Fox News Fakes Faces of Timesmen

Jul 3, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Reacting to what it perceived as an “attack” piece in the New York Times, anchors Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” morning show shows pictures of one of the paper’s editor and a reporter that distorted their facial features, Web site Media Matters for America says. An anchor on the show said the editor, Steven Reddicliffe, a former News Corp. executive, had an ax to grind and assigned reporter Jacques Steinberg to write a story about how the gap between Fox News and its cable rivals was narrowing.


  1. Because it’s not like other news channels or print sources never alter photographs to change the environment or facial features.
    No, it’s just Fox News.
    Please – but at least TV Week shows their journalistic integrity by crediting the story to “MediaMaters” (sic.)

  2. Name three others, and don’t use the Drudge Report, Limbaugh, Fox News, Hannity, Beck, Malkin, Coulter, or Newsmax as the source.

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