Rove Like ‘Satan’ to TV Critics

Jul 17, 2008  •  Post A Comment

On Fox News Channel’s “O’Reilly Factor,” Karl Rove compared himself to Satan when discussing his visit to the Television Critics Association last week, TVNewser reports. Discussing the TCA’s response, Mr. Rove said the visit was “like Satan dropping in at the Southern Baptist convention,” the Web site says.
—Danny King

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  1. Mr. Rove and his fellow puppeteer, Mr. Cheney and their Howdy Doody, George Bush, are so entrenched in their twisted outlook and interpretation of what’s American, they don’t get it that the Founding Fathers are ready to rise from their collective graves and put them on trial.
    The arrogance they have displayed over the last seven and one half years, and the damage they have rendered across the board is uncontionable, yet, unfortantely for us, very real.
    What has happened in this country since that fateful day when Roger Ailes told Richard Nixon he singularly could get him elected is a collectable of what-should-not-happen.
    The two apparent candidates have yet to announce who will be their close-in advisors…they should and NOW. We have a right to know and decide in November based on their “lists”.
    Peter Bright

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