‘Medium’ Could Be on the Move

May 17, 2009  •  Post A Comment

“Medium” could be on the move.
Negotiations between NBC and CBS Television Studios are said to be at an impasse, leading to informed speculation that the show could be headed to the CBS Television Network.
NBC had been looking to bring back “Medium,” but with a deal similar to what the network negotiated last year: A firm 13-episode pickup with an option to expand the order to 22 episodes later in the season. That’s the deal NBC brokered with CBS’ studio arm last year; the network eventually increased its commitment to a full season.

It’s also understood that NBC is looking for a discount off of the full license fee CBS is seeking. Such breaks have become commonplace this year as networks seek to trim costs wherever possible.
But despite the tough economy, CBS Television Studios doesn’t appear to be in the mood to play ball with NBC. It is holding firm on its desire to get a 22-episode order at full license fee.
Such a position is hardly unreasonable. “Medium” is headed into its sixth season, and it’s fairly standard for such a veteran series to snag a full-season order at full license fee.
But industry insiders believe CBS Television Studios has a strong desire to keep “Medium” on the air, because the studio reaps syndication profits for every episode produced. Allowing the show to die would mean throwing away money.
That’s why industry insiders believe CBS Television Studios is likely planning to move the show to its sister network. The female-led crime drama would be a good fit for CBS, with 9 p.m Friday after “The Ghost Whisperer” a logical destination.
If this is CBS’ plan, the network no doubt would prefer to announce the move Wednesday during its upfront presentation. However, NBC’s rights to “Medium” expire at the end of the week. That could make it difficult for CBS to tout the arrival of a show to which it technically doesn’t yet have the rights.
Reps for CBS Television Studios and NBC declined comment.
SIDENOTE: If “Medium” does end up on Fridays at 9 on CBS, it would be a homecoming of sorts for creator Glenn Gordon Caron. His underappreciated CBS drama “Now and Again” aired Fridays on CBS during the 1999-2000 season.


  1. I think a move would be good news for the show. And talk about ‘underappreciated’?! I loved “Now and Again” so much but I think it was a little bit ahead of its time.

  2. Unfortunately, Ghost Whisperer is such an inferior show that airing Medium right afterwards would highlight how terrible GW is. And two such shows–with a unique but similar premise–back to back is a horrible idea. Although the crossover possibilities would be humorous. It’d be like pairing The Mentalist w/Lie to Me.

  3. I agree Jane, Medium is far superior to Ghost Whisperer (which, I’ve watched as a guilty pleasure and has gotten a little better this season as they’ve tried to serialize it a little more) but I’d rather see it on CBS than cancelled.
    I’ve maintained that Medium is the most consistently good show on TV. It’s never great, but never bad .. that’s quite a lot to say about a show that’s been on five years!

  4. Put NCIS, Mentalist and Medium together on one night. Television utopia.

  5. For the love of God they better not cancel this amazing show. I don’t care which channel it winds up on. Although I agree putting it next to the far inferior Ghost Whisperer would be disastrous (for Ghost Whisperer..ha!)

  6. medium is one of my two fvt shows on tv (the other being fringe). i cannot believe they are thinking of cancelling medium and i hope that cbs picks it up. out of that genre of shows, medium in my opinion, is far superior to the others (csi, even law and order which i watch too). i am a viewer who doesn’t watch any of the reality shows: american idol, dancing w/th stars, etc. they get on my nerves. but because they are so cheap to make more of them are taking over the networks. so as my fvt shows are being cancelled, i.e.: pushing daisies, 11th hour, sarah conners chronicles, reaper, and the reality shows taking over, it looks like i will be watching less tv shows and more movies on dvd

  7. I am really glad that medium is
    going to cbs. I find nbc is always
    cancelling shows like crossing jordan.
    CBS is a wonderful station and really stands by their fans. Putting Medium with Ghost Whisperer was genius. Way
    to go. Christine from Canada

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