Turner Realigns Jobs; Levy, Heller, Breland Shuffle

May 12, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Turner Broadcasting has realigned its senior management with CEO Phil Kent putting David Levy in charge of distribution as well as advertising sales and sports.
Former head of distribution Andrew Heller has been named vice chairman of TBS Inc., and assumes a coordinating role within parent company Time Warner on CEO Jeff Bewkes’ “TV Everywhere” initiative. TV Everywhere would allow subscribers to view programming via broadband and on mobile devices.
Coleman Breland is being promoted to chief operating officer of Turner Network Sales with day-to-day responsibility for the unit.
Under the reorganization, Mr. Levy will oversee all aspects of the company’s domestic revenues and aim to coordinate the interests of advertiser and distributors.
Mr. Levy will direct advertising sales strategy and operations and all affiliate sales, marketing promotion, interactive television and technology business development for the Turner’s domestic news, entertainment and young adults networks.
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