House Bill Could Delay Transition

Sep 22, 2008  •  Post A Comment

A House bill that would postpone the national digital transition date of Feb. 17 is close to being introduced by Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif., Multichannel News reports. The bill would require the Federal Communications Commission to develop a market-by-market plan to make analog TV service available until March 3, Multichannel says. Under Capps’ bill, the FCC would have latitude to require at least one analog TV station per market to stay on-air for an additional 14 days.
—Christopher Perez

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  1. Just one more attempt to throw confusion into what has been a very effective campaign to educate the public on an orderly transition.
    What ulterior motive could this guy have for proposing such a disruptive plan?
    An example is in San Diego, where the CBS affiliate had their digital channel yanked from them prematurely (55) and they were forced to move with low power to a temporary channel (7)shared with Los Angeles; only 100 miles away.
    Now this guy wants to further delay the program, so those inconvienced by the present situation can’t watch their new expensive sets in Hi Def?
    No matter how you slice it up, and add confusing minor details, this last-ditch effort should get the deep six NOW!

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