MTV’s First Political Ad Slams Obama

Jul 24, 2008  •  Post A Comment

MTV’s first political advertisement, purchased by conservative group Let Freedom Ring, slams presidential candidate Barack Obama, calling him “Both Ways Barack” and “worse than a flip-flopper,” the New York Post reported. The ad says Obama has taken opposing positions on gun control, Iraq and campaign financing, the newspaper says.
—Danny King

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  1. No one has flipped flop on more critical issues than John McCain. Starting with the Bush tax cuts (too geared to the rich he once said)-now he’s for them just to curry favor with the extremists in the Republican Party; Iraq (if the Iraqis tell us to leave we should; now McCain says Prime Minister Maliki was only saying he wants a timetable for US troop withdrawel for internal political reasons); McCain used to be unequivocally against Americans using torture (now McCain splits hairs-CIA can torture but not other US Gov’t personnel-military, etc.)-there’s plenty more examples

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