Rest of ‘Battlestar’ Last Season Starts January

Jul 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

Sci Fi announced that the rest of the final season of “Battlestar Galactica” will air in January 2009, according to IfMagazine.com. The cable channel also will expand its Saturday night movie franchise to include Sunday night, adding 12 more movies to their slate for a total of 36 originals in 2009, the Web site reports. The channel also is planning two reality series, the site notes.

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  1. I imagine the last 11 episodes will be profoundly depressing, since they are settling in on a nuclear-devastated Earth.
    That said, the show has been profoundly interesting and I have become somewhat of a fan.
    However, I would still like them to do some sort of tribute/sequel to the original series, perhaps as one of the original Sat and Sun night movies they have planned. A little Valentine to us fans of the original, which never had a proper conclusion, wouldn’t hurt.
    It wouldn’t take anything away from this new series any more than Tin Man did from the original Wizard of Oz.
    We will also have the new Caprica and more BSG movies from the current series, too…the best of both worlds.
    Come on, ScFi Channel, make us all happpy! 🙂

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