Voom Claims $1 Bln in Dish Damage

Jun 3, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Cablevision’s Voom HD said last week in an amended complaint that Dish Network’s removal of Voom’s suite of high-definition channels cost the company more than $1 billion, Multichannel News reports. Dish, which as EchoStar signed a 15-year agreement with Voom in 2005, declined to comment, Multichannel says.
—Danny King


  1. I hope Voom wins the lawsuit! especially when dish clearly manipulates the truth. They claim to be the leaders in HD, they claim to have added 22 new HD bringing their total to 80 HD. That is all false marketing hype twisting the truth. Here is the truth they only have about 40 HD as many channels are duplicated on 2-4 channels. There are only 7 new channels as they fail to mention they removed the 15 Voom HD. Most of their HD lineup is up converted and not true HD. Their picture quality has gone down. Here are a couple examples of the new channels, the weather channel and the cartoon network; come on dish whom even cares about those and there is no real difference in seeing those in HD? I’m going to cancel dish next month!

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