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With Conan Soon to Go Off-Air, and Thus the End to Latenightgate, the Most Fun We’ve Had Watching TV in A Long Time Will Also End. But Don’t Fret–Here’s How to Continue Laffing

Jan 21, 2010

The new golden age of latenight, which started a few weeks ago when we heard that Leno’s primetime show was going to be cancelled and that he was going back to a latenight slot, will likely end this week, and that’s a big problem for us viewers.

Ever since all hell broke loose a few weeks ago, the wisecracking done by Leno, Conan, Kimmel, Letterman and Ferguson has kept us in stitches. Even the Chinese have gotten involved.
It’s been latenight comic gold, and it’s us viewers that have struck it rich.
But tomorrow, Friday, Jan 22, will likely be Conan’s last time hosting “The Tonight Show,” and Leno won’t replace him for awhile. And with Conan likely paid-off and off-the-air until at least the fall, the jokes about this latest latenight fiasco will subside.
HOWEVER! Fear not, oh fellow couch potato breath. We know what ails you and have a cure that will hit your funny bone in just the right place.
You need to buy or rent two very funny DVD collections:
“The Larry Sanders Show,” with Garry Shandling, Jeffrey Tambor and Rip Torn, was a series that ran on HBO. It was the behind-the-scenes story of a latenight talk show that competed with Leno and Letterman. Though it first ran back in the 1990s, the episodes hold up fine and the series is funny as all get out.
Here’s how you’ll know if it’s your cup of tea. This is a clip we found on YouTube of the first 8 minutes of a “Larry Sanders” episode that featured Sarah Silverman as the guest star. Shandling plays forever insecure talk-show host Larry Sanders. Rip Torn plays the producer of the show. Silverman, as you’ll find out right away, is a writer looking to get hired by the Sanders show: Oh, one more thing–there are four-letter words used in the show, and it has adult content.

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  1. Wow, forgot what a great show that was. Excellent clip!

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