MSNBC Anchors Bicker On Air

Aug 28, 2008  •  Post A Comment

The larger audiences tuning in to watch MSNBC’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention are being treated to the sight of the network’s anchors arguing with one another, the Wall Street Journal reports. Keith Olbermann has squared off against Chris Mathews, and Joe Scarborough took on David Shuster on air this week. The paper says some news people at MSNBC are feeling marginalized by changes in the way the network approaches politics, emphasizing liberals like Olbermann, but MSNBC President Phil Griffin played down the behind the scenes drama spilling onto the air. “Look, I want honest, authentic people on our air. I don’t want phonies,” Griffin tells the paper. “So if the price of that is every once in a while one of these bubbles up, I’m not concerned.” The WSJ is owned by News Corp., which also owns Fox News Channel and the New York Post, which also had an item on MSNBC’s bickering anchors in the gossip column Page Six.


  1. Site, where is your editor?

  2. Thanks Gordon. Fixing.

  3. Phil Griffin has displayed a breath of fresh air stating he wants honest, authentic people on-air.
    A genuine disagreement arising spontaneously makes for good thought generation on any topic and everyone experiencing the moment benefits.
    As for the Murdock/Newscorp/Ailes entities raising their critical keyboards? That’s all they do when they’re not putting their spin on a topic.
    Cruise on, Chris and Keith.
    Peter Bright

  4. Thank the gods for Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews. It’s about time viewers had another choice for intelligent commentary. Edward R. Murrow would be proud of Olbermann.
    I love seeing Luke Russert and how Tom Brokaw and Keith Olbermann are so clearly taking him under their wing.
    Joe Scarborough is a major jerk. He should be replaced by David Shuster who at least has a sense of humor. Shuster in the Morning! Go David — don’t take any crap from Joe Schmo.

  5. I am pleased to see Keith Olbermann challenging the pointed partisan comments of fellow commentators like Chris Matthews and Joe Scarborough. Keith obviously doesn’t take himself too seriously and seems to avoid emotional outbursts unlike his counterparts. David Shuster also seems to be able to remain mature even while being verbally assaulted. Congratulations to both for staying above the fray!

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