Chuck Me? Chuck You!

May 19, 2009  •  Post A Comment

NBC is crediting “fans and TV critics” for helping to save “Chuck.” And the network showed its appreciation for the effort by letting the New York Times break the news that Subway had come on board as a new mega-sponsor of the show.
The Times says that next season, a main character in the series—Sarah—will get a job crafting sandwiches for the ‘Bway.
Quotes from NBC’s official release after the jump.

—Ben Silverman: “This innovative partnership is a perfect example of the effectiveness of the NBC Infront. By involving Subway early in the process, we were able to bring a quality show like ‘Chuck’ back to NBC for next season. Everybody wins—NBC, Subway, and the loyal fans who so enthusiastically lobbied for ‘Chuck’s’ renewal.”
—NBC sales chief Mike Pilot: “The synergy of the deal with Subway validates the Infront process. Our goal with the Infront is to initiate early and ongoing dialogue with our advertising clients regarding the network’s programming. We were thrilled when Subway, who had been integrated into the show lately, expressed a desire to expand their relationship with the series in a creative way.”
—Subway dude: “Our customers love ‘Chuck’ so we are happy to help bring the show back through our partnership with NBC,” said Tony Pace, chief marketing officer, SFAFT. “We have been working with NBC Universal extensively, well beyond the traditional upfront marketplace discussions, to craft groundbreaking, multiplatform deals, which we believe provide a more engaging way of getting our messages to our consumer audiences. And, since program development is essentially year-round, we have found NBC’s Infront process to be helpful in that we can be part of the conversation as programming decisions are made.”
—NBC release: “The multiplatform partnership with Subway will offer a variety of opportunities that will include significant integration into the show, as well as traditional advertising tie-ins.”


  1. It’s great that NBC commented “…we were able to bring a quality show like ‘Chuck’ back to NBC for next season.” Unfortunately for the fans and Subway, that partnership won’t be visible to the masses until 2010! I for one will be watching minimal NBC Primetime TV until ‘Chuck’ returns.

  2. I have to wait a year before they start airing Chuck? Not Fair!
    So what will I have to watch on NBC… Heroes, Chuck, and Leno. Boy, looks like a slim year coming for the Peacock….

  3. hejey!!
    Since Mendoza,Argentina…AWESOME!!!!jaja
    Chuck is the best that i have seen on TV!
    i don´t know what have i done without other season!!!
    Is really sad that we have to wait until 2010,but is what there is x)
    I want to see like Yvonne Strzechowski it dresses in her new job(‘Bway)!!!

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