Why Reality ‘Stars’ Ought to Be Treated Like Actors

Jun 8, 2009  •  Post A Comment

So who needs a column when you’ve got a blog?

Good question. And, indeed, it’s one I considered quite a bit as TVWeek has made the transition from a print and online publication to an Internet-only based destination.

During the Print Era, my column filled a regular hole in the print edition of the magazine. Lots of TVWeek readers never visited our website, so the column was a natural way to spread my semi-coherent ramblings to the masses– even after TV MoJoe launched in April.

But even though there’s no longer a print edition of TVWeek, I still think it makes sense to put my thoughts into column form on a semi-regular basis. Blog posts tend to be short and, sometimes, shallow; columns tend to run around 1,000 words (and hopefully a bit deeper).

I also hope that continuing the column will help me slow down from the fast and furious pace of blogging. Not to sound all Andy Rooney, but a little reflection now and again isn’t such a bad thing.

Apologies for the navel-gazing. Now, on to this week’s column: Some thoughts on why reality contestants ought to be treated more like paid actors. You can find it right here.

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