Producers Guild of America Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines

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Posted by Producers Guild of America Presidents Gary Lucchesi and Lori McCreary, Jan. 19, 2018:

For the past three months, the PGA’s Anti-Sexual Harassment Task Force has been working diligently on a set of concrete and pragmatic recommendations for producers and team members to recognize and combat sexual harassment both on and off the set.  We’re proud to announce that the Task Force has finished the first stage of its work, resulting in the PGA Anti-Sexual Harassment Guidelines accompanying this email.  The Guidelines will be released publicly following the distribution of this e-blast; by the time you read this, you may have already heard about it in the press.

We feel that the Guidelines speak for themselves and there is no need to summarize them here.  Instead, we’d like to offer an incredible debt of thanks to the members of the Task Force, many of whom worked through the holidays on this document.  It’s a testament to the importance of this issue—and the seriousness with which the PGA is addressing it—that so many dedicated individuals devoted so much time and effort to bringing this endeavor to fruition.

The Task Force’s work is not finished; the Guidelines are likely to change as our industry explores new approaches to this problem and as new resources become available.  The PGA will continue to work with TIME’S UP and the industry commission chaired by Anita Hill.  But for the multitude of producers urgently seeking guidance on how to proceed with their work while holding a firm line against harassment, we believe this document will prove invaluable.

Some of you will no doubt have questions that arise from the Guidelines.  The Guild is planning to dedicate blocks of time over the coming weeks and months that will serve as “office hours” to address member questions or concerns.  Meanwhile, we urge you to review these Guidelines and implement their recommendations on your productions as swiftly as may be feasible.

Thank you for your time, attention and readiness to ensure a safe and harassment-free workplace on your productions.


Gary and Lori

To read the full set of guidelines, please click here.

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