Letter From Bounce TV Co-Founder Martin Luther King III to Time Warner Cable Group VP David Lange

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Here is the full text of a letter sent March 19, 2015, from Martin Luther King III, one of the co-founders of Bounce TV, to David Lange, group vice president, Time Warner Cable:

Dear Mr. Lange,

I am writing to you as a founder of Bounce TV – the first and only over-the-air broadcast television network for African Americans – to express my strong disappointment with Time Warner Cable’s decision to drop Bounce TV from your New York City system, as well as the lack of carriage of Bounce TV on Time Warner Cable in Los Angeles.

The more than 14 million African-American television households in the United States are grossly underserved, having just a few dedicated cable channels and no over-the-air networks until we launched Bounce TV in 2011. The fact that African Americans watch more television than the U.S. Average and more than any other measured ethnicity makes this situation even more alarming.

Bounce TV was created to help fill this void of television programming for African Americans. The network features a family-friendly programming mix of original and off-network series, theatrical motion pictures, documentaries, specials, live sports and more for the African-American community. The network’s growth and popularity in a short period of time has been astounding. Did you know that Bounce TV is:

• Carried by broadcast affiliates in 90 television markets throughout the country and reaches nearly 90% of all African-American households over-the-air?

• The #2 most-watched African-American television network, significantly beating TV One, Centric and closing in on BET?

• The #4 network in ALL of television in Time Spent Viewing for ALL viewers 18-49, and #1 in TSV for African Americans 18-49?

• In the Top Ten in Delivery of African-Americans 18-49 vs. cable networks — more-watched by African Americans than TBS, Bravo, OWN, Lifetime, TV One and 90 others?

• Producing original scripted sitcoms that can be enjoyed by the entire family featuring popular African-American stars like David and Tamela Mann, Tony Rock and Vivica A. Fox?

• A television partner of the new Premiere Boxing Champions, alongside NBC Sports Group, CBS Sports, ESPN and SPIKE TV?

The immediate success, growth and popularity of Bounce TV reflects how truly underserved African Americans have been by television. Time Warner Cable does carry Bounce TV in several markets and for that we are grateful.

Yet, Time Warner Cable continues to disappoint African Americans in the two biggest cities in the United States. This does not bode well in an emerging America, a nation becoming more diverse by the day. Bounce has worked diligently to identify and grow best practices for widening the pipeline for underrepresented groups. We remain committed to do so, and are prepared to take further action if necessary, but we are hopeful that you will return Bounce TV to Time Warner Cable in Manhattan as well as add the network in Los Angeles.

The African American community and I look forward to your response.


Martin Luther King, III


  1. I do not understand the problem bounce TV is loved all of United States of America it needs to be on throughout the world

  2. i live in sacramento what happened to Bounce in the sacramento area 19.3

  3. I enjoy watching bounce t.v on my days when I have nothing to do. But I think they should put it back on in the New York and California bounce doesn’t deserve this to happen not everyone have cable television who can watch bounce station . They should take that into consideration.

  4. This is a damn shame we as black people need like role models and having a Black network, we need to identify as a raise that will help us become well rounded to see professional black people acting and not on drugs killing each other. Watching black TV makes me feel proud as a black person to see people like myself not to say that this is racism but we need to see people of our own color on TV and free we should all cancel Time Warner and get air TV cuz you can get bounced for free.

  5. Now the time yall !!! If we come together on all aspects and stop settleing we can make a change . Let’s have each other’s back again ? ….. BOGARD


  7. The world has made tremendous amounts of money from the black community, bounce TV should be seen worldwide, thank you Mr king!!

  8. I like bounces TV

  9. Please put Bounce T.V. back on channel 13.2. I really enjoyed watching all the black entertainment movies. There were really good movies on it. On top of that it shows past history about how african americans were slaves back then for whites and what they went through just to get their freedom from the slavery days. Thats education to all the young generation children these days. Plus i enjoyed watching the comedy shows (off the chain). Please think about putting Bounce 13.2 back on.


  11. What as ever vome easy for us, remember chasing down Soul Train every Saturday, they kept changing the time, but we did were diligent , we’d find it, the ratings spoke up, and they backed off, money talks. If you want the Bounce everyone African American. Cancel. Warner Cable,, it’s.as easy ss that. We’re past begging. We have the POWER.To ride the bus was what, a dime, maybe less. That was1 city, imagine every African American house hold,on the same day (their line will be busy so you will have to do your do diligents) throughout the month,say I have to Bounce so I will not be renewing my contract with Warner Cable. The Newlywed Game,pleasr tske it off the air or vhsnge tje format. It’s not tv our way.kids shouldn’t have to leave the room,l @ 64 I make it leave the room, @ 7pm or first thing in the morning I don’t need a porn game show,Sherri money is not everything,oir kids don’t need it. We don’t need it on the Bounce. Remember it’s TV our way,family. Would the Rev.Dr. approve of the dhow? I think not. He eas about improving us all(American),if we want smut there r other avenues we can go. Thr Rappers, who are still missing the opportunity to.educate or kids. Will.Konya,Queen,JayZee & B,and the rest of U, rap history, math,,science ,geography, proper english….ect.you can do it. You have the talent. God gave you a gift. The Bounce is a gift. Work it. Be blessed,be safe

  12. I really enjoy watchthe ing Bounce tv network, I have Direct TV but they don’t have it either so I can pick it up on my anolong television, I wish the cable stations would carry Bounce I tell my mom all about what is showing !o
    One for sure thing the cable station sure caters to the Spanish people
    they have quite a few stations to pick from! !!Well hopefully the cable company will pick up Bounce, as well as Direct TV, I am going to contact Direct TV and ask why they don’t carry Bounce….Thank you Belinda

  13. Hello what happened to bounce t.v Akron Ohio 43.2 please we need it back on

  14. I’m from Youngstown,Ohio and our bounce t.v. line up was dropped with no notice not even with the opposition to keep it or not. Yes we were at 43-2 it’s as if we don’t matter, and we should after all the money we pay a month for cable !

  15. Shame on Time Warner for making the decision to drop Bounce TV in the two largest markets.They Time Warner should do a better job to represent the African American viewer, how can I survive my afternoons on the couch eating and throwing back a cold beverage. I shutter to think of going back to watching regular TV that spotlight the other group. Give me back my Bounce TV, I want back are way!!!!!!

  16. I would LOVE to watch Bounce..BUT there is NO caption….will it EVER have caption???

  17. So, Will there be a LAWSUIT GOING INTO EFFECT if one is not already being processed? Where can were petition write to and file complaints about this as well?

    What were the “reasons” given for the drop?

    My family and I are EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED that there is not a single LOCAL channel dedicated to our people while we can find MULTIPLE Asian, Latin and Muslim channels!!!!

  18. Hey guys! I live in Pomona Ca (LA county) n the new BOUNCE channel over here is 34.3 YOU’RE WELCOME aha peace out!

  19. I love the bounce network. But I have no sound picture is good just no sound please fix this issue it’s on 41.3 Macon ga

  20. Bounce TV was on 58-3 in Macon GA, now you say it’s on 41-3 ….. It’s not there yet, I would love to know when it starts broadcasting here. Missing all the good shows, can you please help me?

  21. When will Bounce TV be back on in the Macon Ga area,over the air the stations?

  22. My family loved Bounce but since we switched to Dish we no longer get it. Dish when will you add Bounce to your network….

  23. I’ve emailed WFTC (which was the network for our area – Minneapolis, MN caring BOUNCE), I’ve called the KMSP 9 regarding this as well with no response from either. On Friday, September 25th at midnight with no warning whatsoever BOUNCE just went off to be replaced with BUZZR – WHAT!!! For some reason the network seems to think the majority of people want to sit and watch old game shows from the 60s, 70s and 80s all night and all day. This was a cruel move. I would like to know what happened to my favorite channel and why there was no warning that it would be taken off the air in this region.

  24. I would like to know what happened to Bounce TV in MInneapolis, MN. One day it was on, and the next it had been replaced by some retro game show channel called Buzzr. PLEASE give us back BOUNCE!!!!!

  25. I watched 9.4 Bounce TV daily. I love the channel but yesterday when I turned it on, it was game show stuff. I am heartbroken. I don’t have cable and that was my favorite channel to watch.

  26. @Teresa Jones & Ellisa
    I’m in Minneapolis too & I was just flipping through my programmed favorite channels on my Comcast DVR box & was like what the heck is Buzzr?! I’ve been Googling trying to find more info on this “switch”. No announcement or anything! Comcast has a tier each for Latino, African & Asian programming. Why do African Americans have to have programming that appeals to us, revoked? There are plenty of channels that show reruns of Andy Griffith, M.A.S.H., Cheers, Friends & h a ootenanny of minority lacking shows. Why is it so hard to have a channel featuring programming that appeals to us since most of these tv stations won’t incorporate these shows in their regular lineup because it doesn’t cater to the “majority”?!

  27. I watched your network every day with my antenna hearing all the new programming including boxing & I can’t help but think that you got your leverage & deal you wanted & hope you don’t forget about all us out there that you say you care about that got you to this level that will not afford pay tv. I, for one, wouldn’t have tuned in if I had known the long game. The greater good doesn’t apply if that’s how your feel better as you caress your mounds of gold. I was really looking forward to a boxing comeback knowing it was going to be largely through your influence/efforts. Too bad I can’t afford to see it happen.

  28. Boy where did you go? I looked forward. to seeing the great shows after a long day at work. Here today gone with no warning. Bring it back to Florida. Great Shows

  29. What can we do to bring Bounce TV back to the Twin Cities area? I’m heartbroken! Who thought Buzzr was better, really??

  30. What is really good with Bounce getting taken off the air in so many cities? I’m from minneapolis and it was literally loved by people here. I think that they we’re just gaining too much popularity. Do you notice coinciding the loss of bounce tv is a host of black programing on the big networks. For example Rosewood, Empire, lead actess in Minority report is black and so on and next there’ll be more. Which is great but it’s the same old same old the individual benefits while the group is left behind. What mean to say is if u watch these shows the cast is the same ratio from white to black people. While I don’t have any idea what happens behind the camera. The racial make up of those behind the camera at the big networks and at bounce, those number would interest me. It’s probably usual racially motivated political crap. I’m with P.A. what the solution?

  31. Another point. I feel like in Minority report for example and other shows the big networks get away with something. They put a black actor in as the lead actor or actress and then basically everyone else is white. That’s great for that actor but we want need a network.

  32. Out of ALL the DTV channels (and there are many) Why take Bounce OFF? Couldn’t Bounce be moved to another channel number? What happened? Was someone offended by the BET for the MASSES without cable?

  33. Well again we have been kicked in the face everything that we enjoy as African Americans some higher up in a suit gets rid of it I actually went out and bought new antennas thinking I wasn’t getting good reception anymore they cost me more than entertainment they cost me money why can’tPeople leave well enough alone unbelievable I love bounce TV my kids love bounce TV even my grandkids love bounce TV that is 3 generation don’t you people get anything right

  34. Where is BOUNCE ? buzzer sucks empire sucks to much drama soap operas stuff to much gay stuff over sexed shows .Wow this country is doomed everybody wants drama and Sex

  35. I am strongly disappointed on the removal of BOUNCE TV, it was a great channel, with exceptional programming. I do not have cable tv, by choice.

  36. I too am very upset that bounce tv is not on my channel list. It is now called buzzr. Will you please bring it back?? Minneapolis MN

  37. Minneapolis metro here too. What happened to Bounce? Guessing FOX dropped it here and that sucks. Can you find a way back?

  38. I love Bounce TV, but I no longer have it where I live in Minneapolis, MN….I hope that they bring Bounce TV back to the twins cities.

  39. Well guess what Cleveland Ohio doesn’t get bounce as of this month. This is so sorry all the money we pay for time warner. My bill 280.00 a month

  40. bounce tv needs to come on at&t u verse and direct tv we pay too much for cable as it is and at&t just got aspire network magic johnson own let see your channel on now both


  42. I love bounce TV. Trying to watch it but there is no sound coming from this station. What’s up with that??

  43. bounce still to come on direc tv.

  44. i love bounce tv so glad cause of the programs my favorite show id half n half sad that bounce tv has been canceled in certain states or cities but when worse comes to worse our people should come 1st no h8ting from TWC

  45. I must say that I am very disappointed that bounce tv is no longer an option. I’m not a big fan of tv;it’s either bounce tv or netflix. Time warner removing bounce is a big disappointment and I am now looking for another Internet provider. Disappointed in Youngstown, Ohio.

  46. I just realized Bounce is no longer in the Twin Cities! Racist morons!!!!!

  47. I have At&t uverse and i would love to have Bounce TV. Please give us Bounce!!!

  48. I have DirecTV and I would love to get Bounce TV. What must I do to insure that and be insured that DirecTV will get Bounce TV.

  49. I would love to get Bounce TV on U-verse ..Please give us Bounce TV….

  50. I was vising my mother in Baton Rouge,LA. and happened to turn on tv to watch it ,scrolling though and found Bounce TV i was enjoying the movie that was on it was about African American baseball player i truly enjoyed it.

  51. What happened to bounce tv in oklahoma city…why do you guys give us samples of programming and then remove it…it’s really unfair ..bring it back asap please.

  52. Good morning. I just switched over to Direct TV . I cannot find Bounce TV from the Southside of Chicago. If it’s on there ; will someone please tell me what name it’s under? Bounce TV is a great channel. It can replace a channel that’s repeating itself. I pray not having Bounce TV is not a racial situation. If it is that’s so SAD!!! I will highly appreciate it if someone can give me an answer. Thank you.

  53. I also live in Minneapolis and wondered why they replace bounce with some game show channel I’m not interest in that I got cable but know people who like it who don’t got cable. Those same friends told me today it’s on some low power station that’s good by their house but Comcast do not carry for some reason

  54. Why for the sake of God do you keep showing universal soldiers why please stop showing that movie please.

  55. New Mexico needs Bounce TV as part of their over the air channels. If you are a sports enthusiast, which I am, and do not have cable, which I do not, your sports options are so limited it’s not even funny. Please consider us!

  56. Bounce shows too many rank movies now. Cant believe what I was just watching.

  57. That channel is garbage like most ? it just got a bunch of shows that are black. But no real news. No healthy options . just a typical for typical black folk. And yes im blacker than blackberry

  58. Just learned that Bounce TV is no longer aired in Atlanta, Georgia (as of September 26, 2017). I’m very disappointed to say the least. However, I’ve been waning myself off the idiot box for almost a year. In lieu of watching tv/idiot box I plan to do more reading, learning a second, maybe a third language, and spendng more time with my family and getting to know my neighbors.

  59. Removal of Bounce from analog or cable t.v. is Racist ! Why can’t we see people like us on our T.V. ? . No WhiteFolk n my neighborohood , community or school. Doing fine, why t v. dosen’t reflect the same. U don’t want us. We dam show don’t want to see you every time my t v.’s turned on

  60. Well, I don’t see any channels devoted to, and states that it is solely for white/Caucasian people. However, there is no white history month. There is no white college fund. There is no white college. If there were labels like that, the whites would be sued and the blacks would win. How one sided!!!!!

  61. Please show more shows and commercials that build peace and love of all American people. What causes unrest is to keep bringing up the past and opening up healed wounds. The Vietnam War is what helped the hatred of whites and blacks together. The reason when your in battle it does not matter which race carries you out of the battle or who has your back. Americans loving all Americans. We still have many who have hatred in their hearts and that will never change until they die off. However if they pass that hatred on to their family showing shows that show this only enforces the reason to keep their hatred alive. Please please show programs that show how minors and majorities work together. Please stop showing programs that cause unrest. May God be a guide for your company. Martin King was a great man. If he were here today he would say the same as God love one another.

  62. How ironic! Central Indiana now has 2 stations broadcasting Bounce TV! Now that the Scripps Co. has purchased the ION network, it has ditched ION-Plus that had genuinely family friendly programming and that featured peace and reconciliation-oriented commercials from the “Foundation for a Better Life” organization. Bounce TV has replaced ION-plus. I used to be a truly big fan of Bounce TV, especially when we lived in St. Louis. No more! It is sickening and tiresome to have the entertainment and broadcast industries shoving political correctness and subliminal racism down the collective throats of the American people! The divisiveness which they promote is deeply wounding to mixed race people.

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