Si TV to Change Name as It Aims for Bicultural Latinos–Cable Outlet to Be Known as Nuvo TV Starting July 4

Mar 14, 2011  •  Post A Comment

By Brian Steinberg
Advertising Age

The Latino-focused English-language cable channel Si TV is changing its name on July 4 to Nuvo TV, for "new voice," in a bid to better pursue bicultural Latino audiences.

The move is the latest effort to harness the power of the nation’s growing Latino population. The U.S. Census effort is expected to reveal significant growth not only among Latinos but among Latinos born in the U.S. The demographic Nuvo will aim for is very familiar with U.S. culture but also wants a little more relevance to its particular background.

"Most everyone is focused on total U.S. Hispanics, but the real story is the bicultural Latino," said Rafael Oller, the network’s senior VP-marketing. "Three out of four speak English well or very well. These bicultural Latinos self-identify as Latino and American and are looking for culturally relevant programming."

Many viewers already put Si TV in the same group as Bravo or Comedy Central, Mr. Oller added.

The bicultural trend could prove useful for Si TV, soon to be Nuvo TV. The network expects to reach 30 million households by the end of this year — a milestone that would make it eligible to be rated by Nielsen and therefore of more interest to advertisers. The channel currently reaches approximately 25 million to 27 million households, Mr. Oller said.

The network also came to understand that its original name didn’t resound with the audience it hoped to cultivate, said CEO Michael Schwimmer.

"Si TV was confusing," Mr. Schwimmer said. "People would ask if that was ‘sea’ like the ocean or ‘see’ like you can see television. You can imagine what’s it’s been like dealing with that sort of confusion."

"We also did some proprietary research and realized that it also conveyed a sense of exclusivity," he added. "The bicultural Latino audience is much broader than that. It’s second-generation, fourth-generation Latino. They don’t see themselves watching a television network that has a Spanish-language name."

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  1. So “Nuvo” isn’t a Spanish-language name?

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