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Steve McPherson is fired up.
Steve McPherson
Along with the rest of the TV industry, Mr. McPherson, president of the ABC Entertainment Group, has struggled through tough times during the past 18 months. He’s had to try to develop new hits while slogging through the twin terrors of a writers strike and a collapsing economy.
But just as the White House is starting to see glimmers of hope on the horizon for the national economy, Mr. McPherson is feeling optimistic about where ABC is headed. The buzz around Hollywood is that the network’s decision to double down on development may have paid off with a bumper crop of new shows.
In his only extended interview prior to this week’s upfront presentation to advertisers, Mr. McPherson seemed to confirm that speculation. In fact, for an executive known for being cautious in his public pronouncements, his assessment of ABC’s pre-upfront condition sounds almost giddy.
“We had one of the best development seasons ever,” he said, adding that the debate inside the network is not whether to pick up the new shows, but where and when they should be scheduled.
Mr. McPherson also confirmed that he’s upbeat about the network’s half-hour prospects, calling ABC’s comedy development “the strongest it’s been in years.” He talked about his new role as head of both the ABC network and Disney’s TV studio operations, and he took aim at Nielsen, calling the ratings giant’s flaws “more troubling than ever.”
A complete transcript of Mr. McPherson’s dialogue with TelevisionWeek follows:
TelevisionWeek: What’s your basic message to advertisers going to be this week? Other than, “Hey, those clips look really good”? What do you want ad buyers thinking about ABC as they walk out of your upfront?
Steve McPherson: I think we really want them to know that our commitment to quality content will never take second place at ABC. Bob (Iger, CEO at parent company Disney) has made it clear that nothing is more important to the Walt Disney Co. than its creative engines, and that couldn’t be more true for us. We invested more man-hours and more money in development than anybody, and I think it shows in what we will screen this week.
TVWeek: You made more pilots than any other network, and the early buzz is that you really like how most of them turned out. In this economy, can you afford to pick up everything you like? Or are you going to have to pass on good shows?
Mr. McPherson: I am so proud of my development team, especially coming off a year of such turmoil with the strike and the tough economy. We had one of the best development seasons ever, and I think the tough discussions will be about when and where stuff goes, not if. The fact that we have a lot of options is a luxury.
TVWeek: You’d have more room for all of these shows if the summer months were available for high-quality scripted programming. TNT and USA will have packed summer lineups, and even the broadcast networks are putting on more original scripted fare this summer, albeit mostly lower-cost fare. Are we any closer to a true 52-week season?
Mr. McPherson: We actually do have a 52-week season; we do have new shows that launch in every season of the year. Our strategy for summer has been fun, lighthearted fare, and last summer it worked pretty well, so this year we’re going for it again. We’re coming back with a strong core and hoping to build on that.
TVWeek: Why did you pick up “Flash Forward” and “Modern Family” so early? What about those shows allowed them to stand apart from the pack and earn an early nod?
Mr. McPherson: We believe we have something special in both these shows. The screening and testing confirmed our gut, and we wanted to get going quickly on both. Specific to comedy, it’s been a priority to us to deliver on that front, and we hope picking up “Modern Family” is a statement that reaffirms our commitment to comedy and the level of quality we’re aiming for.
TVWeek: The advance word this spring is that you’re finally ready to make a move on comedy, maybe even pulling a “Lost” or “Desperate Housewives” by launching a completely new comedy block that’s not supported by an existing lead-in or hit, as you did with those dramas. Do you have the goods to make a big comedy play next season?
Mr. McPherson: Well, I’m not sure what we’re going to do scheduling-wise just yet, but I’m very happy with our comedy development this year. It was the strongest it’s been in years, with a number of shows that have unique voices, starting with “Modern Family” and Courteney Cox. We’ll see how it all comes together, but like I said, it’s nice to have options.
TVWeek: There have been a lot of good shows on the networks in the past three years, but very few hits. This has always been a business where 80% of new shows fail. But now it seems that, unless you have a really compatible lead-in, it’s almost impossible to break through. Have the networks just not come up with the right shows? Or is something else going on?
Mr. McPherson: Well, I know I’ve taken some heat for my belief that part of the problem is how shows get measured—but now even Nielsen is admitting that they’re not accurate.
That part of the equation is more troubling than ever at this point. On the one hand, more people are watching television than ever before, so there’s something of a disconnect between what really seems to be happening and the Nielsen measurements. And on the other hand, monetizing various platforms has been challenging.
In any case, without a doubt the biggest factor is having the right show to break through with. We’ve had a really tough 18 months as an industry, but I firmly believe that a show that captures the imagination will still draw an audience.
TVWeek: Does the new environment suggest it might be better to stick with low-rated shows you believe in rather than making repeated attempts to launch a lot of new shows? Does part of you wish you had just kept “Dirty Sexy Money” or “Eli Stone” on all season long—despite their undeniably bad ratings—rather than try quite as many shows in the spring? Or would that have been throwing away good money after bad?
Mr. McPherson: The decision of when to have patience and when to cut your losses is the toughest one a programmer faces. Instant hits and clear failures are easy to program. With the rest, you just have to do the best job you can as a programmer in understanding potential and opportunity. There is something to be said for giving a show time to build, but there’s a point where, if it just isn’t happening, it doesn’t make economic sense to continue.
Certainly, I wish we hadn’t had a strike and had been able to keep those shows on without starting and stopping like that, and in that case I think we would have picked them up for this year. I think we realized that viewers have lots of other things they can be doing and once you lose them from a particular show, it’s really hard to get them back.
TVWeek: I know you won’t talk specifics about the executive restructuring in the works now that ABC and ABC Studios are both under your control. But what’s your goal with this reorganization? What will this mean for how both units operate, as well as for your 2010-11 development?
Mr. McPherson: I think the most important thing is that it ensures a single vision from a creative, economic and business standpoint for the entire group. Given that we’re charged with strengthening our position as a quality content engine for the company, supporting that with a viable business model and a structure that aligns the organization to effectively do that is what we’re looking for.
TVWeek: Every day seems bring news of more cutbacks on shows and at networks. Writing staffs are getting pared down. License fees, and thus budgets, are being slashed. Are you worried some of these cuts are going to hit bone? Are we anywhere near the point of “penny wise, pound foolish”?
Mr. McPherson: We certainly have to be strategic about managing our costs. We don’t ever want cost-cutting to affect the quality that viewers see on-screen, so that means taking a closer look at literally everything. I think there are many areas where we can and have cut back, and there are others where we still like to have little more leeway. It’s about managing all of it effectively and efficiently and making sure you never see anything less than great quality on the screen.
TVWeek: Late night is heating up again. How do you think Jimmy Kimmel will do opposite the second half of the new “Tonight Show”?
Mr. McPherson: Is it heating up, or is someone trying to move it earlier in the night?
I think Jimmy will be great. He has really hit his stride and come into his own in the last couple of years and he has a strong core following. I think Jimmy’s show will continue to grow no matter who he’s up against.
TVWeek: Are you OK with “Lost” ending next year, and airing only in winter? In other words, are you going do something with “Lost” in the fall?
Mr. McPherson: As a fan, it’s incredibly bittersweet. Pronouncing an end to a show that’s doing really well for you is really gut-wrenching on a number of levels for any network executive. But it provided Damon and Carlton with the ability to end the show and also allowed us to truly respect our audience. And honestly, I’m very proud that we took that step.
TVWeek: Is the job still fun five years later? How does it compare to making wine?
Mr. McPherson: On the “fun” meter, it’s not really a fair comparison. That said, it has been fun to get back to making TV after the last two years have been so troubled. The cliche is true: This is the best and the worst job in TV, all in one.


  1. F*CK ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Mr Mc….TV stands for Tenacious Vision… you got it , you get it..you are it…abc def ghi jkl mno pqr stu vwx yz… that covers it all..

  3. I assume Mr. McPherson has no say over ABC Family because they’ll screw a show (Kyle XY) and its fans over in a heartbeat.

  4. So, according to Mr. McPherson, “Lost” viewers have their (ABC) respect so they get a proper ending. I guess Kyle XY fans deserved no such respect? We endured short seasons, long breaks and little promotion of the show yet we returned each season to ABC Family to watch this amazing show. After the cancellation of Kyle XY and the subsequent cliffhanger the series ended on, those viewers quit watching ABC Family. That resulted in the early demise of the two shows that replaced Kyle XY due to truly dismal ratings (less than 500,000). The money spent on those two failures, at the very least, should have been spent on giving the devoted Kyle XY fans closure in the form of another season. After all, even when word came out it was cancelled (after only 3 episodes aired this year), over 1.3 million viewers still tuned in each week. Maybe many more since Nielsen is “flawed”. If Mr. McPherson wants to show “respect” for viewers, then he needs to do the right thing for the millions of devoted Kyle XY fans and give them some closure. Only when that happens, will those millions of Kyle XY fans (yes, I too think Nielsen got it wrong) return to ABC Family.

  5. Agree with Karen. Are Kyle XY fans now worth a season 4? Oh Cmon. The new shows which replaced Kyle XY have done miserably. Why cant they see that?

  6. ABC Family left over a million US fans in a lurch when it decided to end Kyle XY without a proper ending. They left the last show in a cliffhanger. How is that fair?
    We were faithful, and loyal and dedicated to Kyle XY. We waited for just under 10 months for season 3 to start.During the long wait, there was no promotion, word, DVD of season2…nothing. The into the third episode of season 3 we learn that if ratings didn’t improve the show was to be cancelled due to a decline in ratings. How is that possible when without any helpf from the studio, Kyle was able to maintain an average of 1.3 million fans weekly, just in the US alone. Kyle unlike many of the other shows put on to replace it (at least two have failed) has a worldwide fanbase.
    We ask that ABC reconsider its cancellation of Kyle and put it back on, or let another network pick it up. Petitions have sprung up overnight and have amassed thousands of signatures asking for a reconsideration… but nothing from ABC.
    I will not watch anything on ABC Family ever again, or on ABC networks unless Kyle returns or is moved. Wherever Kyle goes, at least 1.3 million loyal fans will follow.

  7. “…viewers have lots of other things they can be doing and once you lose them from a particular show, it’s really hard to get them back.” You could not be more correct, McPherson. I will never watch ABC Family again now that “Kyle XY” has been unjustly canceled without a proper conclusion. The Kyle fans stuck with the show even when we were forced to wait through ridiculously long hiatuses with no promotion. “Kyle XY” was the show that put ABCF on the map and now that it is gone, ABCF is failing miserably with their new shows. It is now proven that ABCF would be nothing without “Kyle XY”, because they were nothing before Kyle and there are now nothing after Kyle. Why is it that “Lost” fans deserve respect and “Kyle XY” fans do not? Thanks for paying us back for giving your sister network faithful and loyal ratings. You said yourself that it is hard to get viewers back once they are lost from a particular show. Well, the Kyle fans aren’t coming back and ABCF will continue to fail.

  8. Well, I wish all the best to ABC and their sister networks… sounds like they are working hard to get the viewers back… but I think I’ll stick with CBS. The only show I currently watch on ABC is Lost, there is nothing else on ABC network that would spark my imagination. I was, I am a Kyle XY fan (one of 1.4 million people who tuned in for it this year and got screwed after 3 episodes after ABCF announced it was cancelling the show). I more than agree with the other comments here that ABCF didn’t care or respect Kyle XY fans to give them a decent ending of the show. So, would I believe Mr. McPherson’s candied words about respect? Surely, not!!!

  9. Who is he kidding? Why would anyone care about their new shows? I don’t watch the shows they have now. I will not invest one more minute of my time on ABC or ABCF after they unceremoniously dumped Kyle XY with no warning and no closure and for no good reason.
    And hey, pinhead – congrats on realizing that Nielsen ratings don’t mean a tning.

  10. What can I say that Lori Cassandra, Karen,asprin, Janey and Ludmila Haven’t said about Kyle XY. Mr McPherson you said “But it provided Damon and Carlton with the ability to end the show and also allowed us to truly respect our audience. And honestly, I’m very proud that we took that step.” Wow, you must feel just sick about the way you disrespected Kyle XY fans! How about a real ending??? Likw season 4??

  11. There are Kyle XY fans all around the world that sure would love some of that “respect for the audience”. There are so many people that love this show, I really can’t understand what ABC was thinking.

  12. I really hope it’s a publicity stunt and soon they’d bring Kyle XY back…or they should shut down ABC Family altogether

  13. ok first Abcfamily has NO respect for there fans. If they did they would have brang Kyle XY back or given it a real ending or given us another season to wrap it up or they would atleast give us like an episode or something to see how much people would watch it. Kyle XY is the best show in the world and the other fans and I love it so much. They replaced Kyle XY with two shows and both of them failed. Even Julie the co-producer said The fans’ loyalty and passion for the show was like nothing any of them had ever experienced. Were loyal fans and were not giving up until Abcfamily gives us one of the things we want. We all love Kyle XY so much and think what Abcfamily did was unfair. And I agree with the other comments. I love Kyle XY so much. Abcfamily PLEASE read all of the websites with the comments about Kyle XY theres so much fans basically screaming at you to bring Kyle XY back. So please fix your mistake and bring back Kyle XY

  14. Respect! You wanna show your audience some respect! I’ll tell you what respect isn’t! It’s not going out and CANCELING a wonderful show like Kyle XY and replacing with something that bombs so hard you have to take it off after 3 episodes! It’s not refusing to give Kyle XY proper endings after only 10 episodes and leaving us with a HUGE cliffhanger! You are and your stupid company are IDIOTS! Bring KYLE XY back! SAVE THE TUB! Show us Kyle XY fans some respect you lousy peice of trash.

  15. This is ridiculous. You say you want ratings and happy fans. You say you’ve learned to “respect your audience” but all I see is a bunch of blind people who can’t seem to figure out what show’s are worth watching. Kyle XY is an amazing show and has fans who love and are dedicated to Kyle! SAVE THE TUB! We will not give up nor give in! BRING KYLE XY BACK!

  16. Is your head stuck in your butt? Cause your saying crap. I agree with everyone above me, you are an idiot and nothing will change that. Bring Kyle XY back and maybe you won’t seem like such a air-headed dimwit.

  17. abc chose to go against the pleas from the viewers to bring back kyle xy (even just to wrap up the loose ends). the fans haven’t changed their minds. the boycott of abc and abcfamily continues and will continue until the fans feel that their opinions matter! McPherson is saying what he thinks people want to hear, but what he says and what he does are two very different things!

  18. The Kyle XY debacle is not mentioned in the interview. Mr.McPherson is either unaware of the situation or a hypocrite. I vote for the latter. ABC Family is just a small part of the Disney corporation. So it doesn’t get as much attention as ABC proper. But we podlings have been rejected by the network. Many of us have in turn rejected it. I and my family are on a full fledged boycott of Disney. It ownes ABC Family and will not get any of our business until Kyle XY is back on the air with new episodes. It doesn’t matter what network just as long as the saga continues to a proper conclusion.

  19. I can’t believe Mr. McPherson has much of a clue what really is going on in his company. At least that is what I would like to believe. It is obvious that there was no care for the fans of Kyle XY. This was the best show on the ABC Family line up, plenty of viewers, loyal fans, and we were left with an incredible cliffhanger as the series finale. This was ADVERTISED as the “one episode you can’t miss!” I can’t believe even for one second that this was the way any company should treat it’s customers. Shame on you!!!

  20. He Speaks lies!!! pffft, respect for the fans? if he truly had respect for the fans then we would have a conclusion to our beloved Kyle XY, not have it canceled and ended like it had been. Kyle XY was the only show I watched that had to do with abc, (abc, abc family, and Disney) and now that’s gone, I will have absolutely nothing to do with abc.
    not until they bring back Kyle XY.
    ~ Levana.

  21. i dont understand where it seems ok for him to think that the Ktle XY fans didnt get the ending it deserved ,even though “Lost” does. All we ask is another season… ABC didnt even try to promote at ALL. It’s unreasonable.

  22. Well, here’s another Kyle XY fan saying, Mr. McPherson, why would you choose to dump over 1.5 million GLOBAL viewers in favour of shows no one really watches?
    You have effectively caused Disney a lot of ratings/viewers because we are in boycott. Most of us, if not all, are no longer watching anything (or buying) to do with Disney and it’s products.
    And all because you chose to cancel one show and not respect its audience. You guys didn’t care to respect us and at least give us a proper ending. Nope, you pulled the plug irregardless of the numerous letters and petitions we sent to you, and are still sending.
    I am very disappointed with Disney. I have a ton more money in my pocket since I started the boycott, which is nice, I appreciate it, but I am still disappointed.

  23. I agree with all the heartfelt comments about Kyle XY. Cancelling the show on a cliffhanger was disrespectful to everyone who works on the show. ABC Family’s empire was built on the backs of Kyle XY and its fans. When their empire was built they cast Kyle aside and stabbed the fans in the back. The two family un-friendly shows chosen to replace Kyle, even with all the hype, combined could not muster the ratings Kyle pulled in all by himself with no publicity of any kind. Maybe the struggles Mr. Mcpherson aludes to are partly a consequence of bad business decisions. Duh. Long live Kyle XY.

  24. This channel put on an intellectual show (Kyle XY) the only unique thing on this channel and then remove it!?
    I just do not understand this. I guess they decided to try to get teen girls and young women as a demographic. Well, as a woman, I am offended that they assume all women like
    finger-in-the-dimple mindless fluff. I for one, do not, nor do I watch any of their shows.

  25. Kyle xy deserves a 4th season i have been loyal 2 this show fm the beginning. This is a gr8 show and deserves 2 end properly. You cant end Kyle cause Kyle exists in the heart of all those who opened there homes to him and the tragers every week. If u were truly loyal you would listen 2 what the fans what and that is 2 bring Kyle xy back!!

  26. I am a Lost fan since the very beginning. I am eternally grateful to Lindelof and Carlton who knowing the sharks at ABC took measures in time: negotiated the end-date. They were smart just like their show.
    Now does Mr.McPherson suggest we should be grateful to THEM for this? The writers of Lost succeeded despite their greed and blindness, it’s a mere chance that once in their life they gave a good show a fighting chance.
    Kyle XY had no such luck, nor did its fans. It was equally smart and much warmer and so loving, Kyle XY was right in the middle of my heart. So when they pulled the plug to that, they made me bleed. How could I ever trust them again? How could I ever give a show a chance to do that again? When Lost ends, ABC will lose me forever.
    Mr. McPherson, I don’t trust you.

  27. It’s a shame that my favorite show, Kyle XY got canceled. I have been a fan of this show since it’s first addvertisement aired. We fans are so dissapointed to see this show go.
    In regards of our efforts. We are doing whatever we can to keep this show alive.
    Nothing more to say.

  28. Respect? Yeah right if you had any respect we would still have kyle xy on Abc Family!!

  29. I am on the verge of physical illness after reading this interview. I think that if ABC wants some good ratings, they should try this: air Kyle XY on ABC. If they want, start from the pilot, and work up to the “ending”. As these re-runs blow away all these “great” new shows, maybe someone will realize that it would be a much better idea to give a good show a proper ending. I’d say if Lost deserves it, why doesn’t Kyle XY?

  30. Here from Italy to get some respect. I’m a fan of Kyle XY and I don’t feel respected. At all.
    Thanks Mr. Mc Pherson.

  31. The cancellation of Kyle XY doesn’t make any sense. Kyle XY is a series that meets Mr. McPherson’s programming criteria. Kyle XY IS a high quality show. Kyle XY DOES capture the imagination; and there is still GREAT POTENTIAL for the series.
    ABC has NOT lost the Kyle XY audience; we are still very much engaged with the show. But when people feel disrespected, they WILL tune out. The last episode of Kyle XY poses new questions, hints at new storylines, and ends with a shocking revelation. The series NEEDS to continue. ABC, please consider giving the Kyle XY audience the same level of respect that you gave to the Lost audience. Please consider demonstrating your commitment to quality programming by bringing Kyle XY back for a fourth season.
    ABC, you still have an opportunity to show that you respect the Kyle XY viewers and this is the best way to retain our interest in other ABC shows. We are a passionate and potentially very loyal bunch. We buy the DVDs, we buy the iTunes downloads, and we support the sponsors. A series that ends with a cliffhanger fails to acknowledge that the audience makes an investment in the story and its characters. That disregard only alienates viewers. Like I said before, when people feel disrespected, THAT’S when they tune out. Please consider bringing Kyle XY back for another season.
    Thank you for taking the time to read this deeply heartfelt plea.

  32. Kyle XY was the only reason why I watched ABC Family, But now I’ll just watch another network. Bring back Kyle XY, lets get a conclusion that we all were looking for in season 3 but we didn’t get it! Lame…

  33. Mr. McPherson, as you yourself say in this interview : “I think we really want them to know that our commitment to quality content will never take second place at ABC.”
    You had one of the best quality programs on television in Kyle XY on your ABC Family network – only to have ABC Family cancel it three episodes into its’ newest season. It was a quality show that was THE number one show on ABC Family for its’ first two Seasons – and what was the show given? A TEN MONTH layoff between its’ second and third seasons. Up until maybe a couple of weeks before Kyle XY came back, the only preview for Season 3 was literally a five second video that had two clips showing nothing to do with the story. After such a successful first two years, why was Kyle XY just shoved to the side? It’s apparent that ABC Family just wanted to move in another direction (with its’ Secret Life program and others) and as a result simply didn’t care about promoting Kyle XY and trying to build its’ audience even more. How can a show, even a successful one, succeed when its’ network has no faith in it? You say you’re dedicated to quality – Kyle XY IS quality. It REWARDS you for continuing to watch with new revelations of its’ deep mystery and with great character development. You know the one other show that does that so well? Your very own show, Lost. Please consider giving Kyle XY a chance on ABC (not ABC Family – clearly they completely changed their direction), or another network – The new SyFy channel would LOVE to have a show like Kyle XY to carry the torch for their network after the name swtich from the Sci-Fi Channel. It would fit in perfectly with its’ perfect blend of Sci Fi mystery and character drama, and even the Kyle XY writers have said the show had a low budget, so it wouldn’t even cost a lot to produce.
    The interviewer in this article states that :
    “There have been a lot of good shows on the networks in the past three years, but very few hits. This has always been a business where 80% of new shows fail.”
    No one can deny Kyle XY was a HIT. The President of ABC Family has gone on record as to praising what Kyle XY did for their network – how it MADE their network due to its’ popularity and opened the door for them to develop new shows. Such a high percentage of new shows fail. Kyle XY was one of the few that turned into a hugely popular show, and in return the dedicated fanbase was given a cancellation. And even before that, the more casual fans of Kyle XY were given that TEN MONTH long hiatus between Seasons 2 and 3. I swear, it’s almost as if ABC Family WANTED the show to have less viewers for Season 3. I don’t know how much say ABC has over ABC Family’s shows, but I assume ABC has the rights to produce Kyle XY. If you are truly a network that cares about quality first and foremost, and if you can see the tremendous popularity of Kyle XY and how it only dwindled when ABC Family dumped it off to the side even before the new season began because of the networks’ “new direction”, then you will find a way to get Kyle XY back on the air in some way, shape, or form. There are a lot of Kyle XY fans who are so upset the show got canceled, and would reward ABC with complete loyalty if you managed to bring the show back. It doesn’t matter if you air it on ABC or produce the show for another network to air, we will flock to whatever network(s) help bring Kyle XY back.
    Thank you.

  34. I do believe you should practice what you preach Mr. McPherson. Kyle XY was your hit show and with proper promotion had ratings just a good as Secret Life and phenomenally better then the shows used to replace it. Yet even with promotion Kyle XY still had an average of 1.3 million viewers in a “flawed system” Those are the diehard fans alone who didn’t give up on KXY.
    Even with those numbers our show was cancelled without notice. Where’s our respect? Not only for the fans but for the writers who created a fanastic show for EVERYBODY not just one age group alone. Did they receive any notice or hint of a cancellation so the could prepare a proper ending for their fans? No. Where is their respect? No where is there respect.

  35. Look above me. Enough Said.
    Kyle XY fans forever!

  36. Fired up? Should be fired. Taking Kyle XY off the air was ABC’s biggest mistake. I hope your network crashes and burns and in your last attempts of breathing you put Kyle XY back on the air and get revived from the deep dark hole your headed to know. I hope you catch on fire and choke on the smoke. Save Kyle XY or karma will bite you in that stupid butt of yours. Save the tub, you good for nothing idiots.

  37. Kyle Xy deserved a proper ending and so did the shows fans. Instead Mr. McPherson and whoever else decides the scheduling decidess to replace the show with “Roomates” and “Sophie” I belive Roomates has already been cancelled. Kyle XY was a family oriented show, not to many of those on TV. Mr. McPherson you talk about respect, where is the respect for the KYLE XY fans?

  38. Like everyone else, I was astounded that ABC Family decided that cancelling Kyle XY was a good idea. Afterall, it was only “the flagship of the ABC Family lineup.” That is a quote from the powers that be after season one. Let’s see, 2-3 million plus viewers each week before news of cancellation, 5 million viewers when it was shown on ABC network on Friday nights, and they replace it with….?
    A guess might be that a 3 season contract was over and the parties could not reach an accord going forward…
    Well, on the bright side, Matt Dallas fans can see Matt in the feature film, THE INDIAN when it is released in November 2009 time frame. Watch the trailer and get links to reviews at: http://www.theindianthemovie.com
    Or, if you’re in Southern Cal, you can catch a screening at the Cinema Fusion Theater in the Anaheim Garden Walk on Friday night, June 12, at 9PM. It’s a charity screening for Drug Abuse Is Life Abuse, with live music, lots of cool motorbikes, and food.
    James R. Gorrie

  39. Bring back Kyle XY! Or at the very least, make a Season 4 to finalize the whole show! The last episode was such a cliffhanger!

  40. I haven’t watched ABC FAMILY since the series finale of Kyle XY and i don’t plan on doing so until Kyle XY is brought back! SAVE THE TUB!! WE NEED A 4TH SEASON!!!!

  41. I couldnt agree with my fellow Kyle XY fans more. ABCfamily has showed us nothing but disrespect in the whole matter. Us fans meant nothing to these guys. They drop an amazing show and pick up nothing but a bunch of crap. To be honest im just saying what I have heard. I have yet to watch a on ABCfamily since the cancellation of KyleXY. Not even the shows that I watched before KyleXY and why would I when they have treated me and the other fans so poorly.

  42. That’s a nice, big talk about viewer respect from Mr. McPherson – too bad ABCF’s actions don’t match his talk. First of all, I agree with the previous postings : giving Kyle XY a 10 month hiatus along with a virtually unadvertised return and a different time slot was the network’s ‘subtle’ way of killing the show. The overall handling of the show’s cancellation was disrespectful to it’s viewers – from tagging the last half of the season ‘the final episodes’ in a weak attempt to make it seem as though we were getting a true series finale when we weren’t to offering up a vague, noncommittal synopsis of the series in response to viewer protests. The audience was screwed over, plain and simple. It was definitely not respectful of ABCF president, Paul Lee to basically say that the wrong audience was watching the show (and therefore, the network). ABCF could have easily expanded their teen demographic without insulting their established audience. As for McPherson alluding to the current economic situation helping to determine the fate of shows, explain to me how ABCF can afford to keep ‘Greek’, which was advertised ad nauseum and still only manages to get about half the number of Kyle’s viewers. Unless the cast of ‘Greek’ is paying the network to air the show, I don’t see how it is profitable for ABCF. McPherson’s statements just show that he is yet another clueless, middle-aged network executive who is out of touch with the audience. Until they bring KXY back or sell it to another network, I will not be watching anything ABC. Or to put it in terms that Mr. McPherson and Paul Lee can understand: I have decided to move in a different direction, creatively, with my viewing habits (and by default, my spending habits follow) and have canceled (deleted) ABC and it’s sister stations from my channel list.

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