Chuck Ross

Why America Made the Wrong Choice in Voting Grace VanderWaal as the Winner of ‘America’s Got Talent’

Sep 15, 2016

Grace VanderWaal, who was voted the winner last night in this season’s “America’s Got Talent” competition, is a 12-year-old singing sensation who deserves huge success. But she was the wrong choice to win “America’s Got Talent.”

Don’t get me wrong — I really mean it when I say she’s a sensational singer. In the originality of her lyrics and in the idiosyncratic nature of her singing, she reminds me of the great Joni Mitchell. And I wish for Grace what rock critic Robert Hilburn once wrote about Mitchell: That “she continues to produce works of richness and value” and that “from the insights to her lyrics to [her] wholly distinctive vocal style” that there be “such quality in [Grace’s songs] that each one has a way of growing more impressive and personal as time passes.”

[A quick directorial aside: It would have been much more moving if Grace’s family had been told to rush and join her onstage if she won. Instead, a crying Grace just looked uncomfortably overwhelmed by her victory.]

Like Mitchell, I just don’t see Grace VanderWaal as a Vegas act, playing Caesars as a regular gig, a la Celine Dion, Elton John or Bette Midler. Forget Grace’s age — I’m talking stylistically.

And make no mistake: “America’s Got Talent” was created to find a Vegas act.

The show was created by Simon Cowell, and here’s Cowell in an interview in the Las Vegas Sun last December, talking about “America’s Got Talent”:

Simon Cowell: “[T]he show really was designed for Vegas. When we did ‘[American] Idol,’ it was all about finding the next big recording artist. When we devised ‘America’s Got Talent,’ it was thinking, ‘I’d love to find someone who can have a residency in Vegas.’”

Las Vegas Sun: “This is still the show’s objective? To create a headliner in a show on the Strip?”

Cowell: “I still think that, but there is more to come. I’d like to find better singers on the show. I don’t think that has been the strong point, up to this point, and that is one of the reasons I came back. Long-term, I’d love the ‘Got Talent’ room in one of the hotels in Las Vegas based on the people who have come through the show.”

Grace is terrific singer and has lots of potential. But it’s this season’s runners-up, The Clairvoyants, who will end up packing in the crowds after signing a terrific deal with a casino/resort in Vegas.

One thing that Grace’s age has going for her is that she can easily take advantage of the million dollar prize money, misnomer that it is. I say that because the show touts it like it’s a big deal – which it would be if they actually gave the winner a check for a million dollars. The producers or NBC could certainly afford to do that, given the cash cow the tremendously popular show has become.

However, as the fine print after every episode of “America’s Got Talent” explains, “The prize, which totals $1,000,000, is payable in a financial annuity over forty years, or the contestant may choose to receive the present cash value of such annuity.”

Yes, you’re reading that right. The winner of “America’s Got Talent” doesn’t get a million dollar check. If they want the million dollars, the show will pay them $25,000 a year, for forty years! And that’s before taxes. So Grace will only be 52 by the time she’s paid off, if she takes the million dollar option.

Given that the median individual annual income in the U.S. two years ago (the last time I could find stats on this) was $28,851 (meaning half of us make more than that, and half of us make less than that), you can see why Nick Cannon shouts out that “the winner gets $1 million,” instead of shouting out that “the winner gets $25,000 a year for 40 years.”

One published report says when “America’s Got Talent” season five winner Michael Grimm chose the lump sum option he received – after taxes – a little more than $200,000.


  1. None of the talent shows (American Idol, X Factor, Americas Got Talent, etc) have ever been won by anyone who performed a different original composition for every performance. The brilliance of Grace as a composer and lyricist is the point. Appealing, catchy, interesting songs are what made Cole Porter and Taylor Swift superstars, and that is what has propelled Grace to fame. You can criticize any way you want, but that brilliance cannot be denied.

    • I agree! grace is awesome.

    • But her singing is annoying, especially her “I don’t know my name” song. I mean the lyrics are annoying and so is the way she sings it.

      • Ur just jealous of grace vanderwaal if ur the only non tone deaf person including AGTA Judges all the people that voted dont 4get the people who didn’t vote and all the people who watch her music videos in the millions are wrong tell me something we are all wrong because Grace vanderwaal’s music kept me together while going thru one of my toughest time in my life I spent my holidays in the hospital 7 surgical procedures if it wasn’t 4 her songs and videos I don’t think I could of handled it very well 1-10 my pal level was n 11 horrible pain couldn’t sleep 4 forty eight hours sometimes hour here and there I would sleep im a dialysis patient I lost my fistula and a couple of fingers now my pointing finger is still really painful my 2 fingers I lost had gangrene they were black petrified hard as a rock but very sensitive she helped me thru all of that I lost all my toes also so plez don’t talk bad about someone ad beautiful as grace vanderwaal her songs are brilliant read between the lines her voice is maturing big time

        • Cant say I see that as being jealous. I just see it as someone expressing what they like and dislike, just as I see you as projecting an assumption of an emotion onto the person who stated they dislike the voice of someone whom you have an emotional attachment to due to being fond of memories you had with that persons voice.
          Sometimes people just dont like the same things and thats ok- no matter the reasons, their dislikes are not an attack on us or our likes.
          Personally I am neutral towards her singing. Sometimes I am in a mood to listen to casual storytelling lyrics with a pretty rustic 1930s tone of voice to it and other times Im not. I can appreciate her and her individuality in her creations and artworks but shes definitely not the first choice id go for in my most general of moods.

          • I Call BS on all of you. I learned this as a child, and it’s simple enough that maybe all of you will understand…

            If you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing at all.

        • Wishing you well Ms. Betsy. I wouldn’t assume to know exactly how you feel but sending well wishes for you. Feeling so sad reading your story.

  2. No one can deny Grace’s amazing talent, however if what Simon Cowell claims to be the show’s objective is finding a Vegas act – this selection does not make sense.

    Honestly, can you see this young lady as gifted as she is filling an hour or more on a Vegas stage? Do you see crowds rushing to see her even with all the comps in the world it simply will not happen. In due time as Grace matures she will surely advance to true stardom, but sorry at this time it is really premature.

    • “Do you see crowds rushing to see her even with all the comps in the world it simply will not happen”

    • Her singing is sooo annoying!

    • You predicted this in 2016. Now, in 2019, were you right?

  3. The decision was made by viewers, not Simon and his staff. If he wants to deliver great acts to Las Vegas, the structure and voting have to be adjusted to accomplish that. The public picked the winner. As mentioned on the show, only 1% separated the top three positions. So in the real world that is a three way tie! The “showcase” the show provides is more valuable than the monetary prize. If Avenue Q can continue to draw crowds in Las Vegas they can certainly figure out how to build a show with Grace. Chuck is a bit off the mark on this one.

  4. I as well as others were extremely disappointed in who won. We could not understand any and I mean any of her words, nor could we understand the tune , either. Then she wins!! We have always very much enjoyed AGT and there were so many talented people It was almost unbelievable. I still can’t get over her winning. I sure wouldn’t go see her. If I did it would be to hear what she was singing, both words and music. I might think a little before I watch it next year.

    • Oh my gosh you are so right. Who would ever want to sit and watch a 12 year old or anyone stand in place and sing. There were so many more worthy vocalists. Do we really know that she wrote all her own songs? Just maybe the voting mechanism for AGT is all wrong. Like you I have thought about not giving AGT the attention it once deserved. The talent this year was outstanding, Grace was not.

      • Thank You!

    • Chuck Ross You know you took the time to research the cash prize. Why didn’t you look at the Vegas prize? Its 3 days and she headlining an act with the other AGT Clairvoyants and Tape Face.
      Oh by the way it sold out the first 3 days so they added a 4th that is almost sold out now. So much for no one wanting to see her in Vegas.

    • You need your hearing checked if you could not understand Grace.

      • Grace VanderWaal is an amazing song writer. It’s now 2020 and she’s 4 years older and she is absolutely getting better all the time . Simon Cowl and Howie knew what Grace would become as the years progressed and she is all of that and more ( she remains a sensitive sweet young lady she’s only 16 years old . And she’s definitely got a big heart I only hope as she enters these rough years of growing up that she can remain as sweet and bright as she was when she first took the stage as a 12 year old girl. I think she will. She’s got a great family life plus her Mom and dad seem awesome they will guide her along the way. Keep having fun Grace I love your voice just the way it is

    • Some people doesn’t get it, and that’s may be because she is a new generation of singer. She writes and sings for school teenagers. Kids talk, sing and behave the way she does. Hey, have you seen how many covers and views she got after the first audition and I guess at worldwide level? Does that doesn’t count at all? it’s a different audience and market so open your minds a little.
      Her personality, croaky voice and so natural style got me and my wife from the beginning and we’re some decades away from being teenagers. About lyrics, please check your audition if you don’t get it.
      Another key point: there is an interview to her mother where she explains why Grace picked AGT. She wasn’t the age to participate in American Idol (I guess it’s 15 yrs min) so AGT was open since they allowed less age, and she decided to go for it. A more commercial parents could have told her wait until 15 but she felt was prepared and wanted to try it out and her parent did what a parent had to do: give her support.

      • Actually, Grace would have really rather done Amercial Idol but since it finished up last year she couldn’t.

      • I enjoyed your review!!! You hit the nail on the head! My wife and I are almost 60 and loved her from the beginning! We normally don’t watch those types of shows, in fact, it was one of my wife’s friends that called and said you have to see her! It’s not a stretch to say that she could very well be the voice of her generation – if she keeps her head on straight!. The viewers voted and they obviously voted for her.

    • I loved every second of her unique voice and original compositions. I cried almost every time she sang. I just LOVE HER❤️❤️❤️ So to each his own, but I called her as the winner the first time I heard her sing.

      As for a vegas act, she can do her 6 week gig and move on. She has since gone on to international fame and is selling albums. She held Americas heartstrings from the beginning and I for one can’t get enough!!!!

      • I’m just angry she’s a shit vocalist. her lyrics and ideas are good, the style she’s trying is nice, somewhat like Sia’s, but a few years of this and her vocal cords are dead for sure. i don’t think America needs even more poor vocalists who can’t set apart any shower singer from those who take it up as a profession.

        none of the judges, even on x factor have any idea on what they y should see first, there should be a decent credibility for them as a vocalist first.

        • you are a narcissist with delusions of grandeur.

        • I agree! Realist! Grace’s voice is too squeaky it needs to stay aline with her music.

      • Actually, Grace would have really rather done Amercan Idol but since it finished up last year she couldn’t.

        • actually, Grace was to young to do american idol. you had to be 18. that and what you said.

    • No one is forcing anyone to watch. Its Only a TV show and people need to keep their negative comments to themselves. All the acts in the Top 10 were tremendous, so sit back and enjoy.

    • Your such a hater go do something necessary, you are jealous coz she is more successfully than you

    • Glenda, in all niceness, not trying to be rude, but if you can’t hear her maybe you should listen with your heart not your ears. She is truly amazing!! I think this was an amazing choice as the winner. And guess what? On her tour I saw so many people ligning up just to see her be amazing!! Sorry but I just disagree with you and people that say the same as you

    • Wow hate winners much! Maybe a trip to have your ears checked will help.

    • You must be a deaf person. Right?

  5. The long term goal of the show is to get ratings. No ratings no show. There were more than a few people on AGT last night who only tuned in because of Grace. AGT will reconfigure the show before they lose ratings. Maybe they should have two prizes. One for the million dollars and one for the Vegas act.

  6. I am with Glenda’s report (above)–we could not understand a word, nor does she even have a real voice–she tlaks most of the song. We feel that this show should allow anyone under 18–certainly not at leas to get to the finals. It’s ludicrous.

  7. I can tell you one thing, she has more talent than the author of this piece. Wow. The show is called “America’s Got Talent” and, the first two paragraphs of the article detailed just how talented this girl is. So right off the bat, the author validates the fact that she has “got talent”. The article then goes into a rant about how viewers are supposed to vote for the best Vegas act. I was never instructed to ignore talent and vote for a Vegas act. Neither the title of the show nor commentary by Nick Cannon (or Punjab or Bo Derek or whomever he decided to channel that week) did such a thing.

    Of course it is true that she is not a Vegas act. Not my problem and not her problem. It is the show’s / casino’s problem to make sure this doesn’t happen again if finding a Vegas act is indeed the goal of the show.

    Finally, I don’t understand the rant about the prize money. You take an article about talent and, without warning or need, turn this into a criticism of the payouts. First, it was out of place considering the overall theme of the article. Second, and I think we all know this, many big prizes are paid off in the same way. Power Ball, Mega Millions, probably Publisher’s Clearing House, etc.

    I don’t normally comment on things online, and never have on this site but this article was awful.

    • Browsing by accident 5 years later… you are spot on!

      This was a pretty ridiculous article for the reasons you stated.

      I personally, was blown away at her gift.
      To write a handful of songs on a ukulele because you thought the instrument was neat… perform them in a “Contest” format, LIVE, and mesmerize the audience both live and at home… The lyrics, the vocals, and the realness enveloped in simplistic yet subtle expressiveness… it was the SONGWRITING. I was so happy, and kind of surprised actually, to see so many people agree, and appreciate that particular element.
      Stevie Wonder, Elton John, etc. are who come to mind when I think of those who could take any idea and make a ‘hit’ so to speak. I also think she has a lot of Lennon in her in terms of spirit, attitude, etc.

      She would strum that Uke…. give an intro lyric.. and everyone goes “ohhh, what’s that, what’s coming next… where’s this going”… as she holds an entire audience in her hand… daring to go where the meaning leads her… and then DELIVERS.
      Yeah.. that’s stuff that 20 somethings spend years trying to fake. Youthful honesty with musical sophistication… raw and without pretense.

  8. Her songs get better and better especially when you have read the lyrics. At first I thought that she isn’t right for a vegas act but after listening to her songs over and over she will slay Las Vegas. Just wait and see.

  9. I have to agree with those who couldn’t understand a word she said in that final song and she is not a Vegas act like the Clairvoyants or Sal, Linken Bridge, Lauren the opera singer, Jon the football player,/magician, Viktor the juggler who could probably join Cirque de Soleil. r. or john Bryan Crum who’s voice is far superior. I think Simon building her up to be the next Taylor Swift as she writes her songs, may have swayed people but it was sad, I was glad to see Tapeface didn’t win even though he could be entertaining at times I got tired of him. Someone one a different site wrote singers have the Voice(but no more Idol) and country singers have CMT for vocal contests but I don’t know how long I could sit listening to her and her uke f that’s all the show is. The winner a few seasons back who had puppets and could sing not only got the prize of a year in Vegas but it was extended way beyond and have the room named for him. My husband and I saw him and he was great! He had a second person helping write the material and added more puppets into the act!!! People laughed and applauded all during the show as it was that good. Maybe they need to re-think rules or something but it isn’t the 1st time there have been mistakes. The chicken farmer and guy who sang Sinatra songs at the car wash seemed to disappear. I heard his album of Sinatra hits and maybe 1 or 2 others like Dean Martin, didn’t do well as far as record sales as the whole world doesn’t watch the show. A woman like Ronnie should have ended up higher as well but I wish they would have announced that a mistake had been made and that she was the runner up and Mr. Crum had won or that Lauren had won. I forgot too about the beautiful young contortionist who could develop a Vegas act as well! In any case, I agree the wrong person won!

    • Fuck Vegas. Place is so cheesy. Filled with scumbags, slutty chicks, old people and fat middle american’s.

      • So Vegas is cheesy, filled with scumbags, slutty chicks, old people and
        fat middle class Americans.

        Big deal who gives a rat’s ass ….a LOT of other cities have the same crap.
        The difference is….Vegas flaunts it.

  10. This show is a joke. They turn a few minutes of shaky performance into hour-long shows crammed with self-promotion. They could have done the whole competition in two weeks if they cut out all the BS. I watched most of the season but found I could fast-forward through at least 80% of the show and still catch everything that mattered. Next year I won’t even bother to do that.

  11. Chuck Ross, your father made a mistake not using a condom.

  12. Where are all the doubters now? They added an extra show in Vegas, she was exceedingly well received by the fans and critics, and now her EP is #1 preorder on ITunes. But, what are the chances that people who were so desperately wrong would EVER admit it? Good part is, the joke is on them. Grace and her fans are leaving the haters behind.

    • Seriously, it’s a bit premature to say Grace, for all her talent as well as her shortcomings, will have a long career. Show business is designed to eat their young, chew ’em up, spit ’em out, and what’s next? Grace won at least in part because she is charming and disarming .. we know that won’t last or at least have legs to carry a career. She is a great song writer but that, too, may be trendy as it is hard to keep the connection with Grace’s main audience but time will tell. Grace did connect with the voting public and the audience and that’s a big plus for longevity; but we know that the public is fickle and the last great thing is quickly displaced by the new and shiny. I wish Grace the best of luck but she needs to have people around her to keep her grounded as the fall is hard when you’re this high so quickly.

  13. I love Grace! She was à refreshing new going talant! Unlike All the cheesy, over rated, typical Vegas wannabes! She is honest and very inteligent! Writing her own lyrics were obviously from her own experiences! And for those thar couldnt understand her! Well tell me a pop song thay angine can understand the words to! Grace will out do All of your critical judgemental lame opinions! Im sûre You thar dont like Grace âge very much libéral and have the narrow mindedness of Hillary Clinton. If not, your just an ass!! M’y oppinion im intitled To voice my oppinion!

  14. You people are strang tearing down a little 12 year old girl, she has more talent than any of you haters that’s the problem you are all jealous . Grace Vanderwaal rocks the stage, she’s young and still learning and her voice is only going to get better.

  15. Nothing but love to Grace and her family ?❤️️

  16. IntereI’ve read a few interesting comments here about Graces singing. To those who say she lacks real talent I am surprised. I guess when I watched the videos somehow I could make out the songs and lyrics with her amazing voice. What is missed is that she has her own style with her original voice. What I wonder if the critics to her style of singing ever listened to Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Leonard Cohen, Hozier or the thousands of other artists that bring their own style to music often difficult to understand but great in their own right. Grace does not sing opera nor is she a crooner she sings grace.
    She writes the songs beginning to end they are hers. Her recently released EP is off the charts with fabulous reviews. Her new addition of Gossip Girl starts to show the diversity and creativity of this young talent with extraordinary potential.
    I’ve read the comments questioning her claim that she wrote her own songs. With absolutely no evidence to the contrary and even her offhanded explanation of how the songs are born from her it shows me that those are making an argument to diminish her performance but instead this argues for her talent. It’s almost like saying well if she did she does have talent but since she doesn’t… Since she obviously has written her material her talent cannot be denied.
    I understand that everyone has their own taste of music. Got it! Mine is quite eclectic.
    If you take a minute on YouTube and do the following search “Grace Vanderwaal Reaction videos” you may be surprised to the diversity of her audience and how young and old react to her songs, performance etc.
    She is one precocious 12 year old and an autodidact in music. Yet she remains a 12 year old, an honors student and parts of me never want her to grow up; yet as she does I expect great things from her and even if she decides on another path she has brought tears of happiness to this world. That to me is singing…
    So sing your heart out Grace.
    sting comments

    • I understand your comment and the analogy(s) to Dylan, Joplin, Cohen … and you might add it Steward, Cocker, and Mitchell. Don’t forget, though, that those performers either had a short shelf life or extended their careers into iconographic status due to their other talents, namely song writing. Grace’s voice is NOT going to be the voice that lasts; it is trendy now. That being said, that mostly applies to other singers who will sing like that or do now as, like it said, it is trendy. Grace will either fade away or endure on the basis of song writing genius. The question is to be determined though, is whether she can maintain this connection of her songs, music, and lyrics to a target audience as she grows and matures. Time will tell. I, too, was very surprised that Grace won and was surprised and impressed that the judges targeted her as a likely winner early on. However, they aren’t necessarily thinking about her career in the long term, but the now. Her initial album sold well, but let’s see how the others will do so going forward. The Beatles moved away from simple pop Rock and Roll with Rubber Soul and then, in particular, Sgt Peppers, etc. Rock lasted because the genre will always last not unlike Country, but the audience is wider and those that lasted evolved or were in the public consciousness permanently (e.g. The Stones and maybe Fleetwood Mac in revival only). I see Grace’s talent but as to her longevity, I reserve judgement.

      • Strange analogies from WestSeaDoc. Not too sure of your age, but you do not seem to know too much about the older generation of Artists.
        I grew up in the late 50’s and throughout the 60’s when the True artists,
        Dylan, Doors, Beatles, Stones, Elton, Elvis, Cocker, Joplin, Rod Stewart, James Taylor and many others all wrote their own songs and it really didn’t matter if you could understand every word they were singing. You could look up the lyrics if you needed to, but they were loved by some and hated by some. Grace is from the Now Generation and if she last one year or many years that does not change the fact that she has talent. She won and nothing can change that. She will entertain in Vegas and hopefully she will do just fine. I am very disappointed in the comments I’ve read. If you don’t like who America voted for, then you should Not be watching. It’s Only a TV show and people need to be more positive and quit being so negative and critical of the results of a show. That is what is wrong with America today.

        • even so, i think she’s a good songwriter and that’s it. if you call her style of singing eccentric and therefore genius, you should stop that quickly because the way she sings is seriously damaging to her throat. she has poor technique, not only that damaging technique and all taht will cause her career to due quickly because of her voice dying.

          i still think her songwriting talent is immense, but she’s a very weak vocalist. God help you if you’d want that nonetheless, you’re basically just wishing against her good vocal health.

        • Condolences that the Rock genre died right around the time of your comment. Wiser to reserve your judgement on Grace’s longevity, as no one could have known the future. But with 350 million Spotify listens and 200 million YouTube views (and that is just her music), a voice better and stronger than ever, 2 successful concert tours (one headlining and one opening for Imagine Dragons), a staring role in an upcoming Disney film, a modeling contract, several awards including being honored by the New York State Senate for her distinguished charitable contributions to young school children,etc, etc, etc, you can loosen up that reserved judgement as to Grace’s future now.

  17. I agree with the many others who think those who tied for the top three spots were more talented and more suitable to win. If Grace remains a talent with the ability to attract a broad audience, then she might me ready for Vegas in the future, but not now. I think it is ludicrous that children can win this contest. I just watched her on the AGT Christmas special, and she did a terrible job on a simple Christmas song. She sang in a monotone, her words ran together, she could not be understood, her timing was so off it seemed as if she couldn’t remember the words, and it seemed as if she was looking to the side for someone to help her with the lyrics. Most of the time she seemed out of breath. Even a gifted child needs to have vocal coaching, training,and education so she can avoid learning destructive singing patterns that will destroy her voice and natural talent. Vocal cords have a limit, and it sounds as if hers may have already been stretched to or beyond repair. That is why AGT should reconsider having children on their show.

    • First of all, the Holiday Spectacular was filmed right after the Finale so I don’t blame her is she was a little tired. She didn’t botch it up … I have never had a problem with understanding Grace’s diction … she does tend to clip her hard consonants between phrases, but that can be ironed out, and her most recent performances on iHeart radio and Paste Studios prove this.

      Again, she wasn’t just voted by the public for singing alone, and yet this is the heart of your criticism.

      • You’re correct. Grace didn’t win the public for singing alone. She won in part because she was a cute kid with real song writing talent. Her somewhat “croaky” voice was unique as well as endearing and I suspect reminded some parents of their own children. The voice fits her songs and isn’t unpleasant for some, whereas it is for others. Still, it is largely her appearance and emotional connection to the voting public (maybe a lot of tweens, etc) that won her the popular vote based result. That being said, it is partly for those reasons that I thought “The Clairvoyants” deserved to win the competition. If Grace were a 20 something singing exactly the same way with similar brilliant songs, I doubt she would have won as the standards of “acceptable” for singing are higher for adults than for children. I wonder who would have won if it were Grace vs Angelina Jordan or even young Jackie Evancho. I’d suspect that the votes for them might cancel each other out and Jackie and Angelina being given LESS votes than Grace based more on them being younger, with Grace falling into the sweet spot where it’s ok to like her over younger performers with “cute factors” because she, too, is still a kid who is cute. Were she 16, then she might not have caught the “too cute to lose” votes.

        • Have you heard Angelina’s “I put a spell on you”, or “Back to black” ? She is unbelievable. But I don’t know if she would win a popular vote in the USA. The only advantage Grace has is that she wrote her own music. But if you want to hear the best young voices on Earth, it’s the classical kids like Laura Bretan and Amira Willighagen. They have a divine gift.

  18. During the bridge of the Christmas song, it calls for singing the notes of a major chord. Twice she sang horribly off key. I don’t consider that a nuance or a style. It was OUT OF TUNE.

    Howie, who gave her that gold button, is tone deaf. I think her winning was an insult to the other truly talented and in tune singers that were competing, especially Brian. I’m called a hater, and even banned from commenting on her thread on youtube because I mentioned this truth about her being out of tune. I don’t hate the girl. But in real life, singing off key like that would bar her from even being in a glee club. I have to wonder what the other real singers on there were saying when they couldn’t be heard. I know they heard her singing off key. All those little girls that sand with her on the carol, I know they heard her singing off key. OFF KEY, not nuances, not style.

    I don’t hate Grace. Why would I? Do I love Brian or Laura? No, why would I. but Brian and Laura especially along with every other singer on that show were 1000 better and IN TUNE. Saying a person is out of tune when they are out of tune is not hate. It’s truth.

    Otherwise, sure, I wish the girl all the luck and money she can get.

  19. During the bridge of the Christmas song, it calls for singing the notes of a major chord. Twice she sang horribly off key. I don’t consider that a nuance or a style. It was OUT OF TUNE.

    Howie, who gave her that gold button, is tone deaf. I think her winning was an insult to the other truly talented and in tune singers that were competing, especially Brian. I’m called a hater, and even banned from commenting on her thread on youtube because I mentioned this truth about her being out of tune. I don’t hate the girl. But in real life, singing off key like that would bar her from even being in a glee club. I have to wonder what the other real singers on there were saying when they couldn’t be heard. I know they heard her singing off key. All those little girls that sand with her on the carol, I know they heard her singing off key. OFF KEY, not nuances, not style.

    I don’t hate Grace. Why would I? Do I love Brian or Laura? No, why would I. but Brian and Laura especially along with every other singer on that show were 1000 better and IN TUNE. Saying a person is out of tune when they are out of tune is not hate. It’s truth.

    Otherwise, sure, I wish the girl all the luck and money she can get.

    • True

  20. What a dumbass article writer. Don’t even have his facts right. Vegas shows was 4 days only moron.

  21. Grace is good at songwriting. Her ability as a singer however is questionable. Show her music off to professional vocal instructors and they will tell you the damage her voice demonstrates. Her unique sound is because of damage. She probably did not have enough vocal instruction. She has an acceptable range, but her voice is just a pinnacle of damage. If you take Whitney Houston and Celine Dion for example, their voices are rich and beautiful without compare. Not flawless persay, but you get the point. Also, the people were swayed by the disbelief about her age and “ability”. I think she was a bad choice for many reasons, but her charisma is something that may have helped her win. My opinion. Deny or believe if you like.

    • You are incorrect. She’s always had the rasp in her voice .. her range changed because her voice changed going from 12 to 13. By comparing singing voices to Whitney and Celine in their prime, you’ve eliminated 95% of the singers out there.

      When Sinatra got older and did his concert thing, it was obvious all the years of smoking and drinking destroyed that once gorgeous voice. He was able to adopt to a different style, but ultimately stayed busy because he was able to create a connection with the audience. That is why I will always listen to Grace and why she won. Brian Justin Crum? Laura Bretan? Great voices … no connection. They hit great notes … but creating a connection? There is a reason why BJC’s cover of “Creep” was incrediblde. It obviously meant something to him in a deep way.

    • Grace has a naturally raspy voice. Her voice is not damaged at all. America voted. Get over it.

  22. well, Chuck Ross….you want to know who got it wrong here? surely not america about grace vanderwaal! you got it really wrong about saying she would not be a good fit for las vegas. 3 sold out shows, added a 4th night. i don’t think you’re very smart.

  23. Why this Moron got it wrong.
    1. Grace sold out 4 shows not 3 an extra was added due to her popularity.
    2. Anyone who thinks she can not sing, go look up her cover of A Team for Paste or check out her cover of Adele’s one and only.
    3. She debut at #9 in the billboard 200, and her EP has gotten rave reiviews from those that have bought it.
    4. She is continually learning and improving, she has now taken up the guitar and has the gut to perform with it even though she has stated she is a beginner.
    5. She has the ability to pull in fans form all ages and all countries as she is genuine to herself and people feel it

  24. You all are wrong. I couldn’t understand her words all the time either. But have you taken the time to hear her professionally produced EP? You can hear and understand every emotionly charged word and lyric from a brilliant song writer. Unique voice and instrument. America spoke and Grace won, deservingly so. She has inspired so many millions world wide. Especially young girls. That is a priceless gift.

    As far as Vegas goes….. Look what she did. Pack in full sold out crowd for three shows. They had to add a fourth. Her style is not Vegas. Not to be a regular. She could go on your right now around the world and I bet she would sell out everyone. I am not a huge fan of her music, only because I am more classic country/rock. But you just can’t help noticing the impact this young artist has made.

  25. Wow you idjits just don’t get it. You’re a bunch of closed minded buffoons that wouldn’t understand talent if it bit you in the arse. If you want to hear people sing covers go to a karaoke bar.
    Grace was awesome on so many levels. Her singing, originality and style left the competition in the dust. Sure the others were great singers, but just carbon copies of the same crap we’ve heard for years.
    Grace Vanderwahl deserves all the praise that comes her way. Besides 400 million people who gave hit her up on YouTube can’t be wrong.
    So thbbb…

  26. The folks that fret about Grace and Las Vegas–forget you. Grace has a stage presence that draws most people in. What’s more if you think they are going to stick a little thing like her on a stage with a ukulele, you are mistaken. She will have musicians and possibly back up vocals. For those of you that could not understand her, look up on youtube and listen to her songs and they even print the lyrics for you. Her lyric is amazing–NOT just for a little girl, but for anyone.Read and listen to the lyrics in Beautiful Thing–this girl’s a genius. It is about her sister and if you do not well up, you are heartless. Simon Cowell would not have said about he what he said. He may, though change his mind about Las Vegas, because she will be taking on the world.

  27. Grace is the real deal. She is the most talented person I have ever seen come along in generations. All I do is shake my head when I listen to her. I cannot believe how young she is. She is brilliant to be able to write the songs she does at her age. That is unheard of. She is a true artist and the world will know her name forever. The best to Grace. She is going to change the world through music. She is a prodigy of a lifetime and I feel honored to listen to her music. Little Miss Mozart. GO GRACE!

  28. Million people can not be mad !!!!
    Google review 2016 selects “light the sky” as background music
    Disney Awarts Grace becomes newcommer and vertical starter of the year !!!
    Millions of people love Grace and her music !!!

  29. To those touting that Grace headlined 4 shows, it may help to understand that many of us have been watching AGT for years. When it first came out, the prize was a one-year stint in Las Vegas, and during auditions the judges still make comments about how they can’t see an act headlining a Vegas show. If the Vegas aspect truly is down to 3 or 4 shows with other acts, I do not believe that it has not been made clear to longtime fans. Personally, I can see ANY act headlining a variety show with four dates; I suspect that the author is under the perception that the stint is much longer.

  30. Grace didn’t need to win. Her voice was just so screechy and off pitch it made me and my family groan. I was rooting for The Clairvoyants, Tape Face, Laura Bretan, and Sofie Dossi. Grace’s voice just makes me cringe. She seems to scream. Grace is definitely taking advantage of this. Posting selfies everywhere, and bragging. She should have at least came in 3rd place

  31. Cheers for the talented girl who has all sorts of supports including successful and caring family. I was one of the people who got impressed with her natural talent and charm, but her fatigue and overwhelming volume and speed of expectations after the show convinced me that her life was not ready to receive them yet. She was neither ambitious nor experienced.

  32. America voted, and Grace was the choice. “Sour grapes?”

    I have a friend who has two Grammys for his songwriting, another whose songs have been covered by Ringo Starr, Dave Mason and John Mellencamp. I play in my own band, in which I attempt to sing. I have been around the music business so long that I met Janis Joplin and smoked a joint with Jerry Garcia. Grace is the real deal, and she will become an icon.

    Sent links to a friend who is a musician, and he comments that maybe she sings a little flat in one of her performance and her ukulele playing is nothing special. Talk about not getting it. Performing is not a technical exercise, it is establishing a connection. The guy who made these comments is in his sixties, has been a musician all his life, and Grace has already performed for more people than he has in his entire career.

    If the purpose of music is to transmit emotion, there is no one better at it than Grace VanderWaal. She will only get better, but she started out by being world-class from the jump.

    You H8rs are insane. This is a generational talent that does not come along very often.

    • Charlie Kelly is the real deal. I appreciate reading comments from someone like you. All the others sang songs of other artists and did not and probably can’t write their own songs. I think Grace is unbelievably talented.
      Her voice is her voice and thats what makes her different than everyone else.
      Like you said America Voted and Grace was the choice.

    • Exactly this!!

  33. Sorry I missed Grace’s rise to stardom until now. It is June 2017, and I am just now binge watching hundreds of Grace videos. You don’t know my name, I’m just a voice in the crowd impressed with the talent of a 12 year old’s rise to stardom so here to ramble my thoughts. I’ve always been a diehard fan of vocal auditions and am sure Grace had me watching her audition 100 times or more. I agree with all the comments supporting Grace Vanderwaal’s singing writing lyric talent, and how it made an instant connection. Few can follow Grace’s formula for success and reach heights so quickly. While watching her videos I picked up some neat secrets that should be heeded for those seeking the same path. Have a wonderful Dad Mom and Sister who love, support, protect, encourage, all the way, without such her rise may be short lived and out of balance. Write your own songs, so many can copy great singers with fantastic similarity though it ends when you are asked to sing your own songs at some point. Win the Golden Buzzer then fill YouTube with great performances to prime the upcoming vote. Pick a song that programs your audience to accept you, just the words “I don’t know my name” hit almost everybody with a connection, “I don’t play by the rules of the game” accept Grace for who she is, not on preconceived judgments, “don’t ask me any Questions” was a great line mostly edited out due to 90 second time constraints don’t question motives, “Ocean of people” have a distinctive voice that cries for attention, “I now know my name” so many need to hear these words when they are hurting inside. I could go on you get the idea. So many sing fantastic renditions of other singers but where are they after a couple years, they were great because we saw how well they copied, but they lose the connection. Grace has a near perfect foundation to build on, her voice is rare, she has time to improve, people want to be on the ground floor of a rising star, she writes her own material, and it is, and will always be, just Amazing Grace.

    Sorry for the ramble, I packed 1.5 years of Grace into 30 hours of youtube videos, and when the videos ran out, 1 hour of commentaries. Here I am commenting. I love who Grace is, support all she does, love that she has a wonderful supporting family that has been there for her every step of the way, and hope that relationship blossoms as her career grows. I am one of the majority world population that will never accomplish in my life what Grace and many like her have been given the chance to shine, instant connection. I think she has handled the rise with grace, pardon the pun. At the OnStage YouTube performance when she added “Hi” to her song for the nearby audience, as only Grace can do, I loved this also, and look forward to more neat things from Grace.

  34. I agree with this article 100%. Like Mike S, I am a little late. Anyways, I am a twelve year old girl and yes, I am jealous of her. There, I said it. Most tween/teen girls love to be famous and I think anyone who says they aren’t jealous is lying. I’m not exactly jealous of her singing (I sound like a dying bullfrog so yes, in a way, I’m jealous of everyone with range) because it’s not the voice I’d desire for myself. Her voice is decent; some words are hard to hear. It’s cute, but it’s the kind of voice that wouldn’t fit an older person. I agree: if she was 16 or whatever, she wouldn’t have gotten that too cute to lose vote. I’m not jealous of her songwriting, either: while the lyrics are beautiful, many times I’ve been complimented on my writing skills (I don’t actually think I’m that good but you know, I guess I am). Lots of people write music just as beautiful as that and sing even better than her and just because they’re older, the fact that they play a sweet instrument like the uke is nothing? Not fair. In a couple years, everyone will forget about Grace Vanderwaal. It’s a shame because has real writing skill and real musical potential, but she’s just a phase and when she becomes older, she’ll either subcum to the media or the world will just lose interest.

    • Omg sorry I forgot to say what I’m jealous of ;P I’m jealous of her fame. All she had to do was get up on a stage, act cute, strum a ukulele, and sing a song she wrote and she gets a million dollars? Weird. I sing and play the uke and write my own songs. Not that I’d have the courage to tell anyone, but still. If I ever did, everyone would accuse me of copying her. Anyway, yes, the girl’s got skill, but not enough to win a Vegas act and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

      • It was never meant to be a vegas act. The thing you’re missing is EMOTION!! Grace has the innate ability to bring emotion to a song that others who try to cover her songs lack. Even Mandy Harvey for all she had to overcome lacked that emotion of her music. If you write your own music but are mad because someone beat you to it then that is all on you. If you have true emotion and believe in the words you write it will not matter who came before you, although you may be compared to them, but if it’s good music then that should not matter.

    • are you kidding me? you seriously think your as good of a writer as Grace vanderwaal? your delusional. if your so self confident, then i’m sure you would have posted something online by now. comeback to me when you have millions of people lined up to see you.

  35. Well for all those doubters she packs them i and has does a great job interacting with her audience. She even works the crowd like someone who has been doing it for many years. She is now thirteen with a personality and stage presence of someone 10 years older. Her songs mature along with her.

  36. Out of curiosity I started reading some of the many comments about Grace Vanderwaal winning AGT and just kept going till I read them all. It was easy to understand the reason for so many positive comments, I feel the same way, but the apparent vehemence of some negative comments was surprising. Some others were just stating facts about her talent or lack there of as they saw it. The really negative comments however, weren’t very constructive and may have revealed more about their authors than their target. Could that be why we were taught from childhood, ‘If you can’t say something nice about someone, don’t say anything’?! Hey, I couldn’t understand all of her words either, but she still sounded great! So I looked up the lyrics and now enjoy her songs even more. ‘Moon Light’ is my favorite.

    I recall Simon Cowell saying something to Grace early on in the competition about her singing just a little off at times hitting a wrong note (I never noticed), and even about her voice crackling a little; but that those little faults worked in her favor and were actually part of her charisma. He had acknowledged from the start what some of her critics are saying now, but in a constructive way and was complementing her. I agreed and still do. Grace’s talent doesn’t lie solely in her singing and song writing, it is in the entire package she brings to the table: she is engaging, endearing, charming, pretty, very attractive, cute as a button and has a magnetic personality that draws people of all ages. And, she has a rare ability to bring common, yet hard to express feelings to song. Whether her style (I contend nearly a genre of its own), is a ‘flash in the pan’ or not, is not worth debating. I’m pushing seventy years old, yet like most other younger people who have watched and heard her perform, absolutely love her. The words she sings from her heart melt mine because, again like most others, I’ve been there too, and so can appreciate her ability, talent and willingness to expose and express what she feels. The pure open innocence with which she responds to life through song exposes a beautiful young heart and brings tears to my eyes. I believe that’s why so many people love her music. Simon said, ‘You deserve to win, Grace, because you did it in a real way, your own way; no gimmicks, it was all you’. And Howie later added a very important piece of worthy advice, ‘Never change, Grace, stay true to yourself’. If she follows that advice, she’ll be a star for a long time.

    To my age group and younger adults, Grace is a charming little sweetheart and a pleasure to listen to and watch. To her larger audience (her age group and older teens I would assume), she is someone to identify with, feel close to and look to as a roll model. The bottom line is: she makes everyone feel good, laugh and cry with joy at the same time. Also, like Simon, Howie and the other judges agreed, Grace Vanderwaal can, in a similar style to Taylor Swift, be a huge success for years to come. As long as she doesn’t go the way of the world (too exotic), like some have, her appeal will remain as she grows and matures – and her fans will remain loyal and grow in number. Like Grace suggested in an interview, ‘I’ll just sit back, relax, get some popcorn or “whatever you need to do, Boo Boo”‘ and enjoy her soothingly entertaining songs and countenance. You go Girl!

  37. She is awful to listen to. She proved herself again last night on AGT. I always thought her name was Grace Caterwaul because that’s all she does and it’s so annoying. Her voice sounds like so many other girls right now, not original or anything special. It’s like mass produced, annoying, can’t understand a single word she’s caterwauling. If this is all the world has to offer as new music or artists, we are in trouble. As someone else mentioned could you imagine watching her stand there and sing her simplistic songs on stage for even 15 min?

    • Talk to the 5000+ people at ACL and her sold out concerts. People are watching and loving it. She is Japan right now. You know what if people want to listen to the other crap being produced by the music industry that is on them/you but I will continue to listen to a true artist that know how to use the voice she has to convey the emotion of the song. I understand that people like that are shallow like you will not get grace that is ok just go listen to TS whine about her last boyfriend and all will be good.

      • Whenever I hear an artist that make me feel the way you feel I just turn my back on it. Nothing to comment unless asked to. Your comment reveals a lot about you though.

        You see what you are.

  38. lol “Grace Caterwaul”… so spot on.
    Wouldn’t be quite so bad if her mangled pronunciation weren’t such an overdone affectation of a cliché but would it still be twee enough for her to have won?

  39. Grace Vanderwaal derserves the win. I did not watch the season as it aired but only found several months ago. She is without a doubt an extraordinary talent. She sings, writes, composes, and plays instruments. Her songs are catchy, and as she grows will only grow in complexity and polish. For those of you critics who want to mock her, you are idiots. We all have our own tastes in entertainment, that does not diminish ones talents. There are certain forms of music that I do not want to listen too, but that doesn’t diminish the artists talents. There were many talented people in the season she won, and many of them will go on to successful careers, but none of them had the broad range of talents and mass appeal that Grace Vanderwaal has in truckloads. If you want to be negative so be it…why not instead explain who you think should have won and why.

  40. Even if she took the lump sum I don’t think she’ll ever have to worry about money. Since the airing of the following season finale. Grace has signed a record deal with Columbia Records and a Modeling deal with IMG modeling agency. So I think she will be fine

  41. Lots of diverse talent in 2016 for sure! And more than one was deservinhg, at that. Will be interesting to hear how Grace’s voice matures, especially w new set of demands being placed on her vocal chords. Still, Laura Bretan seemed to be the most vastly talented. And I loved Sal V, who doesn;t get mentioned much, seems like the quintessentia Vegas act!

  42. Check out video of Grace’s two days performing at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. To a massive crowd both weekends who went to see her and were amazed. Enough said.

  43. I still think she sucks as a singer

  44. I’m so happy to see Grace steamroll right over the top of all you naysayers. It’s truly hilarious to watch you all try so hard to rationalize your negatives while Grace’s new album “Just the Beginning” hits the top of every chart in every country on Earth and is selling so fast suppliers cannot keep up. Literally every song on it is a huge hit already, and she is currently the youngest singer to ever appear on the shortlist for a Grammy, which happened before the album was even released, which was on Nov. 3. I hope you choke on it! In the best possible way, of course.

  45. I agree that AGT is about finding a great Vegas act, but Simon Cowell is also aware that there is a stage beyond Vegas, which is where Grace belongs. Grace transcended Vegas, that’s all. And that’s why she won and deserves to have won.

  46. To all of grace’s detractors…..look at her now! fan base and net worth skyrocketing.
    i don’t like sports of any kind or rap music….and you also wont find me saying disparaging things about the performers…….to each their own so please feel free to STFU at any time….have a nice day.

  47. From “Beautiful Thing” on AGT, which made me choke up at the end of the song as she took a second to compose herself, to the latest listen to “Darkness Keeps Chasing Me” where she pulls existential lamentation to a whole new electrifying level, to her brilliant miming of a hostess “Can I help you with anything?” on the YouTube video titled, “I Want Strawberries”, Grace Vanderwaal has truly left her dumb detractors so friggen far in the dust that they have been reduced to dark little mutterings among themselves. Of course they do not get it. Of course. I thank God every day for this little angel who is slowly resurrecting my damaged faith in the human condition. Oh, and that caterwaul of hers, pure heaven.

  48. The writer of this article has the IQ of a doorknob!

  49. Oh, and she is the freshest new talent I have EVER heard!! I’m 63 so I’ve heard everything from the 50’s to NOW!

  50. Las Vegas isn’t the right place for Grace to have her own show, yet, but maybe in ten or twenty years, a casino/hotel will pay her a few hundred million to have her own show there.for one season. Grace might be tired enough from performing on the national and world stage to settle for a little stage in a hotel-casino or maybe she’ll want to stay close to home to raise her own children one day. By then, all the shows in that casino hotel will be sold out because she’ll probably have more fans than Taylor Swift.

    U.S. Magazine already said as much: Grace VanderWall Transcends Taylor Swift Comparisons in Debut Album ‘Just the Beginning’.


    Why? so far, the evidence is overwhelming.

    More than a year after this piece was published, Grace is on her first sold-out national concert tour, Before she launched that tour at the Troubadour in Los Angeles recently, she performed on stage to thousands of standing, packed, roaring fans at the (temperature hot) Austin City Limits Music Festival.

    In 2016, Grace’s EP peaked at #9 in the US and #11 in Canada.

    Grace won Best New Artist at the Radio Disney Music Awards

    She was nominated for Best Female Artist for the Acoustic Music Awards

    she won the Choice Next Big Thing at the Teen Choice Awards.

    November 3, 2017, Just the Beginning (her LP) peaked at #22 in the US.

    The Windex commercial that used her song “Beautiful Thing” has more than 7.5 million views on YouTube alone. Billboard says, “On Monday (Aug. 7) Windex released their latest commercial — an emotional rollercoaster in just under three minutes, featuring VanderWaal’s endearing song “Beautiful Thing” from her Perfectly Imperfect EP. Leave it to the young singer to make you cry while watching an advertisement for a cleaning product.”

    Imagine how long this list will be by this time and date in 2018.

    Chuch Ross, are you ready to eat your words yet?

  51. Look at grace now!! Enough said!!! Sorry haters you lo0se!!!

  52. I’ve been to one of Grace’s shows last week in Chicago, and it was amazing!!! The line to get in to the Park West was two blocks long!! Her fans were literally gobsmacked to be able to meet her and just listen to her. Her songs are ALL written by her and are amazing lyrically and have deep meaning. Is Grace a Vegas act, no but I will tell you something, she is going to be HUGE in the music industry! She already has a cult following and is loved by literally millions around the world and it has much more to do with emotion than a technically perfect voice, although in my opinion, Grace’s voice is perfect for her and her songs! So all you haters here need to listen with your hearts, if any of you have one, instead of just your judgemental ears to the message that each one of Grace’s songs convey!!!

  53. I see no problem at all,
    Because Grace VanderWaal’s talent is beyond Vegas act~
    I see diamond u see rock,
    And saying how a diamond disqualified of rock’s specifications!? Insane

  54. Sorry Glen, but NONE of her songs are 100 percent written by her except “I don’t know my name”! Grace herself mentions this in an interview “I need a word here….OK…TUNA!” Even her teeth are no longer hers as she recently got partials. All she lost for Christmas was her two front teeth replacing them AND the missing vampire ones with plastic Tic Tacs!

    As a song writer myself, this is a very interesting opening line..but, you have to explain it, at least by the second line. Instead she says ” I don’t play by the rules of the game ” what game ? if you don’t play by the rules of the game, that must mean that you really are in touch with yourself and therefore… you must know your name. I could go on, but you get my point. A song has to make sense, no matter how cool your voice is and how easily charmed Simon says is!

    • Tom Hoy, everyone understands Grace’s song except you.

  56. P.S I really hope her handlers don’t polish this special diamond until she really doesn’t know what her name is. Sometimes if you pick a peach too young, it is kind of sour. Just give her time to get sweet.

  57. Grace vanderwaal did not become famous for nothing. America loves her, that’s why she won. She’s young, talented, and has a very likeable personality. Her voice is powerful and unique, it isn’t like everybody else’s. She deserved this. She earned it. All celebrities start somewhere. You can’t judge someone’s talent based on other famous people in the world. She isn’t trying to be like everyone else, she’s trying to be herself. What makes her even more likeable is the fact that she isn’t “out of this world”. She’s just like everybody else, people can relate to her, she seems like someone you can actually have a real conversation with or even hang out with, she just seems so normal. She isn’t sucked into the Hollywood life. And that’s a good quality to have.
    We need someone like her in this world to inspire other kids. “miracles can happen”, she said before she won AGT fair and square.
    The people who look at her and only see the reasons why she “shouldn’t have won” or don’t get “why people worship her”, are the judgmental people who can’t stand the sight of another person’s success.


  59. Ut was obvious the record company had her lined up to ;launch and simply used A.G.T. as a publicity springboard.

  60. Simon Cowell told you all why Laura Bretan should have won. She sings with such PASSION and PATHOS that far transcends croaky Grace etc.,etc. But then you Americans cannot appreciate or even BEGIN to understand Grand Opera. You are all so absolutely PIG IGNORANT!

    • “Pig ignorant?” “You Americans?” You must be one of those know-it-all pedantic Canadian shits or some kind of eurotrash snob. Laura Bretans screeching made my skin crawl and the cat complain. It’s okay to have a favorite, but you’re just pissed because a more talented, absolute beginner blew you popera singer off the stage. And dude, that was HARDLY Grand Opera, and America picked the real talent.

      And Grace has lived up to her win in spades. Right now, she in Kenya going humanitarian work with the Starkey Foundation. She’s already giving back, and has been from the beginning. That’s something only a few long established stars bother to do, if ever. Laura Bretan isn’t doing much of anything. You could probably book her pretty cheaply. Laura will never sing with a real opera company, whether grand or otherwise. Meanwhile the girl who beat her is well on her way to true stardom.

  61. Wow. All you naysayers may be feeling a bit stupid now, as Grace was just put on tour, not as an Opening Act but as a Guest Singer for Imagine Dragons. THAT IS HUGE. She released her EP shortly after winning AGT, a new album a year later, EVERY one of her concerts has been sold out in less than 48 hours. Granted, the venues are not huge venues, but that will eventually come. Maybe after her tour with Imagine Dragons, she will get some more of those larger venues, and I am pretty sure they will sell out quickly, too. I would venture to say that those who say they had a problem hearing her words during the AGT competition probably had very poor sound systems/speakers. I was able to understand every precious word of what she was singing. I would also venture to say that she is far more successful than everyone in this forum complaining about how wrong “AGT” got it. By the way, it was mentioned already that America voted for her to win. It wasn’t the AGT judges or the production companies that selected her as the winner. It was the majority of AMERICA. Hah!

  62. Here we are 18 months after her AGT win, and scanning the comments it’s clear that most of these mouth breathers were absolutely clueless about Grace, her talent, and her potential. That includes the articles writer. Since finishing up puberty and use, her voice has developed into a well controlled instrument amongst the best in the business. She’s incredible as a live performer and will only get better as she matures. All the pissy little comments about her voice our teeth just shows how weak the minds of the commentators are.

    What Grace had accomplished since winning would make any artist bit envious, including the awards she’s received like the Billboard Rising Star Award. Her EP released in early December 2016 was the best selling EP that year. Her full length album is a masterpiece and hands down the best album by any 13 year old ever. Named the breakout artist of the 2016 Austin City Limits Festival. Sold out tour. Picked up as opening act for 40 shows with Imagine Dragons. Two trips and appearances in Japan. Her song “Beautiful Thing” was used as the background for an award winning commercial and feature for Windex. She recorded a unique version of Over The Rainbow for a Honda commercial and as a bonus track for her Japanese edition of her album. Opened the Special Olympics with Jason Mrax and closed the event solo. She funded a local foundation for returning music to her local school system. Youngest Fender signature artist ever. Professional model represented by IMG. Numerous appearances at WE Day events. MTV push artist for last December. Several other fund raising appearances. Upcoming tour in Japan. Recently announced going to Africa with the Starkey Foundation. And that not all, but just the beginning.

    Singer. Songwriter. Producer. Philanthropist. Humanitarian. Model. Beautiful human being with a positive, uplifting message. She’s giving back. Her fellow competitors were good, but every one was s professional. Grace was the ONLY pure amateur, and she swept them all off the stage with her unmatched, dazzling talent. Nobody deserved to win more than her.

    That crow must taste terrible.

  63. No one living more misguided or completely wrong than this author. Grace will be as famous as Amy Winehouse or Janis Joplin and yet I do pray that her candle burns much, much longer!

  64. At the risk of sounding too overblown, Grace came along at a time when the world needed her most.
    She is a lovely, creative, positive force that we have the privilege of watching grow into an adult. She has already contributed well beyond her share and well beyond her years.
    I hope she has the strength to endure all the pressure that comes with the career she has created. Somehow I get the feeling that she and her family are wise enough to know when to back off and let things rest a bit.
    The fact is she can do or be anything. She’s a reader, a thinker, a humorist, and a lover of people. She’s only fourteen and not even full grown for cryin’ out loud.

  65. It’s a bit unfair to slap America’s Got Talent for the prize money thing. That problem is due to taxes, not AGT. It’s true of any prize winnings from Wheel of Fortune to Vegas winnings to the state lottery. Taxes are super steep on lump sum payouts as well as incrementals. It’s a better deal, usually, to take payouts over time as that money grows in value over time. Not to mention I’d take 25k in guaranteed income over 40 years if it was offered, even if it was hacked down to $10,000 or even $5,000/year. Wouldn’t you? There are financial professionals that specialize in prize money investments that I’m sure helped her through it all. The point is, this problem is not unique to AGT. Unless you’re willing to slam every big ticket prize payout in modern American history, I wouldn’t dwell too long on that point.

  66. I’m writing this a year and a half after this was posted but having read the negative comments I can’t believe what I’m reading. I heard Grace Vanderwaal for the first time just the other day and I just can’t stop listening to her music. It’s her style of singing that grabbed my attention. Not many music artists grab me like she did. She is an original artist and and that is why she won. Those who can’t appreciate that just don’t know what drives music. Grace Vanderwall in 2 years has written 5 songs I think will be in the top 10 and she performed two cover songs that were phenomenal editions. America was right to vote her the top talent.

  67. I guess I’ll add my two cents to the other opinions. Grace DOES write all of her own songs!! That’s one thing that makes her so unique. But, it’s her incredibly unusual vocal talent that gave her the win! Grace has a most unique voice..one you rarely hear these days. The runners up were very good but there is just something EXTREMELY unique about Grace. I think she’ll continue to develop and grow as a singer and a song writer. Simon KNOWS TALENT! And he knows Grace has what it takes to make a great singer.

  68. Grace is Grace,, that is why she won
    Grace is Grace, that is why she stood there crying, and did not need her family “to rush the stage”
    Grace was in Simon’s eyes at 15 seconds,, he was stupified, as was I,, we just Adore her,,,

    I am 61, and since Janice, and like you said, Joni and Joan, I have never, ever heard someone at 12 years old take their life and this world, and put it in a song that has so much meaning and reality

    Grace is Grace, $1,000,000 $25,000 or 25 cents, she made her world
    She became what she is just by going up there and doing it, showing others what they can do if they only take the stage….
    Grace will always, be Grace

  69. I just saw her on you tube, I did not realize the raw talent this young lady has. She said it herself best, these songs are from her heart and I agree with many who have said if you didn’t understand her words, something must be wrong with your hearing, I know because I don’t hear well. I just hope from more of the videos I have seen lately, that she doesn’t give up on using her ukulele, she’s more into singing without it and last, but not least, I hope she doesn’t loose sight of who she is, she is still just a child.

  70. Grace, in addition to writing her own songs – 4 in a row to win it – which no one else has done, also was a true amateur. That shows even more raw talent as many of the top contestants are already professionals (like Tape Face and the Clairvoyants). They may not yet have been in Vegas but already had careers and making money. This is a girl who basically just picked up her uke, wrote a song, got on the show, and got a golden buzzer. You can’t say enough about that accomplishment. Plus Howie (and Simon) have seen tons of acts over the years and know talent better than most. Simon is also investing in her as if she hits even close to Taylor Swift fame, he can claim that for the show, maybe a few years down the road. The world already has many acts like Mimes and Magicians, but Grace is something new and original.

  71. late to the party, but, have consumed most everything available.
    oh. my. goodness.
    proof that God loves us, because he gives us Grace.
    I have never come across someone with the empathy, love, and color of voice that Grace has.
    this young lady will own as much of the world as she chooses.
    she is the closest thing to a Saturn V rocket launch that most of us will ever see.

  72. Grace did not deserve to win. She couldn’t even sing her voice was really scratchy and out of tune. The clairvoyants had actual talent.

    • The Clairvoyants couldn’t sing a lick.

  73. The very concept of this article is profoundly stupid … Grace was chosen by a vote tally, not an executive decision, so it’s meaningless to say that the choice was “wrong”. As it turns out, Grace winning was the best possible outcome. The Clairvoyants? Seriously? There’s no where to go with a third rate mentalism act like that. Take a look at where Grace’s career has gone already, including her hugely successful just concluded tour with Imagine Dragons. (And compare that to know-nothing morons like Joe above.)

    As for the prize … it says “The prize, which totals $1,000,000, is payable in a financial annuity over forty years, or the contestant may choose to receive the present cash value of such annuity.” — you either didn’t read that or have no idea what the cash value of a $1M annuity is … it’s $1M minus the surrender charge. If the surrender charge is, say %15, that amounts to a lump sum of $850,000.

  74. People said the Beatles were out of tune. The Clairvoyants have remotes and electronics helping them. Judy is spot on. And Grace has already won.

  75. I agree! That girl from season 11 sucked! I thought she was horrible! But of course she had all the young crowd and they are all followers lol and do not no talent!

  76. Grace is no Flash in the Pan one season wonder.
    In just 2 years :
    She has 2 high selling, commercially successful albums. #9/#22 Sold out 2x.
    Numerous Awards, from Billboard, Disney, etc
    Soldout Concerts. (Austin City Limits besides Vegas.)
    Fender has a World Class Ukulele that sells out. The Grace Vanderwaal. (If you want the best.)

    I just discovered she has added 25 more songs, added to the ~20 already Published.
    She is a Prolific Composer. By her late teens, she could have her own 24 hours a day Music Channel, just like the Beetles or Paul McCartney. iHeart is almost there now. Her Music is Ageless, just like other enduring legends.

    She’s a Disney Movie Star. StarGirl.
    Rumor has it, she scored a little music and songs for her Movie.
    If she did, using the Marketing of the Disney Studios…
    It could be a runaway success similar to FROZEN.
    Plus she could get a Best Actress Nomination.
    And, it’s Just the Beginning.
    Look for an Oscar before she is 25. Rumor has it she has STRONG acting skills. (She can cry on key. )

  77. Also: Don’t forget several Awards by 2018…
    (That is HOW we measure how GOOD singers are.)
    Billboard Rising Star
    Disney Best New Star, whatever
    Several I forgot the names of, but MTV has her as a Star to Watch, and shows her singing ‘live. ‘
    * Moonlight went to #1 in JAPAN. (Why she visited Japan.)

    I don’t care how tune deaf you are… How much your jealousy surfaces… Or your bias towards other Venues. Grace’s voice is maturing, and it’s becoming like fine wine. You can’t judge her at 12 then transfer it to 14 to 15 years old. And her notes are getting stronger and higher.
    When a Music Industry’s best critics say you’re good, then you’re GOOD!

  78. it’s late 2018 and lookee here…where is she now you ask? an EP, an album (both billboard hits) which she produced herself btw, various music festival appearances, a tour opening for imagine dragons…imagine that! (pun intended), a disney award win, a billboard rising star win and a standing ovation performance at said award in front of music industry elites with just her uke, a mike a stool and her voice, an endorsement with guitar industry giant fender with her own line of signature ukeleles…..etc etc…the list goes on…..hmmm i think she’s getting the last laugh now but i know she won’t do that because that is not her game.

  79. Less people are going to like opera than probably should. More people are going to like mindless shallow repetitive pop music than should. Don’t shoot me, I’m just the messenger. Grace’s 4 original AGT songs are still selling consistently and steadily. Along with her debut, Just The Beginning, they are songs with depth. Add to that clever thought-provoking lyrics, and you’ve got a stew of challenging music. By degrees, people have started to catch up to Grace as they look for authenticity, and her fans get addicted to hearing her amazing and maturing voice every day. Maybe not for you, but If everyone liked her, her voice and songs would probably be pretty bland. That what makes a unique artist, and, with continued success, an icon. Hard to imagine Grace not being an musical icon someday. If not, there’s still millions out here already that love her and her music.

  80. Big metal fan always, but what is it about this girl that’s captured me like so many? IMO she’s a virtuoso with a gift for sound seldom seen or heard. Maybe once in a generation or much longer. Ray Charles comes to mind with a similar gift that transcended different genres of music. The fact he became blind, the visual cortex plastified to enhance this ability. Grace however has already naturally begun along this route. Her cover of River is spellbinding. She possesses an other-wordly talent with an old soul. Hopefully she can find a way to remain true to herself so the fame and fortune beast doesn’t ruin her like it has so many before. Could listen to her all day. Amazing Grace indeed!!

    • Good observations. I am a 70 year old college professor and I have the biggest grandpa crush on her. She has such a unique view on what she sees in the world, and when we hear it, through her wonderful voice, it’s “Wow, I see it!” The thought of watching her grow up and listening to one new song after another gives me a huge lift. She is a great original artist and the “miracle” she was called. I love her and her art.

  81. I knew she would win from her first performance. I also found it VERY interesting that they always had her perform last. Anywhere you go they always save the BEST for LAST. They knew they had a winner!

  82. I find her singing annoying.

  83. I find your comment annoying.

  84. Grace is an artist Simon called her the next Taylor Swift that’s not correct Taylor Swift is a commercial musician grace is gonna have to decide what she wants to be to either go down the Taylor road or be true to her self she is in my opinion amazing I think of her more like Janis Joplin who many people also called vocally annoying I hope she doesn’t let them turn her into swift

  85. I’ve seen her singing in the opening of live concert of Imagine Dragons.
    People there were just enthusiastic to see her and enjoyed the show.
    Grace actual career is the best response to all her bland/loser haters,
    or fine/professional haters…

  86. She did great, super talented for a 12 year old, incredibly unique,… she wrote her own music…. everyone else singing is a karaoke act. She deserves the win, hopefully she can evolve and transition into an adult singer without loosing the style of her initial quirky start.

  87. grace is loved by people around the world including me (i’m not american btw).
    found her live performance on youtube of Imagine Dragon concert, and it was amazing, i can not believe that she was only 14 years old at that time, her stage presence is beyond her ages. and i love her live performance better than her studio version. i’m not saying that her studio version is bad, no it is amazing but her live performance is way way more amazing

  88. This is an opinion some people are taking this as a fact

  89. I have NEVER in all my life been so DISGUSTED by other supposed “grown adults” in all my life! CLEARLY, many of you are begrudged by this teens talent, as well as the fact that she won the contest. What’s ridiculous about the entire situation is i watched one episode, she sang beautiful. It however wasn’t my sort of show. In the same breath, i find utterly EMBARRASSING to read some of the comments made by so called adults! & you know who you are..Jealousy & envy shine through your distasteful and rather childish comments like a neon sign. You should be sick with yourselves for wishing ANYONE anything but SUCCESS at reaching their dreams, but more so a child. It is a NO BRAINER that not everyone is going to like nor vote for the same person. Thank God, or that would be a rather boring if not useless show. That being said, some of these comments just prove how adults, or rather the HUMAN RACE are a group of self indulgent, entitled, nit witted individual’s whom SHOULD be ashamed of themselves. But we’re not. We’re over privileged, RUDE and thoughtless ( cold hearted fits here as well quite nicely) person’s that have ever walked the earth. Why in the love of all things would you wish ILL WILL at this girl who unlike MOST OF YOU, went after her dream instead of watching life, idlly pass her by, becoming a bitter, hardened person who couldn’t even give credit where credit was due because their choice didn’t make the cut…DISTASTEFUL. To say the VERY least…Constructive criticism at the very least. Realize if your choice really had ANY FACTUAL TALENT, they’d most likely still end up with some kinda deal. Very least, try again next year…SMH…every were i turn I’m being reminded that humanity’s dead and no one has a filter anymore, (as long as they have a keyboard to hide behind) let alone dignity or a general give a shit for the well being or want for others to reach their dreams/ goals…as long as what THEY want is the general outcome…I wouldn’t flinch to save mankind if i were the only one able to defuse a bomb that would destroy humans as we no it…I’d welcome it…for we’ve lost the very thing that we’ve supposed to be guarding. Our humanity. Our motto was down and out? Give a hand up..now it’s down&out, let me kick you while your there, for i no nothing of living in a world that’s unfair. Oh I’ve started a poem, but i won’t tread there…For the world has become a place where no one cares….Food for thought…Take a good look at yourself..
    Are you someone you’d want your children to be?

    Good day…

  90. Yeah, she’s going nowhere ….except…

    Won America’s Got Talent
    Won Radio Disney Award for Best New Artist
    Nominated Acoustic Music Awards Best Female Artist
    Won Teen Choice Award Next Big Thing, Won Billboard Women in Music 2017 Rising Star Award
    Nominated Radio Disney Awards Best Song that makes You Smile
    Nominated MTV Music Awards Best Push Artist
    Won MTV Europe Music Awards Best Push Artist
    Won Japan Gold Disc Award New Artist of the Year.
    Two TOP 25 albums
    Two sold out tours. Opened for Imagine Dragons
    Stars in Disney’s “Stargirl” to be released in early 2020
    Sings on soundtrack for animated movie “Wonder Park”
    Billboard magazine named VanderWaal to its 21 Under 21 list of “music’s hottest young stars” in three consecutive years, 2016–2018
    Variety listed her in its “Young Hollywood Impact Report 2017”.
    She is the youngest person ever included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Music List.
    Singing “Ligfht the Sky” for Google commercial
    Singing “Over the Rainbow for Honda commercial

    And all the bad things the media says about her….NOT!

    Billboard wrote that her performance of her single “Clearly” on The Late Show in 2018 was “moving … stunningly bold … mature, powerful”.[

    Milwaukee Journal Sentinel – “VanderWaal is one of the youngest performers at Summerfest this year. She’s also one of the most talented, bringing a honeyed, slightly frayed rasp to assured pop songs”.

    New York magazine – “The songs [VanderWaal] wrote and performed on AGT were not only catchy but emotional and unique to her own sound, a mix of raw and folk”

    Billboard Magazine – Praised VanderWaal’s vocals on her debut EP, Perfectly Imperfect, finding them “reminiscent of a Taylor Swift-Regina Spektor hybrid”

    Rolling Stone – Agreed

    Teen Vogue – “The EP takes you through Grace’s range, touching on issues that are all-too-well-known for young people, as well as soul-stokingly beautiful medleys that almost anyone could relate to. … we see her ability to master both a softer, vowel-breaking folk tone as well as push through a serious power-ballad by the end. It’s rare that you see both at once, but that’s part of the magic of Grace’s sound: it’s at once completely new, and totally unexpected.”

    USA Today stated – “VanderWaal’s big-throated performance on ‘A Better Life’ channels Florence Welch and Miley Cyrus. There’s a certain chirp in VanderWaal’s voice that’s reminiscent of Swift, but otherwise, her vocals align much more closely to Sia’s in her full-voiced belting and nonchalant pronunciations. … VanderWaal sounds like a 13-year-old in her songs, in the best possible way. In a voice that sounds refreshingly green, she launches herself at huge choruses with a total lack of restraint.”

    The Buffalo News -“vast diversity in her songwriting … makes her stand out as a truly unique and exquisite artist.”

    Chicago Sun-Times – Vanderwaal’s “raspy-sweet-peculiar vocals recall Elle King, Regina Spektor and Katy Perry … and proves herself a modern-day Mozart”

    Houston Chronicle – Vanderwaal’s “smart pop songs that beautifully showcase her persona and wonderfully peculiar rasp of a voice.”[

    Dallas Observer – VanderWaal’s lyrics tackle “complicated issues with aplomb as her raspy, warbling voice undulates around each syllable.”

    So yeah, for two 1/2 years, I’d say all you naysayers have no clue.

  91. Chuck Ross, I don’t think you’re actually wrong in your thesis that if AGT is meant to find Las Vega residency acts, then Grace is the wrong choice. BUT, your headline says “America made the wrong choice.” America didn’t know it’s primary purpose was choosing a residency Las Vegas act, we thought we were choosing our favorite act on the show, the one that showed the most talent. The brief Las Vegas show is just part of the prize for that. Under that actual widely known thesis for the show, America did not make the wrong choice.

    Also please note Simon Cowell was speaking in an interview with the LAS VEGAS Sun, so it’s natural he emphasized the Las Vegas act aspect so much. His more nuanced comment is “…there is more to come. I’d like to find better singers on the show.” And I’ll bet if he had a few days to answer, and in a different publication, his answer wold be even more nuanced. Regardless, many TV shows have evolved away from their original concept, following the public (the ratings). Also, one of Simon’s big reasons for BGT and AGT has nothing to do with Las Vegas; he wants singing acts for his record label, e.g. Collabro, and Jack Pack, a finalist.

    I don’t fault you for criticizing the Million Dollar deception here. It deserves to be criticized any time the AGT award is the subject of an article. Your points are spot on.

    You support your thesis fairly well, but too narrowly – and it’s the wrong thesis. However, it is a well written start to a fruitful discussion.

  92. You are an idiot and I can’t believe this trash is still up. I think you are jealous of a then 12 year old. She won because she was the best. She is in fact the most popular star to ever come out of the show besides Terry Fator and I would argue that Grace’s popularity spreads farther around the world than anyone else. Grace was a stellar Vegas act and sold out so fast they added an additional night to her schedule. The Clairvoyants are fake. No way did or do they deserve a Vegas act. None of it is real. If you believe what they do you are a fool.
    Grace is as real as it gets, and America loves her.
    For those of you spewing negativity toward a now 15 year old. Grow up already and find something positive to do with your lives.

    • Well said Fanderwaal Central. i was a latecomer to the whole Grace phenomenon, but i’m hooked for life now.
      all those who hated hew voice back then, have a listen to her latest songs like ” i don’t like you” “UR so Beautiful” or ” Waste my Time”. her voice has matured and she has flourished in her song writing skills. she is in this for the long term and she’s gonna become HUGE!!

    • Very well put. I agree!

  93. I have to admit that Grace is talented but I don’t like her voice. Her voice is too croaky. I know some singers sing like that during certain parts of a song but not the whole song like her. I actually like the covers that people made for “I don’t know my name’ more than her original one. I tried so hard to see why people like her voice but I just don’t hear it. Plus I can barely hear the words in her lyrics. I think she is a little overhyped, especially the part where she’s going to be the next Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift and she’s nowhere near close to Taylor Swift. I hope she sings better in the future and maybe I can start liking her voice.

  94. Cant u just enjoy a brilliant young singer..

  95. The millions and millions they pay the judges and they can’t pay a full 1 million to the winner? Survivor can do it why can’t they? Simon you cheap bastard!

  96. I’m wondering what you think now after 3 years. She is quickly becoming the megastar Howie and Simon predicted. She’s writing killer songs and her video ideas all come from her. Did you ever watch her Las Vegas show? It’s on YT. She did better than most adult performers could have done.

  97. Please do an editing of your piece and say how you feel now 3 years later when Grace has positioned herself as a true artist who is just getting bigger as we speak and having accomplished so much already, do you still feel she will fade away?
    I know she won’t

    • exactly….this is just a haters pice writer some talentless goof with a keyboard.

  98. Grace’s voice has evolved into a flexible instrument that she can deliver smooth, raspy, soulful, sweet, etc. And she knows how to use it in just the right way for every song. Songs that have also evolved way beyond the same old melody that Taylor keeps writing over and over.

  99. That’s right, Joey. Grace would have won no matter what year or which contestants they threw at her. Her talent is timeless, and it’s amazing that anyone would still argue that she wasn’t deserved. Just look what she’s done in 3 years.

  100. Oh geeze. Really? The winner gets $25,000 a year for 40 years or if you choose the lump sum option you get $200,000 after taxes? This blows purple twinkies. That’s chump change for the person who had to display extraordinary talent to out-compete the other contestants. Meanwhile NBC is raking in millions of dollars from commercials. The argument can be made that NBC gives these contestants a nationwide stage and that it is a platform for lucrative opportunities after the show. I don’t buy it. How many of these talented acts go on to have careers? It’s just another example of corporate greed.

    As far as Grace is concerned I agree with most people here. Her uniqueness and talent outshined every other singer doing karaoke covers of pre-existing songs. Grace should have won but she is also not a Vegas act. Maybe when Grace is 50 and she does a Celine Dion kind-of-thing then her act would work in Vegas but now her talent is too new and too raw. It’s not the time for this. I would’ve liked to have seen Brian Austin Crum win also. His cover of Radiohead’s “Creep” is better than the original. None of his other songs were quite as strong though his voice is simply stunning. It’s always the problem with singers. Just because you have a great voice doesn’t mean you’re going to make great music. This is a huge chasm that must be bridged for singers to have successful careers. That’s why we don’t hear much of anything from any of these singers who win these reality shows. Remember Jordan Smith? Having a voice like Grace or Brian’s is rare indeed but what’s rarer still is creating music that the world will pay attention to. Off the top of my head I’m thinking about Adele’s, “Hello” or Childish Gambino’s, “This is America”. These songs took the world by storm. There are many other talented artists that have made careers for themselves but are out of the limelight, like Michael Buble and Sade. Who knows what kind of niche Grace or Brian will fill. It’s still a huge uphill battle for the both of them. I wish Grace, Brian, and Jordan Smith the best of luck.

  101. All the naysayers and haters here are so amusing. They’ve all been proven so wrong, LOL.

  102. I am on this at the beginning of 2020, and every hater on here is so wrong. Grace is an inspiration to so many young musicians, and she deserved to win AGT. I’m not saying the Clairvoyants were bad, I’m just saying Grace was so much more original and unique. She is wise beyond her years, and I hope she continues to write songs.

  103. Feb. 2020 Now Grace is in a full length Disney film. Yep, “no talent. She’ll never make it.”
    Maybe we should keep listening to new songs that sound like 100 others.
    Cough, country, cough, pop, cough. Well, maybe not all pop – only 80%.

    When I was young, my friend and I were going to see Jimi Hendrix in concert.
    We stopped at this little country “community” several miles outside our city, where I saw a guy I went to high school with.
    He said, Where’re ya headed? “Going to see Jimi Hendrix.”
    He looked really puzzled. “Who’s that?” It was shortly after Woodstock and Hendrix couldn’t have been any bigger. Clearly, we lived in different worlds. We didn’t laugh until later.

  104. To watch Grace grow up before our very eyes is amazing! She is everything a legend has to be. Unique is being herself, an ability to write songs that have the whole world singing them the next day, a voice that at times is not perfect but you can feel the words she is signing.
    It’s been awhile since a storyteller has come along with a quirky sounding voice that so captivated the world. I was one of those people who hated to hear Bob Dylan’s voice but recognized the powerful ability he had to speak to the world. I actually enjoy the sound of her voice, raspy at times, then soft and smooth with a beautiful tone that fits her storytelling style perfectly!
    Grace and her music are definitely maturing. To go from ” I don’t know my name ” to “I just don’t like you” shows how much talent she really has! I love both songs because each one is pure Grace Vanderwaal! I hate to say it but Simon is right. She IS a raw, unique, talent like Taylor Swift but so different from Taylor as to stand out as fresh and new! When was the last time you wrote a song so catchy that the whole world was singing it the next day? In my eyes, she is definitely a legend in the making!

  105. To all the naysayers: Personally, I think all the negativism toward Grace Vanderwaal is premature. While she has no “formal” voice training at the time,:

    Yeah, she’s going nowhere ….except…

    Won America’s Got Talent
    Won Radio Disney Award for Best New Artist
    Nominated Acoustic Music Awards Best Female Artist
    Won Teen Choice Award Next Big Thing, Won Billboard Women in Music 2017 Rising Star Award
    Nominated Radio Disney Awards Best Song that makes You Smile
    Nominated MTV Music Awards Best Push Artist
    Won MTV Europe Music Awards Best Push Artist
    Won Japan Gold Disc Award New Artist of the Year.
    Two TOP 25 albums
    Two sold out tours. Opened for Imagine Dragons
    Stars in Disney’s “Stargirl” to be released in early 2020
    Sings on soundtrack for animated movie “Wonder Park”
    Billboard magazine named VanderWaal to its 21 Under 21 list of “music’s hottest young stars” in three consecutive years, 2016–2018
    Variety listed her in its “Young Hollywood Impact Report 2017”.
    She is the youngest person ever included in Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Music List.
    Singing “Ligfht the Sky” for Google commercial
    Singing “Over the Rainbow for Honda commercial. Can you say that?

  106. I must say the song that Grace sang in her audition wasn’t that good to me but she got the golden buzzer. I think she is a good singer not great all around. I think there is other people who is better and should have won that year such as Laura Bretan. Her voice is beautiful and stunning. She is going very far and it’s hard to have a voice like hers. I still think in my opinion Laura Bretan is way better than Grace. I know there is a lot of people out there who would agreed with me.

  107. Heyy Cleopatra you bitch, hear me
    Am 16 and I write poems and short stories Ok, It’s not the same as songwriting but that’s not my point you bastard If you think you’re as good as Grace, I’m surprised because I never heard of ya What happened? Your little ass got intimidated? Despite the fact that I write, I do not judge Grace Because you fucking witch, Grace Vanderwaal’s got talent Her lyrics are original and meaningful, not only To her but to people worldwide People can relate to her words and they can relate If you can’t You’re just a fucking asshole Jealous My foot Obviously you’d be jealous You’re a damn witch who can’t strike someone with her words, let alone an audience Thumbs up to you Kaitlyn For those who claim that they’re not able To hear Grace properly due to wrong articulation Get your ears checked you bastards I mean it literally To those who’re still stuck on the fact that Grace won AGT, you guys are unbelievable, jumping on a teenage and pointing out her flaws You damn assholes Haven’t you got better to do than judge people Get your fucking arse busy on something that’s worth it And to conclude, I’m not at all sorry for the foul language that I used I’m generally very polite but you guys deserved it Cleopatra, get fucked up you bitch I’m not driven by emotions, but rather by reason Pack your arse and get going morons….

  108. Hello everybody, I am in love with Grace Vanderwaal; with her exuberant personality, her sweet raspy voice, her piercing blue eyes. She’s a gem of a person, as well as a beautiful being Be it inner or outer I have read all of the above criticisms and comebacks and am deeply hurt by the harsh judgements some of you people made on Grace Well, clearly, you’ve got preconceived opinions on her and that’s not very mature of you Especially as adults I won’t waste my saliva and time unnecessarily on morons All I wanna say is if you don’t like Grace, Keep your disgusting criticisms to yourselves Nobody asked you for it
    Hope you grow into more mature people…Seriously listen To Grace’s speech when she received Billboard’s rising star award She’s way more mature than all of you badmouthers combined I mean it
    So grow up kids

  109. Hi its me Grace, im not ganna let any of your mean comments stop me from what i love

  110. Im going to continue writing my songs no matter what your opinion of me is, thank you to my fans who stood up for me, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Its people like you who inspire me to continue what i do

  111. For those who dont like me, i have no problem with you not liking me, everyone has there own taste in music, but you dont see me going up to billie eilish and attacking her with awful comments that tear people down. Im trying to be sincere if you have a comment keep it to yourself, you have no idea when it will come back to bite you in the butt. I don’t normally commen on this like this but you all were starting to bug me

  112. Hi, Grace, i really enjoy you music, and read this awfull words about you made me think what is wrong with people nowadays on internet, i understand to not like your music, but this
    does not give the right to say such bad things about you. That people, they have no space in the world let alone in your heart!! Only unhappy people do this things!

    Pay attention only to the comments that make you grow, others just want to draw attention, that they do not deserve!

  113. Not that you need someone like me from anywhere to tell you that

  114. Thank you❤

  115. Its people like you, Isabella that inspire me

  116. And for everyone who decided to hop on the hate band wagon who thought i wouldn’t see your comments i hope you all feel like idiots

  117. Like some people have said its a tv show and no one is forcing you to watch me. I write songs for those who do

    • John Lennon, Stevie, Elton…..Grace.
      Song writers. Geniuses. Beautiful souls. Deep.
      I’ve seen young performers and singers, but songwriting is a peculiar thing imo. And perhaps it changes more than anything as someone ages through formative years… the genius won’t though.

      Being vulnerable and real in your art at a young age, when much of the adult population exhibits immaturity and insanity…. that is tough. Whether in music, or any other endeavor, keep creating, loving, thinking, rebelling, and keep the infectious and gorgeous smile (unless scoffing is called for of course…).

  118. I wonder how Chuck Ross feels about his prediction re Grace’s drawing power today..??

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