NBC Renews ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Apr 29, 2009  •  Post A Comment

NBC has picked up a third cycle of “The Celebrity Apprentice.”
The renewal isn’t much of a surprise, given this season’s solid Sunday night performance for the show, which is produced by Mark Burnett and Donald Trump.
There had been Internet chatter about a return to the civilian edition of the “Apprentice” format, but for now, NBC is just confirming that the celebrity edition will be back next spring.
The 2010 cycle of “Apprentice” will be the ninth for the format, including six editions that featured “real” people competing to work for Mr. Trump.
“‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ is the ultimate business and reality show at the top of its game and has exploded in popularity this season while also raising an impressive amount of money for charity,” said Paul Telegdy, executive VP of alternative programming at NBC and Universal Media Studios. “It’s a valuable franchise and proven competitor.”
Mr. Trump said working on the various versions of “Apprentice” has “been an amazing adventure for me. … Its Emmy nominations and great success have translated into a wonderful experience. Working with Mark Burnett has been terrific, and I am greatly honored that NBC has renewed us for yet another season.”



  2. I like “Celebrity Apprentice” because we get to experience what celebs are really like. I now have much more respect for and insight into the leader that Joan Rivers is. No joke!

  3. Let’s face it, the blowup with Joan & Melissa Rivers this week was really good reality TV. Check out Melissa’s side of things, she is not too kind to Annie.

  4. This show has me eating crow. It was so obvious that the celebrity aspect was a dumb idea and now the only obvious aspect is that I was terribly wrong.

  5. I have admired the way Donald has handled this show UNTIL allowing Joan Rivers the luxury of coming back after the unclassy way she handled her daughter’s demise on the show. He had completely reversed himself from Andrew Dice Clay’s departure saying that if someone didn’t want to be there, he was done with them. He seems to have special LAWs for Joan. No good

  6. Wow! How staged can a show get? All this
    BS with Joan and Melissa. What a huge surpise
    that the final two are the “arch enemies” Joan
    and Annie! You’d have to be a moron not to know
    this was such a set up. You all sold out.

  7. Joan won and everyone knew it would be her even though Annie did such
    a better job that its is like comparing a Wharton Business School Grad
    ie. Annie to a Community College Dropout ie. Joan
    The gambling websites knew as the odds on Joan winning were higher
    than Annies and the basic reason is 2fold
    1. Donald is scared of the old bat Joan for some unknown reason
    2. Joans charity is managed by Donalds brother in law so of course
    thy would win as a way to show the big payout to them so that no
    money has to be donated from Donald himself and from NBC
    All in all from reading from many people I totally believe that this
    has been rigged from the start.
    In seasons past Donald would not have allowed someone to quit and
    come back but Joan did
    He would not have allowed someone to be called “Hitler” but Joan did
    Final task is always been about the amount raised but Joan raised way
    less and Joan won
    And for those that say Annie is a redneck and not worthy of winning
    her fortune is a lot higher than Joans and most professional Poker
    Players have more money than Donald Trump at least in liquid assets

  8. What in the world? Was I watching the same show? Joan was the one who was so unprofessional and completely full of it. She has been in business for 20-something years, yet she can’t out-raise a poker player? She sucked! I think Donald is getting soft…he just freakin gave an old lady her last claim to fame…Joan Rivers did not deserve to win. I’ll never watch the show again since Mr. Trump can’t be impartial and actually choose the most deserving person. Afraid of what the plastic queens will say about you on the red carpet?

  9. I’ve never missed an episode of the Apprentice, but i will never be watching it ever again. This entire season i felt it was rigged. Donald would fire whoever was the lesser know celebrity, instead of the person who performed the worst on the challenge.
    Throughout the season he has some clear favorites (Joan, Clint, Melissa, Dennis), it was disgusting. What about him firing Khloe when she came up against Clint in the boardroom……and Clint was an absolute disaster, a complete, unfathomable disaster……
    But Joan was his winner from the start, you could tell from about the 3rd episode, she could say nothing wrong, whenever Donald asked her who to fire she pretend to start crying and say “i can’t choose”.
    He’d never press her for an answer either, like he does with everyone else in the game. Then she called Annie worse than Hitler, again Donald said nothing…….he’s fired people for much much less than that before.
    He fired Tionne Watkins in week 6 for being a quitter after she mentioned coming back to the boardroom to support her project manager loosely, yet Joan actually quit the show when her daughter was fired and she was allowed back in without so much as a comment…….i wonder what sort of deal was struck between Donald and Joan behind the scenes? You come back and i’ll guarantee you the win?
    And then the event planner quitting in the final, and Donald didn’t even acknowledge that Joan had caused him to quit. I mean, wtf…..
    At least Mark Burnett had the stones to not edit it out like Donald wanted.
    Oh, and Donald’s brother’s wife is on the Board of directors of Joan River’s charity, that’s not a conflict of interest in the slightest!
    You should be shamed of yourself Donald Trump, ad so should you Joan Rivers, you’re both fired!

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