Studios Bail on Talks with Actors

May 7, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The Screen Actors Guild and the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers ended bargaining yesterday without an agreement, DeadlineHollywoodDaily reports. SAG said in a statement that the studios ended talks to focus on upcoming negotiations with the American Federation of Television and Radio Artists while AMPTP said SAG refused to factor in “the economic realities faced by everyone in our industry,” the Web site says.
— Danny King


  1. I’m on the side of the studios this time. The writers and directors were right to demand rsiduals for the new media, and while I ddin’t like the WGA strike, in retrospect it was justified.
    However, the SAG union should have accepted the same terms a the WGA and DGA. To demand more in the face of the recession we are currently in is just insane. A lot of the actors are overpaid as it is.
    I also agree on the focus now being AFTRA. The TV industry cannot afford another shutdown, whereas enough movies are already in the pipeline that we can keep going for awhile until the SAG and AMPTP figure ourt and hammer out a new agreement.
    In the future, residuals should be indexed for inflation so that the actors, writers and directors will continue to get increases on them even when a contract is still being negotiated. No strikes necesary.

  2. SAG, wake the xxxk up!
    There are no Golden Eggs to be layed. There are edible, sunny-side up eggs that are nourishing and building up WGA & DGA members and the industry in general.
    Try one, The Incredible, edible egg, (sans gold).
    Peter Bright

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