Studios, Producers Prep for Possible Strike

Jun 17, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Several studio and producers are gearing up for a possible Screen Actors Guild or AFTRA strike should new deals not be struck in the next month, Daily Variety says. Some are pushing production dates later and others have built in hiatuses to their schedules, the paper explains. The current SAG contract expires June 30 and AFTRA is not expected to announce its ratification results until July 7, the trade paper adds.
—Sergio Ibarra


  1. SAG members get a hold of your Guild “leaders” and tell them to follow the DGA, WGA and AFTRA before the whole industry looks figuratively like Universal’s fire the other week.
    Not one person, or entity in the business can afford another stoppage.
    Peter Bright

  2. An open note to SAG leaders and members:
    We in the rest of the industry can’t afford another strike. I work in post-production, and know many people who lost work, possibly forever; people who have lost their homes; and people like me, who were required to work reduced hours and/or take leaves of absence from their work.
    I’d like to receive residuals; I’d like to work a few days and get paid in near-perpetuity…but, honestly, what I’d like is to continue to work in my chosen profession, and continue to be able to support my family, and pay my bills, and live my life…
    Please do NOT strike, as the effects it could have on our local economy, as well as the national economy, are likely to be wide-ranging, long-lasting, and will hurt people you have no relationship with…

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