Instagram Post From Pamela Anderson on Her Sexual Assault Comments

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Instagram post from Pamela Anderson, Dec. 1, 2017:


My interview on #todayshow #megynkelly

Somebody had to say this.

Please don’t worry.

Refer people to my blog and long standing commitment to defending the vulnerable. We have the power to be safe and free

by using common sense.

My message is consistent throughout-

I’m a deep thinker / I have a unique perspective.

and consequence is part of my life.

This is great.

I am also an advocate for men.

I just don’t agree with it all.

Backlash is good. –

I like this.

My position is not ‘problematic’ because I doesn’t fall in line with the common herd or trend.

I’m trying to tell women as a survivor of childhood abuse myself –

It is important to be proactive as an adult who knows better – in defending themselves.

Don’t get in cars with strangers #rideresponsibly-

Don’t go to Hotel rooms alone for an audition.

Women are powerful and smart

and we can use all our charms in more positive ways.

I think it’s very smart to be



I stand by what I say.

My mother taught me –

protect yourself.

Especially with my ‘image’’ –

she and I were worried it could give people wrong Impression.

I am not an easy girl

and have not had as many partners people might think.

I believe in love and commitment and common sense.

This is why I’m usually married.

It is how I feel safe and protected in a sexual relationship. .A monogamous lover is the best

and most brave lover there is.

I only want intimate sexual experiences – where I can be free to give my wildest fantasies to someone who loves me.

and never have used sex as a weapon.

It’s just too easy.

#bestrong #staysafe #noblame @todayshow #solutions #nodrama

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