Fox News PR May Play Too Rough

Jul 7, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Days after photographs of a New York Times editor and reporter were altered and televised by Fox News Channel, the paper published a column on the top-rated cable network’s aggressive public-relations tactics. “But it cuts both ways: Fox News’s amazing coup d’etat in the cable news war has very likely been undercovered because the organization is such a handful to deal with,” the Times’ column says. “Fox is so busy playing defense — mentioning it in the same story as CNN can be a high crime — that its business and journalism accomplishments don’t get traction and the cable station never seems to attain the legitimacy it so clearly craves.”


  1. Please tell me TV Week isn’t so blind as to use The New York Times as a source for anything regarding Fox News.
    It’s like asking the DNC for a comment on McCain – hopefully TV Week wouldn’t be so blind as to do that, either.

  2. Or using the New York Post or the Wall Street Journal as a source for anything regarding CNN or MSNBC.
    Or asking the RNC for a comment on Obama.
    Let’s hope TV Week isn’t that blind either.

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