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Name: Danielle Woodrow

Title: Senior VP, original programming, FX.

Age: 32

Big Break: An internship at Fox Searchlight Pictures. Seven years later came back to the Fox lot to join FX.

Who Knew?: Played guitar in a hair metal band.

Danielle Woodrow, senior VP, original programming, at FX, has developed a knack for getting along in those tough situation when the network needs to pass a note to the showrunner of one of its series. As a rule, notes from the suits aren’t much welcome. Ms. Woodrow said she’s fortunate that the people running series such as “Rescue Me,” “Damages” and “Sons of Anarchy” are all very smart.

“They’ll call you out if you have a note that doesn’t work. But I find that most of the people we work with are really open to conversations about their shows and really want the best show possible, which we want too.”

Every once in a while, there is a real difference of opinion. “You’re dealing with art and writing scripts and it is really hard,” she said. At that point the art of compromise comes in, and it’s just a matter of picking the right approach, which will vary from producer to producer.

Ms. Woodrow said he relative youth is rarely an issue when dealing with showrunners.

“Every so often you’ll get that ‘hey kid …’,” she said. But having worked on sets for MTV for years before joining FX, “I throw back some set lexicon that will make them realize I know a bit more about what I’m talking about.”

Looking ahead, Ms. Woodrow will seek positions that offer creative fulfillment, rather than executive power. “I’m sort of paying a lot of attention to the way the industry is evolving and I’m both excited and terrified by what I see,” she said. “I’m going to constantly try to put myself in situation where the job is more about the product.”

—Jon Lafayette


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