Chenbot Alert! B-Side Goes Inside ‘Big Brother’

Jun 29, 2009  •  Post A Comment

It’s Fourth of July week in America. To some folks, this means hot dogs, baseball and an extra day off from work.

For a small minority of us so afflicted, Independence Day also marks something else: The return of the annual summer malady known as "Big Brother" addiction. 

It’s a sickness I’ve battled for the better part of a decade. Actually, "battled" is the wrong word, as I’ve willingly submitted myself to the CBS reality show’s addictive grip, letting it take hold of me like some teen tramp in "Twilight" falling under the spell of a vampire. 

Last year, I got the chance to feed my habit as never before, injecting "Big Brother" right into my veins by living in the "Brother" house for a half-day. You can read about my experiences here.

This summer, my blogger bud Ben Mandelker, known to some as B-Side, got a chance to live The Big Brother Experience. His much more humorous journaling of said experiences is live in TVWeek’s In Depth section, which you can find right here

Both of our stories, by the way, feature appearances by People’s Reagan Alexander. He’s becoming known as the Bad Boy of Big Brother press day.  One wonders when producers are going to wise up and just ask the man to be a contestant on the real "Big Brother."

Meanwhile, until “Brother” returns July 9, let’s relive another B-Side creation:

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