Dish Network Drops Voom

May 13, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Dish Network plans to stop carrying the Rainbow Media Voom HD networks, having already cut 10 of the 15 networks, Multichannel News reports. The satellite provider claims Voom is in breach of its carriage deal, the newspaper says. The cutback of Voom HD channels will allow Dish Network to add more popular HD networks such as Disney HD, Sci Fi HD, CNN HD and Bravo HD to its lineup this week, the newspaper notes.
—Vlada Gelman


  1. I was so close to becomming a dish network customer as I have been watching Voom HD at my brothers house now that they removed Voom HD I would never consider them now or in future! They only have 80 HD as they removed the 15 Voom HD and they claim 22 new, which brings them to 80 HD. Directv has 90 at a lower price. Dish’s new HD is not clear as many are upconverted content and not true HD. Also many are channels most would never watch like the cartoon channel, weather channel, etc. I was going to switch purely for the Voom HD which has 15 no commercial channels with original shows that you can not find anywhere else!
    Dish you made a dumb move that will cost you both existing customers and prospective customers.

  2. My husband and I watched Voom often as their 15 zero commercial true HD channels were great! We will likely cancel in June if Voom HD is not brought back!
    I would not recommend dish network as your provider for service!

  3. We were also Voom HD lovers for the superior clarity and unique commercial free programming. We complained but dish did not even provide a human reply, just automated responses; that is typical of their customer support – WEAK!
    We switched to Direct and are saving over $780 the first year then over $200 the second year for the same channels! We are happy with Directv but would switch in a heartbeat to whomever would bring back Voom in our area.

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