Memo From ‘CBS This Morning’ Executive Producer Ryan Kadro to Staff Members, June 22, 2016

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More than two months have passed since I became EP of “CBS This Morning.”  Throughout that time, I’ve been working on assembling a senior staff that reflects the demands of this broadcast, in all areas.  Today, I’m pleased to announce two significant promotions designed to help us reach our full potential.

  • Diana Miller is promoted to Senior Broadcast Producer, “CBS This Morning”
  • Eva Nordstrom is promoted to Managing Editor, “CBS This Morning”

Together, Diana and Eva will help manage all aspects of “CBS This Morning.”  Many of you have been asking “who’s going to be your number two?”  I’ve talked before about my desire to structure things differently.  This massive, 24-hours a day, operation requires many of us to be plugged in around the clock.  I’m confident that further empowering two people, on different shifts, with different responsibilities, will result in an even more efficient operation.

As Senior Broadcast Producer, Diana will continue to program the 7am hour while playing a lead role in the running of the broadcast. This extends to staffing, sales, press, research, future planning and more.  Diana has tremendous vision, and an ability to execute editorial and organizational initiatives of all types.  She’s a proven newsroom leader and I will rely heavily on her experience and wisdom.  She’ll in turn rely even more on Peter Burgess and the senior team to deliver a great broadcast.  Diana joined “CBS This Morning” in 2014 as a Senior Producer to manage and program the 8am hour.  She began her career at CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360,” where she gained extensive field and control room experience. From there, she produced and helped launch a variety of programs including “Live from The Couch” on CBS station WLNY, “Anderson” at Telepictures, and “The Seven” at MTV. Diana has received Emmy, Peabody, and DuPont Awards for her work.

As Managing Editor, Eva will hyper focus on the editorial each morning.  She will lead the effort to bring our viewers the most up-to-date, accurate, intelligent, and nuanced take on all the major news of the day.  She’ll work in concert with the incomparable John Peck and our excellent control room team.  Eva will start her day in the Broadcast Center around 4am.  She’ll continue her work with our amazing anchor team while overseeing the updating and refining of all the live segments in the broadcast.  Additionally, she’ll be watching the pieces the way I did each morning.  Her instincts are similar to mine and I trust her completely.  After the broadcast she’ll work with Diana and our Senior Team to identify which angles we should pursue in ongoing stories, as well as finding new content for both the 7am and 8am hours.  Her goal is to identify stories for CTM before they become stories for everyone.  You’ll also see her on location for many big interviews and remotes handling the editorial and working with our amazing anchors.  Just yesterday she led the editorial effort and prep for Norah’s afternoon interview with Donald Trump.  Eva has been with CTM since it was an idea on a white board in a small office.  I love her toughness, and ability to process high volumes of information while never losing sight of what’s essential to a tape piece, live interview, or reader.  Before CBS, Eva spent 15 years at CNN as a Senior Producer at “American Morning” and later as a Senior Producer for Anderson Cooper at “Anderson Cooper 360.”  She also helped run afternoon programming at Bloomberg.  Her work has been recognized with Emmy, Dupont, and Peabody awards.

Please join me in congratulating Diana and Eva on these well-deserved promotions.

I also want to recognize the tremendous work of our entire Senior Staff.  They are selfless, creative, and passionate leaders.  We’re fortunate to have this terrific team in place.

The gains we’ve made this year are impressive.  We grew our ratings to the highest on record at CBS in the morning while our competitors lost even more of their audience.  And we did it our way, producing a broadcast filled with news and smart conversation.  We still have a lot of work ahead of us to realize our goal; moving CBS out of third place in the morning for the first time in forty years.  We’re getting closer.  Keep up the great work.

Thank you,

Ryan Kadro

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