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Today’s Beach Read: Update on Big Brother Participant Who Wanted to Auction Off Her Virginity

Jul 8, 2009

It ‘s summertime, which means it’s “Big Brother” time.

Here’s today’s beach read: One of the wilder stories that garnered a lot of publicity in the gossip columns last fall was the one about Raffella Fica, the beautiful 20 year old model and participant in the Italian version of “Big Brother.” She announced that she was going to auction off her virginity for 1 million Euros, which, at the time, translated to close to $2 million. She said at the time that if someone met her price but when she met him, “If I don’t like him I’ll just have a glass of wine and forget about it.”

Here’s the update, courtesy of thefrisky.com. Raffaella did have someone meet her steep price, but she turned him down. Instead, she’s now dating a hot soccer player, Cristiano Ronaldo, who introduces Rafaella as his girlfriend. And Ronaldo reportedly has lots and lots of money. Here’s how thefrisky.com ended its update:

"Hmmm, if an online virginity auction is the fast route to celebrity, riches and love, then should we consider selling ours too? Who cares if it’s slightly used."


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