Conan’s Second Night Perks Up

Jun 3, 2009

Yeah yeah yeah, I know the ratings were down about 30% from the first night
but the good news is that the show was at least 30% better! Conan did a
fuller monologue, talking more about adjusting to life in L.A. and even
showed us his picture-perfect new drivers license photo – which looked so
good because the DMV peeps gave him three retakes – only in L.A. folks, only
in L.A.

The filmed bit that had Conan going on a shopping spree on Rodeo Road (NOT
Drive) delivered the funny in a big way with Conan trying on a new wardrobe
including a belt buckle that said "Bitch", rocking a braided wig and drawing
looks from the good people of South Central L.A. Tom Hanks guested and as
usual, he livened up the joint, belting out a snip of a song from the
long-awaited musical version of "Turner and Hooch."

Conan even got a taped shoutout from President Obama via Brian Williams’
interview for the NBC "The Obama White House" specials airing last night and
tonight. While a lot of today’s chatter is about Williams using a news
vehicle to shill for NBC Entertainment, I think we can all agree NBC needs
all the help it can get so I’m cutting them some slack for the BriWi move.

I’ll be in the audience for Thursday’s "Tonight Show."  Looking forward to
supporting the funny live and in person.

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  1. you really push me to make more of my own trade. your creative spirit is contagious. many thanks

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