Chart: U.S. Online Video Usage

May 13, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Viewing of streaming video continues to grow at an extremely rapid rate. Figures from Nielsen for April show that while there was a slight decrease in the number of unique viewers watching Web video, those who are clicking for content are seeing many more streams and staying glued to computer screens for much more time.

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  April 08 April 09 % Change
Unique viewers (000) 119,626 116,691 -2.5%
Total streams (000) 7,613,847 9,452,996 24.2%
Streams per viewer 63.6 81.0 27.4%
Time per viewer (minutes) 130.1 205.7 58.1%
Source: Nielsen Online, VideoCensus
Note: Includes progressive downloads and excludes video advertising.


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