Marash Exits Al-Jazeera

Mar 28, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Anchor David Marash resigned from the English-language version of the Arab cable news channel Al Jazeera, saying that the network’s headquarters in Qatar had increased its control over the operations, the New York Times reports. The former “Nightline” correspondent’s two-year contract had expired with Al Jazeera, which has not been able to secure carriage with most cable operators in the U.S. and has been cutting back on staff.


  1. You know why Al-jazeera hasn’t been able to secure carriage in the US? IT’S AL-JAZEERA!!!! Go figure!!! No one wants to see a network that broadcasts audio/video messages from one Osama Bin Laden!!!

  2. Well, here’s a thought: keep your friends close, keep your enemies closer. God forbid the unintellectual masses should dare to understand how the rest of the world thinks. I bet this person is a Fox News viewer, some big picture thinking you’ll get there.

  3. Why don’t you actually watch the network for once before blasting it as a terrorist channel. They stream online at their website.

  4. Why would any cable company in their right mind want to carry such trash?

  5. Al Jazeera is a great station but cannot get carriage in the US because it has an Arabic name. This is scary to ignorant Americans.

  6. “Why would any cable company in their right mind want to carry such trash?”
    To compliment all the other trash they carry?

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