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The Sports Move of the Century: The Jets Should Trade Tim Tebow to L.A. … But We Have No Pro Football Team Here in L.A., You Say. Well, Here’s the Plan …

Dec 10, 2012

Almost exactly a year ago I wrote a column saying how exciting TV watching was each Sunday, thanks to Tim Tebow’s miracle success with the Denver Broncos.

But with the hapless New York Jets refusing to play Tebow this season, I’m one of the millions of fans of the man who has been dubbed the Mile-High Messiah who feels like a denuded disciple. But I am determined to be denied no more.

The Jets need to trade Tebow to L.A.

But wait, you protest, that makes no sense. We have no pro football team here in Los Angeles.

Yes, pigskin breath, I realize that.

The situation here in L.A. is that we have two football stadium projects eagerly waiting to intercept some NFL team that wants to move here. One proposal is a long-standing one by real-estate mogul Ed Roski Jr., who wants to build a stadium just south of downtown L.A.

The second proposal, which just cleared its final hurdles in the last few months, is a proposal by the Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) to build a stadium in downtown L.A. itself, next to the L.A convention center and Staples Center.

Interestingly, AEG and Roski have had close ties in the past. Roski built the Staples Center, which AEG owns. Among other teams, AEG owns the L.A. pro soccer franchise the Galaxy, and half of the L.A. Kings, the current Stanley Cup champion hockey team. Roski also owns a stake in the Kings. And both AEG and Roski own stakes in the Los Angeles Lakers, who play their home games at the Staples Center.

So we have two stadium projects all set to break ground on construction, once an NFL team says it will move here. But no team has thus far said it will to come to the City of the Angels.

Time to get more creative. AEG or Roski needs to put up the bucks — and either could easily afford it — to acquire the services of Clarence the Angel’s No. 1 protégé, Tim Tebow.

Like many others, I believe that the Jets will release Tebow at the end of the season. To do anything less would be even more stupid and heartless than they have been in signing up a player they never really intended to let play.

And as soon as the Jets let him go, AEG or Roski needs to sweep in and sign up Tebow.

Then, not only will we have a great new stadium to offer some NFL team, but the next great quarterback for the team comes with the deal as well!

Tell me, how can the Jaguars — currently tied with the Kansas City Chiefs for the worst record in the NFL with only two victories this season — turn down this arrangement?

So what does Tebow do here while waiting for the Jaguars, or some other team, to arrive?


He joins the lineup of our powerhouse 50,000 watt ESPN radio station here. He starts slowly as a summer vacation replacement for the “V Show” on weekends, as it becomes the “T Show.” Within two months it’s “Mike, Mike and Tim” in the morning and then “Max, Marcellus and Tim” in prime drive time every weekday afternoon.

Tebow makes his first foray into regular series TV. Given the amount of sex and violence in most prime time today, both in sitcoms and dramas, Tebow instead makes a deal with Nick at Nite and Warner Bros. With the miracle of modern technology, a special season of “Full House” is created, inserting Tebow as the regular baby sitter of the Tanner family in 24 old episodes of the series.

Tebow also finds time to star in Robert Zemeckis’ “Forrest Gump 2,” in which Forrest Gump Jr., now all grown up, is played by Tebow.

On Sundays, until he plays football again, Tebow presides over the 11 a.m. service at the Crystal Cathedral, bringing that Southern Califiornia landmark back to a prominence it hasn’t had for years.

Tebow’s just the Angeleño we need.

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