‘American Idol’ Finale Hits Ratings Low

May 21, 2009  •  Post A Comment

“American Idol” wrapped up its eighth season Wednesday night with its lowest-rated finale ever.
Last night’s two-hour results show averaged a 10.0 rating among adults 18-49 from 8-10:07 p.m., according to time-zone-adjusted Fast National numbers from Nielsen Media Research. The show drew 28.8 million viewers, beating only the audience from season one.
“Idol’s” finale, in which Kris Allen upset favorite Adam Lambert to take the crown, posted a 13% decrease from its live-plus-same-day performance in the demo last year, along with a 9% drop in total viewers.
This year’s results portion of the finale climbed 16% over its Tuesday night performance show, a similar difference to last year’s night-to-night climb leading to the finale (+14%).
The year-to-year drops are not a surprise, given the overall declines in primetime ratings and the show’s age. “American Idol,” however, has outperformed TV’s No. 2 show, ABC’s “Desperate Housewives,” by a 72% margin, its widest difference ever.
“Idol” also helped Fox claim its fifth consecutive season as the No. 1 network among adults 18-49.
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  1. I think Adam might have won if he could have refrained from so MUCH falsetto singing. It was very self-indulgent of him and tiresome for many listeners. Who wants to listen to banshee screeching on nearly every show? Not moi.

  2. KISS
    And so many more.. all on 1 show,
    at one time.. What are we missing ?
    I’d like to see the Grammy’s present these many
    classic artists & Groups on thier single show.

  3. You think the numbers might have been better if they actually announced in advance just how amazing the lineup of guest performers was going to be? Keith Urban, Queen Latifah, Fergie, Black Eyed Peas, Kiss, Queen, etc…Okay…Keep Queen as a surprise, but seriously…how could “surprise” guests be better promotion than a lineup like that?

  4. The victory by Kris spells a major, fatal defeat for American Idol, which now stands badly discredited both as a talent show and a counter of votes. Adam was absolutely, positively, by far, the superior performer, as his future album sales and concert success will prove. Kris is just a nice, good-looking kid with no star appeal at all. You find his type on every cruise ship. Idol lost its relevance this time and it is just a matter of time before it is done. You can’t let teeny boppers with phone-dialing and texting technology stuff the ballot box enough to sway the election. R.I.P., American Idol. You never learned a good way to determine your winner and now that flaw has bitten you in the jugular.

  5. I’m a devout Christian and mother of two music-loving boys, and I must ask: What is wrong with America? America’s vote for Kris Allen, or America’s vote against Adam Lambert, seems to be a contemptuous hate vote against the various sectors of society that Adam Lambert appears to stand for. In the manipulations, people lost respect of the fact that American Idol is a singing talent competition that’s open to all, regardless of orientation or religion, and voters forgot that it is not a popularity contest for class of persons — neither a political race to election nor a religious warfare arena. In Season 8, Kris demonstrated that he is a talented musician and progressively proved that he is an outstanding vocalist; but Adam consistently proved to be the amazingly innovative vocal artist and the best singer, gifted with a powerful voice. Adam deserved to win. Even Kris knows this within his Christian heart, so much so that when he was unexpectedly handed the undeserved title, he became perplexed and asserted in open public that “Adam deserves this. I’m sorry…” – instinctively repudiating the unbelievable subsuming vote results in righteous adherence to the glaring truth. You could actually count so many seconds before the visibly bewildered Kris finally acquiesced to receive the undeserved crown, but only after Adam graciously approached to place a brotherly arm around his room mate’s shoulder in a gesture of encouragement. Adam Lambert is the true winner. In addition, I should also ask: What is wrong with this TV show called “American Idol,” anyway?

  6. Great post A. Lambe!!!!!!

  7. Kris Allen sucked!
    Anyone who watched the the final episode could clearly see that he was no match for the vocal prowess of Adam Lambert. That show’s been a fraud since day one. Whatever the producers figure out will net them the most profit is what they announce as being the fans choice. It’s all just a deceptive way to keep viewers thinking they have a vested interest in watching and voting, which they DO NOT!

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