Ion Buys Major Movie Package From Warner Bros.

May 6, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Ion Television and Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution have signed a major film package deal, which will bring movies including “Ocean’s Thirteen” and “The Departed” to the broadcast network, Ion announced today.
Movies in the deal will begin airing this month and will continue into 2010.
Other titles included in the deal are “Heat,” “The Matrix Reloaded,” “The Perfect Storm,” “Passenger 57” and “Assassins.”
“We have built a strong momentum in acquiring hit films from all the major studios, with this being the fourth recent acquisition from Warner Bros.,” Leslie Chesloff, executive VP of programming at Ion Media Networks, said in a statement.
“This deal reinforces our mission to bring our viewers a primetime programming mix that combines compelling first-run and top network series with major theatrical titles, including exclusive windows for features. We are confident that as viewers continue to gravitate toward Ion’s positively entertaining programming, we will maintain and expand the level of dramatic audience growth that has been a signature of our success since last year’s relaunch.”


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