‘Live’ Answers to DTV Switch Questions

Sep 18, 2008  •  Post A Comment

“DTV America Live,” a show produced by RTN Studios, aims to answer consumers’ questions and concerns about the transition to digital broadcasting, TVNewsday reports. Gary Lee Robbins, host of “Unreliable Sources,” and “Closing Remarks” host Jason Roberts will answer viewers’ questions regarding the nationwide switch to DTV, set for Feb. 17. The show, which is to air Oct. 19 and is available in all markets, will consist of demonstrations on ways to receive the new digital signals and answering viewer calls live on the air.
—Christopher Perez


  1. Ok, what network is airing this???? We know RTN is producing it, that’s not giving enough info.
    If it’s RTN… I have to give the Butt Monkey award for brilliance. RTN, the people who produced the show, is on many DTV subchannels… ie., WNWO-2, WXYZ-2, etc.
    Let the epoeple learn something about what they cannot get or understand… on a channel they cannot get. Wow, classic St. Olaf!!!!

  2. Yeah, but RTN/Equity also has quite a few Class A TV stations that won’t necessarily go digital right away, and IIRC they have one or two full-powers that will have to flash cut on 2/17/09. So if they do air it on all their stations, at least, it can be shown they are doing something as a station group to educate viewers about the DTV transition. Furthermore, I think this announcement is also asking broadcasters to pick it up as much as it is asking viewers to watch. For example, at least some of the stations carrying RTN on digital might want to air this program on analog, and in a way, it can help alert viewers to the fact that they could be receiving RTN if they did upgrade to digital.

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