New Look, Additional Features at TVWeek.com

May 30, 2009  •  Post A Comment

As previously announced, this is the last regularly-scheduled print edition of TelevisionWeek.
From now on the publication will exist exclusively on the Web at its Web site, TVWeek.com.
The site has been given a complete redesign, with several new features, including:
—Open Mic, a new blog featuring commentary and analysis from TV industry insiders and executives.
—The Twitterati, an Twitter aggregator featuring feeds from a wide variety of TV-centric sources.
—An expanded TVBizWire section, with the latest industry headlines from the TVWeek.com staff and publications across the Internet.
Josef Adalian, deputy editor and columnist, will become editor of TVWeek.com. As previously announced, TelevisionWeek editor Greg Baumann will be leaving the company.
Mr. Adalian will oversee day-to-day operations at the Web site, while offering news reporting and analysis of the TV industry via his recently launched blog, TV MoJoe, and his weekly column. He will work closely with Tom Gilbert, who continues as executive editor of TVWeek.com.
Chuck Ross will oversee Mr. Adalian and Mr. Gilbert as managing director of TVWeek.com
“Joe is one of the finest journalists I know,” Mr. Ross said. “As we continue our tradition of news you can trust exclusively on our Web site, I can think of no one better to lead us.”
Mr. Adalian joined TVWeek in May 2008. He had previously spent a decade at Variety, where he was TV editor. During his nearly 20-year career in journalism, Mr. Adalian has also been a reporter for the New York Post and the Boston Herald. He served as TV critic for the Washington Times in 1994.
Mr. Gilbert, who will be based in New York, joined TelevisionWeek (then Electronic Media) as managing editor in 2000 and was named executive editor in 2005. A veteran entertainment journalist, he previously was managing editor of both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, and immediately prior to joining TVWeek was an editor at the Los Angeles Times.


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