We Report, You Decide: Fox News Anchor Attacks Perez Hilton as ‘An Awful Human Being’

May 10, 2009  •  Post A Comment

Fox News anchors Gregg Jarrett and Julie Banderas are apparently not bigs fan of celebrity blogger Perez Hilton.
Perez Hilton
During Sunday evening’s “Fox News Live,” Jarrett blasted Hilton as “despicable” and an awful human being. The reason: Jarrett didn’t like Hilton’s decision to ask Miss California Carrie Prejean her opinion on gay marriage during last month’s Miss USA pageant.
“I feel sorry for all the heat that she got from Perez Hilton. What an awful human being,” Jarrett said while bantering with co-anchor Julie Banderas about news that Prejean might be stripped of her title.
Prejean’s work for an anti-gay-marriage group is being investigated by the Miss California organization, as are semi-nude pictures of Prejean that surfaced this week.
Banderas quickly seconded Jarrett’s dig at Hilton.

“I think it was awful that they even asked her the question in the first place,” Banderas said, eliciting a hearty “yeah” from Jarrett.
“They put her in a really bad, uncomfortable situation,” Banderas added. “They shouldn’t be involved in politics.”
Miss USA Pageant
Jarrett still had some anger to work out.
“What a despicable guy that guy is,” Jarrett said, still bashing Hilton. “Why would anybody invite him to be a judge? That’s what I don’t know.”
Jarrett then decided to take his point of view to the people.
“Hey, Twitter me and let me know,” Jarrett said, before cutting to a commercial break.
And indeed, a few minutes later, Jarrett’s jihad on Hilton continued on Twitter, with the Fox News anchor calling the blogger “a loser” and “a mean-spirited person.”
Now, you might think Jarrett was expressing an opinion when he attacked Hilton as “an awful human being.” You would be wrong.
That’s because Fox News executives and anchors have made it very clear: While its primetime hosts serve up commentary and opinion, the channel’s news operation is “fair and balanced” and operates with a strict wall between it and the primetime talkers.
The news and opinion sides of Fox News “have different teams, different backgrounds, different goals. We feed two different beasts,” anchor Shepard Smith recently told the Philadelphia Inquirer.
Jarrett and Banderas are clearly news anchors. So while their comments about Hilton might have sounded like opinions, they were actually expressions of fact, according to Fox News. Because, just like there’s no crying in baseball, there’s nothing biased about the reporting side of Fox News.
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  1. Xlnt courtroom technique!

  2. Perez is an awful human being.

  3. Perez is all about Perez. Sad, insecure, lost. I pity him.

  4. Perez had no right to persecute the beauty queen for her views, which are identical to those of President Obama!

  5. The Old Party Media machine keeps on pushing the lie that the Beauty Queen and the President have the same viewpoints. The President does support gay rights, and it seems that the Beauty Queen is an indoctrinated homophobe associating with other bigoted homophobes. Of course, the whole lying about her near nude situation and being rewarded for lying about it isn’t even discussed.
    Neither is Kristen Dalton.
    Who is Kristen Dalton? The poor girl’s the Shooter McGavin in this story to the California beauty queen’s Happy Gilmore (Dalton’s the one who WON Miss USA).
    That said, not really a fan of arrogant blowhards who think their opinion are the gospel truth like Perez Hilton, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, or others of that ilk. They ruin this country with their hateful bile and destructive chatter.

  6. I don’t agree that the question shouldn’t have been asked. It is a relevant question. It is a hot topic and very current. It was just the luck of the draw that Miss CA-USA drew Perez Hilton. However, I do agree the Perez Hilton is a complete jerk for the way he responded and is responding to Miss Prejean. I have a lot of gay friends and all of them agree that Perez Hilton does not speak for them.

  7. People who disagree with your point of view does not make them hateful or destructive; it makes them merely people who disagree with your point of view. Why so perjorative? Saying such things does not make it so.
    The Fox News commentators must be touching some sort of audience nerve since they triumph night after night, month after month, year after year. We do live and die by the ratings, no? If they don’t like what the Democrats are doing by all means let them criticize; it is neither hateful or destructive; it is the American way. The confrontation of ideas is fundamental to our democratic well being.
    That is why Perez Hilton is a scumbag…literally. Unable to deal with a confrontational opinion he resorted to an ill conceived and ill executed campaign to kill the messenger of the majority of Americans. Gay marriage is NOT a political issue: it is a social,religious,and traditional one. Any thoughtful exammination of the California vote will prove that.
    The competition between ideas and ideologies will eliminate the flawed and weak ones. The desire to limit that competition only shows a certain dread for the combat.

  8. Wrong, the topic of Gay Marriage can be a political one, one that can possibly chance and alter a public’s perception of either an individual or a political party as a whole.
    I do agree that Perez Hilton is awful however, an individual who instead of throwing anything slightly intresting into the news-sphere resorts instead to ripping into every next big thing and posting pictures full of childish scribblings.

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