Murdoch to Buy Newsday from Tribune

Apr 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. is near a deal to expand a media empire that already includes Fox Broadcasting by acquiring the New York suburban newspaper Newsday from Tribune Co., the Wall Street Journal reports. Meanwhile, the New York Times reports that Marcus Brauchli is expected to resign as managing editor of the WSJ, acquired in December by Mr. Murdoch.


  1. Rupert, ENOUGH!
    This democracy needs a press free of responsibilities to ownership.
    The situation of media control in this country is already a matter of serious concern.
    It may already be too late for our free press to be free.
    Enjoy your billions, your power and let it be ENOUGH!
    Peter Bright

  2. Rupert’s News Corp that owns Fox Broadcasting will buy Newsday and it was reported by Rupert’s Wall Street Journal.
    Kevin Martin, what is wrong with that picture?

  3. Enough complaining about Rupert, he is good to his employees.Unlike Disney who stole my retirement fund.That is their signature move!.Rally on Rupert!.

  4. I’m with Rene – Isn’t this America? – The Land of Free Speech and the Entrepreneur? If the man wants to sink his billions into another media buy, let him. Others should balance him out. He is just doing what the “American Dream” has always been – to grow, to make money, to expand. Give the man a break – he’s trying to leave a legacy. And yes, his company is a lean mean fighting machine but they are still are in business and making a profit. Say what you will – he’s always looking forward.

  5. I have talked with the man in the driveway at Fox Century City as he sat in his seven year old BMR. I have a great deal of respect for him and what he has accomplished. He has worked very hard.
    It’s the so-called execs who wag the FOX tail all day every day that concern me.
    One “humpf” phone call from on high has, can and will kill a story. I don’t mean only at FOX, but it is happening in various corners of the industry under the guise of legal avoidance, etc..and there are fewer and fewer “bosses” deciding what’s OK to broadcast or print.
    I’ve written it before, but should a city the size of LA have only two all-news radio stations owned by one “boss”, (CBS in this case)?
    Despite the honest work and intentions of those on board those stations, they still answer to a single entity. It’s not healthy for a free society and we all know it.
    Peter Bright

  6. I’m old enough to remember when local newspaper owners couldn’t own broadcast outlets in the same market. Landmark had to sell WTAR TV (now WTKR) and WTAR Radio as a result of that law. And yet, Rupert Murdoch can own two broadcast networks (WWOR and WNYW), two newspapers (The New York Post and The Wall Street Journal), and an eye on the third. Nothing wrong with capitalism. This just seems kind of fishy, almost as if he’s trying to get all these purchases out of the way before the election or something.

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