SAG Chief Won’t Rule Out Strike

Apr 16, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Screen Actors Guild President Alan Rosenberg won’t rule out going on strike if his guild and network studios can’t agree on a new contract, the New York Times reports. Mr. Rosenberg, who has been head of the Guild since 2005, has said recent agreements writers and directors unions made with the studios wouldn’t be satisfactory for SAG, the newspaper says.
— Danny King


  1. I think all this posturing and strike-threatening by SAG is ridiculous. Does Tinseltown have some kind of death wish? The deals given the writers and directors were very good and everyone is happy (mostly) with them. Hollywood can’t afford another shutdown. During this recession, it is ridiculous that actors are thinking of going on strike and that they think they can get more than the other unions. The TV and movie industry was alreadu badly hurt by the WGA strike and is still trying to recover.
    One more strike could wind up with everyone getting on;ly reality shows and imported shows and movies from Britain, Canada, Bollywood, etc.
    Obvioulsy, SAG is power-mad, as shown by its recent attempt to undercut AFTRA on the Bold and the Beautiful’s representation.
    The union members should demand SAG get serious about the talks and forget about Mr. Rosenberg’s posturing which sounds very much like the actions of a stealth candidate for higher office to me. He needs to put aside his ambitions.
    Also, the SAG/AFTRA overlap is confusing the issue. TV and movie negotiuations should be kept separate.

  2. Hey, Alan! Wake up and smell the 2008 coffee!
    The WGA & DGA guidelines are relevant to today’s Hollywood. Stop fanning the cooling coals…
    Peter Bright

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