‘Chuck’ vs. Nielsen

Apr 28, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Fellow TVWeek blogger Sergio Ibarra will have a full report later, but given TV MoJoe’s commitment to maximum/borderline obsessive coverage of all things “Chuck,” here’s an update on how the show’s season finale did in the ratings.
Not bad. Not awesome. But not bad.
According to preliminary Nielsen data, Monday’s episode averaged a 2.3/6 in adults 18-49. That’s the same as last week’s episode, which matched a two-month high for the show. If recent patterns hold up, “Chuck” will inch up to a 2.4 when final Nielsen numbers are calculated this afternoon.
While it would be nice to think that all the Twitter and blog hype for “Chuck” would directly translate into ratings, few people at NBC or producer Warner Bros. were expecting a big bump. As last Thursday’s opening night of sweeps meltdown showed, viewers clearly are finding other things to do than watch live TV this spring. In some ways, holding flat is the new up.


  1. I am so tired of this flawed rating system. They are not accurate. I don’t trust any of it’s numbers, at all.

  2. The Nielsen ratings are outdated. They say that the margin of error is like 3% or something like that, but I think it’s more like 50%.
    Nielsen should be discontinued and chips should be put in all TV boxes (tivo, dish, directv, comcast, at&t uverse, etc.) measuring all input including what is recorded on the DVR.

  3. I agree with the other commenters – Nielson ratings are outdated. You would be AMAZED at how many people record the show to watch it later or watch it online for free. I still don’t understand why networks rely on Nielson’s

  4. Neilson is definitely outdated! It is not *fair* to judge ALL ratings on Neilson!! NOT everyone has access to Neilson and then from what I have heard – it is only *select* people that gain access to Neilson – the *average* person is not selected to Neilson! Does NBC not care what the *real* life people are doing? We are out here in cyberspace, out in Subways, sending massive emails, postcards – snailmail we are out here!! The **TRUE** fans are out here!!

  5. Last night’s “Chuck” was awesome, and it did good against a tough Monday night of TV. In a different timeslot, it could kill.

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