Twentieth Clears ‘Unit’ in 56% of U.S. for Fall 2010

May 19, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Twentieth Television’s “The Unit,” formerly on CBS, is hitting broadcast syndication in fall 2010 and is currently cleared in 56% of the country, the distribution company announced today.
“Unit” is cleared in the top 15 markets of the country, sold to the Fox owned-and-operated stations and stations owned by CBS, Scripps, Tribune, Hearst-Argyle, Meredith, Journal, Block, Freedom and Gray. The show will air as a weekend hourlong strip.
This announcement came shortly after this morning’s news that CBS passed on a renewal for the fifth season of the Special Forces action drama, which stars Dennis Haysbert.
“As syndication will soon welcome a program that epitomizes the very best of edge-of-your-seat drama on television, we are thrilled with the significant interest we are already garnering from stations across the country,” Bob Cook, president and chief operating officer of Twentieth Television, said in a statement.


  1. Why can’t Fox try and syndicate the show for a fifth season. The Unit regualary gets better viewership then shows that were renewed like Ghost Whisper, Flashpoint and Numbers

  2. FOX needs to pick up THE UNIT as a series and syndication. I am a SSG,US Army Retired. The Unit gives a very accurate portrayal of the Army. I was never in SF or Special Ops but did support the 10th SF Group at Ft Devens.It doesn’t surprise me that CBS would drop anything portraying the military as I consider them anti-military to begin with. SO how about it Fox.

  3. My family and I were regular viewers of The Unit on Sunday night. My teenage son became interested in serving his country in the military because of the show. Don’t let it go away CBS. Maybe retire one of the CSI’s. By syndication, do they mean new shows, or reruns?

  4. CBS canceling good drama shows like “Jericho” and now “The Unit” has taught me that maybe I shouldn’t watch their network, become engrossed with the characters and buy products from their advertisers if there is a remote chance the show will be canceled to make way for another mindless reality show or some retread star(s) whose last few shows have crashed and burned on ‘other’ networks.

  5. I am really disappointed with the decision to cancel “The Unit”. It has been a regular part of my family’s TV viewing since its first season. What is CBS trying to do?

  6. They did that even after asking Shaun Ryan to give them a treatment as to what the 5th season would be. I am kinda shocked myself that FOX didnt pick it up to run on its own network, or even MyNet. CBS has now killed 4 of my favorite shows, The Agency, The Unit, Cane, and Jericho.

  7. CBS is KILLING ME! They reliably have the best shows on TV, and then they cancel them! It makes me crazy. Plus, they shouldn’t judge this show on ratings because first it was on Tuesdays against American Idol. Now it’s on Sundays with an unpredictable starting time (because of football in the fall and winter). That is imbossibly unfair to any show – especially a quality show like The Unit. I would be thrilled if another network would pick up this show and run with it.

  8. CANCEL SOMETHING ELSE CBS. Start with reality shows like “The Osbournes”. The have enough money.

  9. this is the only series to show a reasonably accurate depiction of a spec ops unit. for the network to cancel the unit and pedal the supposed reality crap they broadcast is a slap in the face for members and families of serving members of the armed forces. it says the network cares more about mindless dribble and product shots on their “reality” shows than portraying the actions of unsung heroes so that people can be proud of what the armed forces, possibly even their sons and daughters are doing or have done for their country. sad, but it looks like the rich kids get to screw things up for the rest of us as usual. i serve my country, and this show let me see that someone out there was thinking of us and those that came before us to fight for freedom.

  10. AWSOME!!!! BRING IT UNIT~ NEED ACTION & yes I am military and no I am not a junkie! Let the private sector get a glimpse of what we all go through ( as watered down as it is ) especially with family life in the military.
    SSgt Steve

  11. I am so upset that you are canceling the unit. My family loves this show. It is one of the best show in a long time. I think you made a horrible choice in letting it go

  12. the very best show on tv I miss it

  13. I think it really sucks that you guys take the best shows off the air and replace the time slot with total crap. Who cares about stupid reality shows and unfunny comedies! The unit has been one of the beat shows on the air. Now I guess I’ll have to manicure my nails or maybe clean the commode. You guys are idiots!!!!

  14. i love the unit and would love to see season 5 something needs to be done i have spoken

  15. Excellent job.

  16. Please bring “the Unit” back. Everyone i know who watches tv thinks its one of the best tv shows if not THE best. So many of the other shows are a sad waste of time.

  17. My husband and I love The Unit. Please bring it back for a new fifth season and many more.

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