Tossed Salad and Scrambled Eggs

May 17, 2009  •  Post A Comment

The curtain is about to go up.
In just over 24 hours, Fox will kick off Upfront Week 2009 with its presentation at City Center in New York. Insert your own cliche here about months of sweat, planning, hoping and dreaming coming to fruition. Or take a moment to predict just what song the “Glee” cast will perform for jaded advertisers, no doubt moving some to tears (“Don’t Stop Believin'” is the current favorite according to my Vegas connections. I think “Wheel in the Sky” might be a better metaphor for the cyclical nature of TV, but…I digress).
Today promises to be thick with last-minute rumors. We’ve been hearing for weeks about shows jumping networks; we’ll find out shortly whether that was posturing, or whether the moving vans will actually be used. I’d love to see “Medium” jump to CBS, because honestly, the show has always belong there (Fridays at 9 after “Ghost Whisperer,” to be precise.

“My Name Is Earl” has long been a long shot to return to NBC. Fox could pick it up to help a sister (studio) out, though network types think that would be a really bad example of corporate synergy.
Nobody’s been talking much about the notion of one of CBS’ Warner Bros. TV-produced Jerry Bruckheimer dramas living on elsewhere. But why wouldn’t ABC want to take a chance on “Cold Case” or “Without a Trace” as lead-ins to “Castle” or a new show. Sure, it would be mighty expensive, and given the network’s bumper crop of homegrown new shows, there might not be real estate. But if you’re going to pick up another network’s shows, they might as well actually have some life in them.
TV MoJoe is hanging back on the West Coast this upfront. It’s doubtful you care about that fact, but Blogger Bylaw 825.a apparently requires me to update readers on my health, location and social networking availabilities at least once every three weeks (decent/Las Vegas/Follow me on Twitter!).
LET’S GO!!!!

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