Huckabee Show to Debut on Fox News

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Mike Huckabee will unveil his new Fox News Channel show, “Huckabee,” this Saturday and Sunday night, the Associated Press reports. The former Republican presidential hopeful, who dropped out of the race in March, joined the network in June to serve as a political commentator. His first guest will be conservative “The View” co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck, the wire service says.
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  1. TO:
    FOX News Channel show
    I congratulate your channel and Mike Huckabee for the excellent …even Out standing… show this evening.
    Te rivetting show was both entertaining and very informative.
    watch out ‘VIEW’, Oprah’ and other shows. This could become the most watched show on TV in the very near future.
    I look forward to seeing the show regularly.

    Q….Does AARP contribute equally to both parties .My sources say that the democrats get most of their contributions and AArp journal space.

  3. I would like to get 4 tickets .
    How do we go about doing this.
    I will be in NYC on Dec. 6 which is a Saturday

  4. How do we get tickets for the Huckabee show?
    We live in Florida and are staunch rebulicans and we will be in NYC on Dec. 7th thru thru the 14th. Please help us!

  5. We are four people coming to NYC Dec. 17-20.
    Is it possible to get four tickets to see
    Mike Huckabee?
    Eli Blick

  6. Hello, I would love to get tickets to Mike Huckabee’s show, how and where do I get them.
    Monteral, Quebec

  7. Hello, I would love to get tickets to Mike Huckabee’s show, how and where do I get them.
    Monteral, Quebec

  8. I will be in NYC 10/24/08 to 10/28/08 and need to know how to get two tickets to the “Huckabee” tv show.


  10. Would it be possible to get four tickets to Mr. Huckabee’s show on October 25? My mom is 78 on the 24th and I am bringing her to NYC to celebrate! She loves him! (As do we all!)

  11. I am writing for my mom and dad, they are 82 and 83. They watch your show every week-end. My dad would like tickets to your show, please let me know how we can go about getting them, If possible 4 tickets would be helpful as they needsomeone to take them. Thank you and good luck with your show.

  12. How can I get tickets to the Huckabee show?

  13. Great show!! How do we get tickets? Probably the best of the candidates to get us out of this mess we are in.


  15. it is my 1st wedding anniversary on nov 4th and would be interested in getting tickets to the huckabee show, who do i go about it

  16. Has anyone found out how to get tickets to the Huckabee TV Show on Fox News Channel?

  17. We will be in NYC on Dec 6&7 and would like 4 tickets to the Mike Huckabee show. Thanks Bob

  18. how do i get tickets to Mike Huckabee’s new show
    I will be in NY the third week of Nov.

  19. I would like to get 4 tickets to Huckabee for December 6th. How do I do so?

  20. I wish I had an answer for everyone. I too have tried calling the 877 hucktix number to find that it has been disconnected. The only thing I could suggest is perhaps calling Fox studios in NYC directly to see if they have information.

  21. love the show…how do we get tickets

  22. Wow, what a great show informative, entertaining and Christian all in one. Please, Please how do I get a couple of tickets for the show? I would love to come to NYC and see Mike Huckabee’s show in person with my husband.
    Thanks for any information you can provide.

  23. If you watched the show, like you all claim to, you would see a new ticket number and email address to request tickets. Pay closer attention!

  24. Hi How do I get tickets for the show? I need three

  25. When I go to this week’s taping, I’ll be sure to hold up a sign on how you can get tickets!
    Geez, between all of you who claim to watch the show, none of you have seen the part where he gives this info out??? Simply amazing…

  26. “Geez, between all of you who claim to watch the show, none of you have seen the part where he gives this info out??? ”
    I recorded last week’s show, watched it from beginning to end, and just reviewed it again – no mention about how to get tickets. There was a blurb at the end of the first show, and that number is no longer valid. If you know how to get tickets, be pal and help us out.

  27. alright, we all want tickets & can’t find them… any luck anyone?

  28. Would love to get tickets to Huckabee show in Nov. Who do you contact?

  29. I am a republican and live in New York with my family. I would love to be able to get four tickets to the Huckabee tv show. Who do I contact?

  30. I would like to get 4 tickets to the Huckabee Show- Great show by the way. We really enjoy it.Please e-mail me with info so I can order tickets. Thank out

  31. You can obtain tickets for Gov. Huckabee’s Show by calling 877-225-8587 or by e-mailing hucktix@foxnews.com

  32. I really look forward to watching your show. I got about 8 people interested in your show. The show is always very interesting. I feel that you are an excellent speaker. I always feel energized and motivated after watching your show. I am very passionate about politics. I love your segments on politics. I really believe in Mccain and would love to see him win. He is by far the best qualified and has excellent leadership skills. I have three of his books Iam currently reading. I love the fact that your show gives all the different angles to this election. It really educates people who unfamiliar about the issues in this campaign a gives them a clearer picture of whats really going on. My favorite show so far is the one of Jo The Plumber. It is by far my favorite show at the moment. I watch the show with my father every sunday night. He really enjoys the show as well. I was wondering if I could get two tickets to come see the show some time.

  33. My father LOVES Huckabee and I would like to buy tickets for my parents to see him live for Christmas. Can you tell me how and where to buy tickets? They would have to see him after the new year. Thank you.

  34. Mike Huckabee, My wife and I love your show!We live about 50 miles from NYC and would live to see your show live. How do we go about securing a couple of tickets?
    Thanks and keep up the good work!
    Andy & Dorene

  35. November 3, 2008. I phoned for tickets and phone mail box was full.
    I’d like to request 3 tickets for Huckabee’s show on Saturday, December 20, 2008. Thanks, Kaye Albright

  36. Mike Huckabee, my husband and I think you are awesome, and that America made a mistake by not voting for you. We would LOVE to attend your show. I would like to request two tickets. How can we get them?

  37. Mike Huckabee, my husband and I agree with your viewpoints at least 99% of the time. We would LOVE to attend your show. Can I request two tickets? How do we get them?

  38. My husband and I are from Conway, AR and would like to get tickets to the Huckabee show. We attend 2nd Bapt. church where Mike preached many sermons on Sunday night. We will be in NYC for our first trip Dec. 9-12. The 10th would be perfect. The only date we have committed is the 9th. Please let me know if you can help me. Thanks. Virginia

  39. Would love 2 tickets to Mike Huckabee show. I live in New Jersey. How do I get them. Any date would be great. Thanks

  40. Looking to get tickets to Mike Huckabee’s show- help! Where can I get them? Please send me info- it would make my birthday fabulous! I like Mike!

  41. I love the show. please send me 5 tickets.

  42. I would like to get tickets for the huckabee show please tell me how. Thank you

  43. please tixs for huckabee how ?

  44. Did not catch the city name in Iowa that two young folks painted the rock. Pls advise – enjoy your hour on Fox

  45. We live in N.Y. and love your show. Could you send us 4 tickets?

  46. We have been Mike Huckabee supporters since he first ran for President. We had the privilege to see him in person in the Shenandoah Valley when he was campaigning. I got a great picture of him with my son. We have been enjoying his program on Saturday nights and was wondering where you can get tickets for his show. We will be in the NYC area this weekend. Thank you.
    Gail Cloyd

  47. My husband,son and myself would absolutely love to come down to NYC and see your show.Our son was a first time voter and it was very interesting for him and ourselves to listen to your very insightful ideas as to what direction you would take this country. We would love 4 tickets to your show.
    Thank you!!!!

  48. How do you obtain tickets to the Mike Huckabee show? HE IS OUTSTANDING! We don’t miss a show!
    Thank you.

  49. Be in NYC Dec 4-6 and would love to see the show.

  50. I am taking my wife, Julia to NYC for her 60th birthday (a surprise ). We are from Wichita Falls, Texas where you have a huge fan base. Our daughter went to Ouachita Baptist University and we actually met when you and I had the honor of escorting our daughters during a homecoming game. If you have tickets for the November 29th taping, we would love to be in the audience…or stand at the back…or anywhere you could squeeze us. It would make her birthday trip complete! She is a public school music teacher and I help run a small family business.
    May God continue to use you and to bless your show, Randy

  51. I just found the number for requesting tickets for Mike Huckabee’s show…it is 1-877-225-8587 or email ticket requests at hucktix@FOXNEWS.com
    WE LOVE MIKE!!!!!!

  52. How do I go about obtaining 4 tickets for the show?
    Please advise asap. Thanks!

  53. Greetings. Great show January 4th. How may I receive four tickets for April or May 2009?

  54. ID RATHER listen to fingernails on a chalkboard than that little rocker band,his show is about as exieting as watching my toenails grow,i hope he runs maybe this time he can get more people to a rallt than to his studio audience.he ran his state to massive tax hikes and people were so tired of the 45% increase in the size of government theyre they will never forget the disater they regret to of believed was a coservative.

  55. Earth to Dave whatever your name is: Adios, amigo. Go somewhere where people really want to hear your blathering. 🙂

  56. My parents love the Huckabee show, and watch every show. I would like to get tickets for my mom for her 90th birthday, and would like to know how to obtain them. Thank you.

  57. My husband and I will be in NYC in April for our 20th wedding anniversary and we’d love to see the Huckabee show? How would we go about getting some tickets?
    thank you

  58. My wife and I will be in NY the last week end in March and would love to see Mikes show. It is our 35th. Please help me find tickets.

  59. I will be in NYC on March 15, 2009 and would love to be in the audience at the Mike Huckabee Show. I greatly admire Governor Huckabee and agree with his views. I need 3 tickets…….for 3 school teachers from Alabama!

  60. My husband and I enjoy your show and appreciate your intelligent and respectfull way you handle controversial topics. You are a breath of fresh air. Keep interviewing quality people.
    We really appreciated your interview of Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife. Thank you.

  61. Love the show. How do we get tickets?

  62. I would like to know how to get tickets tothe Mike huckabee show in New York City.
    What days are they taped? I will be in New york city Apr. 30 , May 1, May 2
    Thank You Vivian

  63. I am in New York the month of April. Would love to get 4 tickets to Mike Huckebee Show

  64. Hi, my father is a big fan of your show. I was wondering how I go about getting tickets to your show. Thanks for the help.

  65. You can obtain tickets for Gov. Huckabee’s show by calling 877-225-8587 or by e-mailing hucktix@foxnews.com
    We will be in NY in a few weeks and cannot wait to go to the show!! Yay Huck!

  66. We really like Mike too – listen on Sirius when we are not at home – would love to see the show in NY too – Mike is just plain real and tells it without all the political back patting blame everyone else baloney….
    He also has a great health regimen – it is an inspiration. His book about don’t dig your grave with a knife and fork is great….stick with it Mike…please. Need your leadership.

  67. I am a Rockland Co. New York (Pearl River) resident and represent the Pearl River sr. A Club in our town and would love to receive some tickets in order to take some of our membeship to your show. I don’t know how many you give out at a time but I would appreciate hearing from you.
    My husband and I love your show and think it should be spread around to more people.Keep up the good work and we were very disappointed that you did not receive the nomination for President of the US.Your character and the character of your guests are of commendable character. Would love to hear from you.

  68. Please advise me how to obtain tickets to huckabee show in May

  69. Pls advise how to obtain tickets for huckabee show in ny

  70. Would you please let us know how to get tickets for the Mike Huckabee show? We’ll be in NY in either May, June or July. Many thanks.


  72. Our family will be in NY June 19th-24th. Would it be possible to get two tickets for Mike Huckabee’s show? Thank you from Louisiana.

  73. Love your show. Please tell us how we can tickets. Thanks!

  74. How do we get tickets for 2nd week in July ’09

  75. I really like the colors here on your blog. did you design this yourself or did you outsource it to a professional?

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