MTV Plans Fall Run of ‘Hills,’ Adds 9 New Series

Apr 28, 2009  •  Post A Comment

MTV announced Tuesday that its series “The Hills” will return in the fall and said it has greenlit nine new shows.
Star Lauren Conrad is leaving “The Hills,” but MTV said the drama continues in additional season-five episodes that will air in the fall.
MTV’s newer shows are aimed at a new generation, the Millennials.
“There’s a palpable generational shift in attitudes that’s informing a new point of view as we develop content and the brand. The change in our audience is reflected in new formats, tonal voices and storytelling cadence,” said Tony DiSanto, head of programming for MTV. “Millennials have a great sense of optimism and are filled with a ‘can-do’ spirit that’s infused into all areas of their lives. Just as we’ve shifted with our audience in the past, we’re now embracing a new brand filter … one that inspires us to break boundaries, bust our mold and reinvent.”
MTV is planning a one-hour daily live afternoon entertainment show that will be hosted by British television personality Alexa Chung. The audience will be able to interact with Ms. Chung via Twitter and a Rock You Live video-sharing application.
Other upcoming MTV shows include:
—“The Buried Life,” the real-life adventures of four guys with a list of 100 dreams they want to accomplish. Every time they achieve one of their goals, they promise to help a stranger with one of his.
—“DJ and the Fro,” an animated show the network describes as “Beavis and Butt-head” for the Millennial generation.
—“Ultimate Parkour Challenge,” bringing the extreme sport of parkour to TV, with the champ getting a $10,000 prize.
—“Pranked,” which features pranks pulled off the Internet.
—“Popzilla,” an animated sketch show about the excesses of pop culture.
—“Gone Too Far,” a one-hour show featuring young adults who need help with addictions.
—“Disaster Date,” an afternoon hidden-camera comedy focusing on bad blind dates. What the dater doesn’t know is that he or she gets cash for every minute the date continues.
—“The Stylist,” a reality series following the assistants to celebrity stylists, with one winning a contract with a top agency.
MTV also said it was ordering more episodes of “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory,” “Nitro Circus,” “Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew” and “Run’s House.”


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