Welcome to NewsPro: Familiar Name, New Beginning

Aug 2, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Welcome to the first issue of NewsPro, a publication devoted to the needs and interests of news professionals.

Whatever your capacity in the field of journalism, our goal is to tell you things you need to know — and to help you to further understand the things you already know.

Some of you may already be familiar with NewsPro, though in a different form. The title has been around for the better part of two decades — first as a part of the television-industry trade publication Electronic Media and, later, as a regular feature of TelevisionWeek, as EM came to be known when it was relaunched in 2003.

But the growth of the news business, from the traditional TV stations, radio outlets and newspapers, across a multitude of cable networks and now
Web sites, e-newsletters and blogs, has given us the opportunity to spin NewsPro off as its own stand-alone monthly publication serving news professionals in every platform. And we hope you will help us find our way to best serve you.

We not only invite your comments and suggestions, we unashamedly admit that they’re essential if we are to effectively do our job.

Apropos of the cover story of this premiere issue, as the world becomes increasingly dependent for news and information on the immediacy of Twitter and other instant technologies, we continue to believe that there can be a unique bond between a monthly magazine and its readers.

On that note, we sincerely look forward to visiting with you in the months ahead. Our highest possible achievement will be to make that sentiment mutual.

Tom Gilbert


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