Here it Is: The CBS Schedule

May 20, 2009  •  Post A Comment

CBS is shifting first-year hit “The Mentalist” to Thursdays and slightly shaking up its Monday comedy lineup.
The generally stable network is taking a couple of dice-rolls next season, though compared to ABC and NBC, promises to be an island of stability, according to the fall schedule just released by the network in New York.
Highlights include “The Mentalist” move to Thursdays at 10, behind “CSI,” and “The Big Bang Theory” shifting to 9:30 p.m. Monday behind “Two and a Half Men.” New drama “Three Rivers” has landed Sundays at 10, while, as expected, NBC drama “Medium” will relocate to Fridays at 9… on CBS.
The full schedule is after the jump:

8: How I Met Your Mother
8:30 Accidentally On Purpose
9: Two and a Half Men
9:30 The Big Bang Theory
10: CSI Miami
9: NCIS: Los Angeles
10: The Good Wife
8: Old Christine
8:30: Gary Unmarried
9: Criminal Minds
9:30 CSI:NY
8: Survivor
9: CSI
10: The Mentalist
8: Ghost Whisperer
9: Medium
10: Numb3rs
8: Crime Drama
9: Crime Drama
10: 48 Hours
7: 60 Minutes
8: The Amazing Race
9: Three Rivers
10: Cold Case
MID-SEASON – Miami Trauma, The Bridge, Undercover Boss, Arranged Marriage, Rules of Engagement


  1. I’m guessing CSI:NY is actually on at 10pm Wednesdays? Otherwise the big news is that they’re shortening Criminal Minds to only a half-hour!

  2. I am sooo happy that Three Rivers is in the list for this fall. Congrats to Alex O’Loughlin!

  3. big bang should be leading off wednesday nights, but the producer forced them to keep the show on mondays. christine is a good show, which will likely lose wanda sykes from the cast and should be on mondays after 2 1/2 men whcih it has great synergy with. i would have placed the mentalsit at 9 thurs. with csi following at 10 against leno.
    i cant wait for 2010 and ‘undercover boss’!!!!

  4. big bang on wednesdays at 8 would be a winner! up against aging frasier playing the same character but calling him ‘hank’ this time, and patricia heaton this time without frasier, wasnt tony danza available for another short-lived comedy??? oh thats right hes teaching school or something, probably pays better right now.

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