The Final Minutes of the 24-Hour LiveCocoCam…

Oct 25, 2010

After spending a day in front of the LiveCocoCam, the interns and other staff at Conan O’Brien’s latest world headquarters — conveniently located above Stage 15 on the Warner lot, where “Conan” begins taping Nov. 8 — must have realized how Jack Bauer felt.

From the opening time-killer (La Bamba spending an hour trying to assemble a jigsaw puzzle) to the very last (two puppets answering questions submitted by Twitter), the LiveCocoCam was undeniably, logic-defyingly brilliant: a complete waste of time that I and many others had a hard time shutting off. (Well, I kept it on in the background.)

The webcast video was smooth and sharp, except for when it went down for a while at about 5 a.m. Pacific time. By the end, though, everyone looked a little ragged as they danced their asses off for the webcast’s final 28 minutes.

Below, you’ll see a few pictures, including the Masturbating Bear sans diaper (hey, this is basic cable!), the Jersey Shore guy (aka show P.A. Chris Ultimo, who I’m reliably told is not doing a “character”), and of course, the Dancing Taco (played by someone who chooses to remain anonymous until he’s outed on Twitter). [To see more picture please click here.]

Big Red walked through a couple of times yesterday, but it was left to Andy Richter, playing the part of the cranky old man, who shut things down. “Knock off this bullshit! Get back to work!” he said to the dancers, who obediently scattered. And then to the camera: “You too! Get back to work!”

The ending seemed improvised. A few moments earlier, you could hear Andy calling up the stairs for Aaron Bleyaert, the guy in the Detroit shirt, who does the show’s web videos and who was the emcee for various segments during the live cam and who closed the webcast with his thumbs-up salute.

The LCC attracted 660,000 unique visitors during its 24 hours on the air, and averaged
13,000 viewers at any one time.

If you missed the CocoCam, or just miss it, there are highlights posted to the TeamCoco YouTube page.





  1. No matter how many reviewers they buy and romance, or how much relentless publicity they spew, Conan is too cutey-pie for grownups. But they’re really busting their butts to make O’Brien look talented, aren’t they? Only one problem…

  2. You have convinced me to subscribe to your blog, but where can I find the RSS feed?

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