Broadcasters Criticize FCC Requirements

Apr 29, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Broadcasters say Federal Communications Commission requirements for more local-service programming are unjustified and unnecessary, TelevisionWeek reports. The National Association of Broadcasters said there is little evidence that media mergers have compromised the services provided by local broadcasters, the magazine says.
— Danny King

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  1. The NAB is not objective on this subject.
    The members of the NAB are the multi-media owners.
    There were very good reasons that the Communications Act of 1934 had so many stipulations for licensees of broadcast frequencies to meet in order to have the right to use the public airwaves.
    Much as these corporate monsters would try to make it seem that they own the frequencies over which they broadcast…they do NOT own them. The People own them.
    Like our Constitution, The Communications Act of 1934 needs to be read line by line, paragraph by paragraph. It’s all there. No room for “Corporate Spin-2008”. Just the facts, just the facts.
    Peter Bright

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