and Andrew Conte, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, “Transplanting Too Soon”
Second place: Carol Smith, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, “Dangerous and Mentally Ill”
Third place: Marshall Allen and Alex Richards, Las Vegas Sun, “The New Addiction”
Small Newspapers
First place: Greg Barnes, John Ramsey and John Fuquay, Fayetteville (N.C.) Observer, “What Lies Beneath”
Second place: Evan George, Los Angeles Daily Journal, “Systemwide Flaws Plagued Heparin Recall”
Third place: Sharon Salyer and Alejandro Dominguez, the Herald (Everett, Wash.), “Alone Among Us”
Large Magazines
First place: Mary Carmichael, Newsweek, “Growing Up Bipolar”
Second place: Frank Owen, Playboy, “The Medical Marijuana Murder”
Third place (tie): Annemarie Conte, Jessica Branch and Jennifer L. Cook, Good Housekeeping, “Rx for Disaster”
Third place (tie): Emily Chau, Leslie Laurence and Julia Kagan, Ladies’ Home Journal, “Women’s ‘Silent’ Cancers/Harmful Hysterectomies”
Honorable mention: Jonathan Cohn, Self, “Insurance Denied”
Small Magazines
First place: John Carey, BusinessWeek, “Do Cholesterol Drugs Do Any Good?”
Second place: Katherine Eban and Jacob Lewis (editor), Conde Nast Portfolio, “Your Hospital’s Deadly Secret”
Third place: David Wolman, Wired, “The Truth About Autism: Scientists Reconsider What They Think They Know”
Limited Report
First place: Jordan Rau, Los Angeles Times, “Hospital Mistakes Go Public”
Second place: Marshall Allen, Las Vegas Sun, “Providers Close Doors to Poor”
Third place: Justin Blum, Bloomberg News, “Tainted Imports Set Off Warnings, Not FDA Action”


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