But What Will Wil Wheaton Think?

Apr 26, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Just two weeks until the new “Star Trek” explodes into theaters. Get ready for all manner of mind meld, boldly going and live long and prosper puns.
Newsweek Strar Trek Cover
Both major newsweeklies are out with splashy packages on JJ Abram’s new movie, which is getting early raves (both Variety and Hollywood Reporter reviews include warp speed references, so you know it’s good).
Newsweek puts the Trek on its cover, with a lead story written by Steve Daly. Daly manages to find parallels between “Trek” and President Obama. Really. Still a good read.
Also in the package: An essay by former “Trek” scribe Leonard Mlodinow, who calls the demanding-but-beloved Gene Roddenberry a “Hollywood Steve Jobs.”
Over at Time, the movie gets just a corner of the cover. But Lev Grossman’s think piece is a nice read, and explains why the gazillion incarnations of “Trek” over the years have made it difficult for him to fully love the franchise as he once did.

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