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Apr 28, 2009  •  Post A Comment

It’s 4 o’clock. Where’s everybody gone?
Nope, Oprah’s not on. (Though feel free to get jiggy with it like Carlton).
At least not here in L.A. Instead, everybody’s hunched over their computers for TV MoJoe’s … well, I haven’t thought of a name yet for this feature. Basically, it’s the standard list of links you find on these here weblogs. Suggestions on what to call this thing—Link It Like Ya Mean It? PM Magazine?—are much appreciated.
Let’s go!!
—ABC News is not happy about today’s page one New York Times article detailing how a 2007 story by the network’s Brian Ross may have influenced the public debate over waterboarding. Gawker offers up details of ABC’s foot-stomping, while also raising a few questions of its own about Ross’ reporting. (My thought: The Times story was less a hit on Ross and more of an examination of how politicians and interest groups twist news reports to fit their own agendas.)

—This Week in Twitter: New York magazine offers up one of its patented matrix charts evaluating the merit of various celebrity tweets (including those of Brian Stelter, who wrote the Times story above). We agree with their praise for Mindy Kaling of “The Office” (“self-deprecating goofball”), but think they’re a bit too tough on Katie Couric (“unofficial CBS News link dump”).
—Really, nobody does reality recaps better than B-Side. I have never seen an episode of “The Hills,” and pray that I’m never subjected to it. (Thanks, V-chip!) That said, I still get a kick out of B’s chronicling of LP, Whitey and all the other kids on the show. (What, did I get their names wrong?) Anyway, this week’s recap features the word “patois.” Impressive, Mr. Side.
If you want more news on “The Hills,” TVWeek’s Jon Lafayette breaks down MTV’s plan for the soap, as well as a bunch of other projects.
—Joe Flint, back on the beat for the Los Angeles Times, weighs in on the non-controversy over Fox’s decision to not carry President Obama’s press conference tomorrow. He rightly makes the point that nobody is complaining about The CW’s complete lack of interest in anything remotely political.
—OK, since we gave love to Oprah earlier, it’s only fair we bring you this montage of opening and closing themes for “Donahue.” Enjoy. Or not.

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